Poll: How much time do you spend weight training?

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How much time weight training?

  1. How much time weight training?

    I read an article yesterday and the guy said that more than 60 to 75 mins of weight training is useless. He said that the body stops producing chemicals and shuts down after that. All supplements aside does any one else agree with this?

  2. I try to keep it right at, or just over 1 hour. Sometimes throw some HIIT cardio immediately after.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by jfear View Post
    He said that the body stops producing chemicals and shuts down after that.
    What were the chemicals?

    I never really have much patience for weight training over an hour. I do 2 body parts a day, 30mn each, then cardio. So i'll usually get out of the gym in 2 hrs. But that includes, weights/cardio/stretching/steam room/shower.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by futurepilot View Post
    What were the chemicals?
    Cortisol increases

  5. wheres 2 hours??

  6. Is this a review or a log?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    Is this a review or a log?

    Both, its reviewing how much time you log in the gym.

  8. I try to keep mine to 45 min or so. supersetting and triplesetting can clip a LOT of time out

  9. Supersetting is GREAT for time saving.

    also, yeah, the primary concern is the cortisol increase that occurs after a prolonged training period. Studies have shown though, that an intra-workout shake with a 3:1 ratio of simple sugars to whey (30/8 is ideal) can blunt this rise in cortisol very effectively, thus somewhat removing the 1hr threshold.

  10. Newbies can workout for as long as they want and still make gains. I keep it to 45 minutes and then do a cooldown. Not HIT cardio, not HIIT cardio to obliterate muscle tissue, but yes... a cooldown.
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  11. A serious workout, especially in powerlifting gear, can and does often take over 2 hours. An accessory day is around an hour. I think the whole "you won't make gains if you take longer than xyz.." bit is extremely over rated. You don't want to be in the gym all day, and you don't want to drag your feet with your exercises, but saying you are wasting your time going over 45 min or an hour is just plain wrong too. I think originally this was aimed at the guys who are supersetting and hitting 15,000 different exercises in one day, and people just ran with it.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    I try to keep mine to 45 min or so. supersetting and triplesetting can clip a LOT of time out
    All my training is exclusively super, and sometimes tri-setting.

    Not only does it compact your workout, it keeps the intensity high. Sometimes the supersets are working the same muscle groups, sometimes opposing eg push/pull.

    My workouts are rarely over 30min - 45min max. I then do 20-30min cardio after as a cooldown, followed by a further 10-15min stretching.

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    i keep it to less then an hour.i have been doing it that way for the past 2 yrs.!
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