Anabolic Pump log......already in progress

  1. Anabolic Pump log......already in progress

    Ok so I'm starting this one in progress. Been on this board for a few years so I can't remember if i did one of these before. So here's the breakdown. In the middle of a cutting cycle. On my 7th week. Started at 205Lb. on 5/12/08. When i started AP on 6/18 i was 195lb. Today 1 week after I started AP I weighed in at 194lb. I'm on 1800 cals a day this week. I'm also using SuperCissusRX which I started back on 5/29 for some tendonitis which seems to be helping, and ZMA at night. Man those things make me sleep HARD. Also using Animal Pump before weight workouts but I don't feel anything with those. Maybe cause I'm in the middle of my cut (somewhat depleted). Hit the weights 3 times a week and cardio about 3 times a week.

    1 week of using AP- I don't notice anything different yet but its only been a week. Like I posted in another thread, no pumps, no dumps and no hypoglycemia. In fact yesterday at work I checked my blood sugar right before the AP dose, 30 min later and again 1 hour later. Results were not what I expected. 101, 104 and 102. I didn't eat till i checked the last blood sugar after the hour. This was 3 hours after my last meal. Interesting. Not sure on bodyfat right now but i'll break out the calipers next report. I'll post over the next 3 weeks to see if anything happens.
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  2. Checked the bodyfat % with calipers today. 13%

  3. week 2- Feeling good starting my 8th week of cutting. Able to maintain my size and strength. Is it AP helping? Who knows but I'm hoping it is. Weighed in at 192lb with 12% BF per calipers. Still no hypoglycemia (checking BS once in awhile) and no dumps. Pumps are good but could be from the other AP. Halfway done and not impressed. I think M-stak gave me better results on my last cut but I still have 2 more weeks. Another update next week if anything exciting happens. If not i'll just quietly retire this post. I was just looking at the ad for this stuff in Flex mag. Kinda reminded me of the Cybergenic ads back in the 80's.

  4. AP is better used when carbs are higher... i didn't get much from it when cutting either, but when carbs are higher i noticed significant pumps and increased glycogen storage

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