3AD,DHEA,Activate Extreme, 6OXO

  1. 3AD,DHEA,Activate Extreme, 6OXO

    Hey guys. Looking for opinions on a new stack I will be taking. This was suggested to me from matt at designer supps and would like to see what other experienced supp users think.

    week 1: 3AD (6 caps per day)

    week 2: 3AD (8 caps per day), DHEA (200-250mgs per day)

    week 3: DHEA (300-400mgs per day), 6OXO (recommended dose)

    week 4: DHEA (200-250mgs per day), 6OXO, Activate Xtreme (6caps per day)

    week 5: 6OXO, ACTX (6 caps per day)

    week 6: ACTX (6 caps till you run out)

    I appreciate feedback thanks!

  2. you shouldnt take dhea, it limits ur testerone when u use dhea
    it makes the extra testerone u make not work, and its proabaily messin up your 3,ad stack

    look up dhea posts if you dont believe me, thats why its legal too
    later man.

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