Tex's LG Sciences Magic Pain relieving experience

  1. Thumbs up Tex's LG Sciences Magic Pain relieving experience

    About my injuries:

    -My arm: This past summer i was working up in colorado for my youth groups Younglife. I was working in the kitchen carrying a 75 LBS pot and smacked my elbow on the corner of a table. This sent me elbow out of place and caused bursitsis to set in on the membrane. This swelled way out of place along with my dislocated elbow. I also needed nerve surgery, but never got it due to time it would take to heal.

    -My ankle: I am recovering from a shattered ankle i had a year ago. I fell from 14 feet in the air pole vaulting on to cement and POP went weisel. Anyways, I have just started the basic leg routines again such as squat, deadlift, v squat, and calf raises and it is causing me some discomfort due to my ankle tensing up from not being used as often. I have kept light on it but am looking to start putting heavy weight back on the bar to revamp my legs to their old build.

    -Random Injuries: I will also be using this for random injuries or soreness i may encounter throughout this log.

    2 times daily using generous amounts. Once at wakeup, once at bed

    What i will be judging:
    -Soreness and flexibility
    -misc notes

  2. Final review

    final review

  3. Talking Day 1:

    The bottle just arrived today. I didnt use a measuring amount and none is included. I just used cotton balls and applied it generously to the certain areas. Today I just applied it once.

    Areas of application:

    Pain & flexibility notes:
    -No pain reduction to note
    -About 30 minutes Post application my leg became very tense, DOMS were nuts. Flexibility was little to none as was pain relief.

    Misc Notes:
    -Smells to be a very strong Alcohol base so it burns when first applied
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  4. dang man thats rough, nvm about the deadlifts
  5. Talking Day 2

    Just woke up and applied my morning application. Nothing to note yet

    Areas of Application:
    -Right Hamstring
    -Left Elbow around the bursa membrane
    -Ankle around joint area

    Pain & soreness notes:
    -DOMS are beginning to deminish on right hamstring
    -Ankle is still stiff and pops. Hopefully this stuff will help me get more motion back
    -Elbow typically doesnt begin hurting and popping till workout, i have biceps today so this will be a good test.

  6. subbed!
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  7. Arrow Day 3

    Just woke up about to apply my morning application of the "blue liquid". haha. Not much to really note yet other than my ankle doesnt seem to be cracking as much.

    Areas of application:

    Pain & Soreness:
    -elbow has been doing good
    -Ankle yesterday starting killing me because i through in deadlifts for my lower back routine. I applied this and it seems to have diminished to pain over night? Not sure whether or not to give it the credit or sleep the credit haha

  8. how many days you runnin this for?
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  9. i donno. i have a full bottle so i guess till it runs out?. no serving size so it reallt deppends on how much i put on per day i guess


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