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  1. flexwell666's epistane pulse log

    first off let me thank you all for providing invaluable information on the current designer gear. i was under mistaken impression that it was all nonsense (or that the stuff that worked was all banned), but i was clearly in the dark. i'm going to run a 6 week epistane log pulsed at 3x per week followed by a 3.5 week torem pct (i am going out of the country for 10 days and don't want to be dragging torem on a plane).

    the cycle:

    week 1 - 10/20/20
    week 2 - 20/20/20
    week 3 - 30/30/30
    week 4 - 30/30/30
    week 5 - 30/30/30
    week 6 - 30/30/30

    the support:

    - SAMe, 400 mg on off days
    - Milk Thistle, 500 mg on off days
    - Glucosamine, 1500 mg ED
    - MSM, 1000 mg ED
    - 20 ml flax oil ED
    - multi vitamin ED

    the recovery:

    - torem, 120 mg (4 days), 90 mg (4 days), 60 mg (8 days), 30 mg (8 days)
    - CEE, 5 mg/day
    - AAKG, 3500 mg 2x day
    - support supplements such as above
    - possibly another A.I. like 6 O.X.O
    - possibly IGF-2

    the diet

    - 3600-3800 calories (300-320 grams protein) on training days
    - 3200 calories on rest days
    - vegan, less the gelatin epistane capsules

    the routine:

    - strength: westside powerlifting template
    tue = max effort bench, bent over rows, shoulders, triceps, biceps, grip
    thur = speed box squats and speed deadlifts, glute ham raise, back hypers, abs, grip
    sat = speed work bench, weighted pull ups, shoulders, triceps
    sun = max effort lower body, glute ham raise, back hypers, abs, grip

    - cardio: i'm a hockey goalie so i get plenty of cardio work by just playing. also hill sprints and cycling (on a bike lol).

    the goal(s):

    I'm a powerlifter so my goals are mostly strength oriented. I would also like to recomp a bit to get my power/strength ratio up. As far as specifics, and keeping the goals on the conservative side:

    - +8 lbs lbm
    - (-)4 lbs fat
    - + 30 lbs on raw bench
    - 500+ deadlift
    - 475 squat
    - 185 strict seated overhead

    current stats:

    - height = 5' 8.75"
    - bw = 178
    - bf% = 12-13%
    - age = 28
    - deadlift = 475 (single ply, strict pl rules)
    - squat = 445 (single ply, off of a box at parallel)
    - bench = 335 (single ply), 245 raw, paused (yeah, i know it sucks)
    - overhead = 150 (now you know why my raw bench sucks)

    any and all critiques are highly encouraged. i hope to start on tuesday. thanks in adavance.

  2. shipment came early so i took my first dose today rather than tomorrow. i figured not much is going to happen the first week anyway, so i'll go EOD until sunday and i will have had 3 doses (mon/wed/fri) rather than 2(tue/thur) by sunday. then i'll get on my normal proposed schedule of tue/thur/sun for the remainder.

    obviously nothing to report yet. any feedback on my cycle or pct? too much, too little, just right? also, what about taking ibuprofen while taking epistane?

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  4. so this is for power lifting? nice subcribe

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  6. Sub'd. Going to be running something similar later in the year (Sep) so I'm interested in how this works out.

  7. my schedule got messed up because of work, but it worked out in my favor as i did dynamic effort lower body today on my first day of upping the dose to 20 mg. i don't want to get to ahead of myself, but i will post the facts. after some very inconsistent lower body work the past few months due to injuries, i had an incredible workout today.

    did speed box squats, speed deadlifts, and weighted back hypers. i got stronger as the workout went on and i worked up a real good sweat. didn't tire out like i have been lately since the injuries have piled up and caused me to lose my conditioning. it was just really nice to have a workout like this, whether it was due to epistane or not.

    then had a goalie clinic 2 hours after my workout. it was very intense, but again i had the energy to keep going. so as of now i would just say that the epistane is giving me a lot of energy. i went heavier on the lifts than i expected to (not near my max speed training weights though).

    lastly, my SAMe hasn't arrived yet. just milk thistle for liver support now. only taking 500 mg/day (but forgot to take it today so far). hopefully it will arrive very soon, but its good that i can have a chance to introduce new supplements one at a time to see how each substance interacts with my body. so far so good.

  8. 2nd 20 mg dose today. another solid workout. not as good as my previous, but i was coming off of a brutal 3 day goalie camp over the weekend and could barely walk this morning so i'd say i did pretty good just by showing up. just did some good mornings for reps, hang cleans, shrugs and weighted back hypers. went up 5 lbs on the back hypers for the same number of reps so i did show some progress.

    i was surprised that i maintained my weight from over the weekend while looking a little tighter. i'm trying not to base my results off of aesthetics, but you can't help but notice even subtle changes in your body when you are on anything. plus i probably sweated out 20 lbs of water over the course of the weekend.

    the SAMe came in today so i started taking 400 mg/day of that in addition to my 500 mg/day of milk thistle. the dhea arrived too, but i'm going to hold off on that as i think i'm fine with what i'm taking at the moment. if things stay on track, i'll have my first upper body workout (on a dosing day) on wed. curious to see how that goes.

  9. I plan on running a similar cycle when i get the money. Im also a powerlifter and I was thinking whether to run epi during a westside routine or a 5x5, i guess ill decide after i see your gains, good luck bro.

  10. i got behind again on my workouts because of work. i can assure you this is very much out of the ordinary. also my bad shoulder is acting up again so its affecting my benching very badly. as far as progress so far at the end of my 2nd week: bodyweight is the same but i feel like i look moderately more lean. strength is had to gauge because of my shoulder injury and that i'm just getting back into squatting after some groin and ankle issues. didn't take me long to get near my max's though on some lifts.

    anyway, did speed box squats and jumpstretch bench deadlifts yesterday. the speed squats went very very well. went up 10 lbs to my max speed weight and felt it BIG TIME by the 6th set. barely made it through the 8th and sweated up a storm. then, instead of doing speed deadlifts, i was feeling ambitious and went for a max effort on banded deadlifts even though i didn't have my proper shoes which caused and extra 1" to my ROM and more band tension at the top. needless to say i failed miserably and got exactly what i deserved for steering off course. for now on i stick to the program.

    took today off and will be back on my regular schedule (finally) tomorrow. hopefully my shoulder holds up. also, i'm starting my 30 mg dose on sunday. then, tuesday will be my first real upper body training session on a dosing day. how it took that long for those to coincide is embarrassing, but heavy lifting does things to your body and sometimes you have to listen to it.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by kevinilarkin View Post
    I plan on running a similar cycle when i get the money. Im also a powerlifter and I was thinking whether to run epi during a westside routine or a 5x5, i guess ill decide after i see your gains, good luck bro.
    i don't think you can go wrong with either. i used to follow westside like a bible, but now i use it more as a template. i'm even adding in some olympic lifts because they will help me be a better goaltender. good luck with whatever you choose. i'll keep this log updated with results (short and long-term).

  12. that sucks about your shoulder and sups u take for your joints or anything?

  13. i was able to do speed bench yesterday, but went pretty light. also did overhead press, but behind the neck so as not to irritate the front of my shoulder. all in all it was a decent workout.

    today (first 30 mg dosing day) i did lower body and it was another really good workout. started with some weighted box jumps onto steps. then did some good mornings and went up in weight with better technique. some weighted glute-ham raises and shrugs rounded out the workout.

    kept getting stronger as the workout went on so very pleased with that. still feeling lean and a little stronger. the next few workouts should tell me a lot about how this cycle is going to go.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by mindgame View Post
    that sucks about your shoulder and sups u take for your joints or anything?
    i take glucosamine, msm, ibuprofen, and recently started taking SAMe. this shoulder has been an issue for years. probably just tendinitis. i'll work around it the best i can.

  15. that sucks man. hopefully you can find sumthin dats could help out ur shoulder more

  16. 7-7-08

    didn't feel like i needed a rest day so i did some hill sprints late at night. i didn't go all out until maybe the last one or two sprints, but i kept the rest periods very brief and had a really good workout. felt really dizzy and some anxiety afterwards that carried into the night.


    woke up feeling some anxiety. pretty sure it was from the hill sprints the day before. just didn't feel right. it went away by the time i got to the gym though. took 20 mg before my workout and 10 mg 1/2 hour afterwards.

    pretty solid workout. was able to do reverse band bench for sets of 5 with a moderate weight. then i did bent-over rows and i kind of sucked at them today. after that some dumbbell overhead that went well and finished with tricep work and a couple sets of curls. overall it was above average and i was successfully able to work around my shoulder injury for the most part.

    played goal tonight. brutal workout. i'm going to try and force a little more food into me, but i don't have much of an appetite and have a canker sore on my tongue that is KILLING ME.

  17. also i want to note that i'm now only taking SAMe and milk thistle on off days.

  18. 7-10-08

    another solid workout. went a little lighter on speed box squats to focus on explosiveness and technique. did a couple extra sets (10 total) to make sure i still carried a high volume. speed pulls went good too. went with the same weight i did 2 weeks ago but faster.

    then i did some sled dragging for the first time in a LONG time. this was unbelievably intense. makes me feel like i did it wrong in the past. anyway, i did approximately 100 meters (50 reverse, 50 forward) for 3 sets with 90 lbs on the sled over asphalt. my legs were like cement afterwards and my jaw felt numb for 15 minutes or so afterwards. good times.

    my weight is still staying at 177/178. granted i stopped taking CEE and NO at the start of my cycle and my activity level is up in general with more hockey and some sprinting/dragging, but i'd like to see some solid gains in both weight and strength in the next week or two. i know i eased into this cycle so i am keeping my patience, but i'm almost halfway into the proposed 6 week cycle. might have to bump it up to 7 or 8 if necessary. all things considered i'm probably about where i deserve to be: good workouts, slight recomp effect, respectable level of conditioning.

  19. 7-12-08

    solid workout. shoulder seemed to stay under control the whole time. back to my training weight at speed bench. went up in 'behind-neck overhead press'. this could be due simply to better technique. felt stronger though.


    first dosing day after two off days. actually weighed in heavier by 1+ lbs. i wouldn't be surprised if this is the beginning of things "kicking in". another excellent workout today. did some plyo jumps and then platform deadlifts. only the 2nd time i've done these in almost 3 months, but i was only 20 lbs below my PR triple. i know that doesn't sound like a good thing, but it is. last time i set a PR was after 8 solid weeks of platform pulling. now i am almost where i left off after a big break that included very little squatting or pulling. i suspect i will surpass the PR next week or at least equal it.

    my workload has been pretty high the last 4 days. thursdays workout was very intense. then on friday i did some hill sprints at maybe 80%. an hour after my workout i got called up for a roller hockey game and it was super intense; sweated out probably 10 lbs of water. yesterday was a solid upper body workout and today was a great lower body effort with some ice hockey tonight. i am feeling really really good right now, almost euphoric.

  20. Everything looks like its going well, do you feel any different when taking the epi either during workouts or just on days you take it?

  21. Quote Originally Posted by kevinilarkin View Post
    Everything looks like its going well, do you feel any different when taking the epi either during workouts or just on days you take it?
    i definitely feel much better on the 'on days'. today is an off day and even though i've destroyed my body the last 4 days, i'm still feeling pretty good. one thing i've noticed is that metabolism is definitely up regardless of the day. my body is sweating much more than it usually does, but i'm not really feeling tired (less that roller hockey game). i played a pretty intense ice game last night but felt like i could play forever. also i looked very lean and strong in the mirror this morning after getting 4000+ calories yesterday. hope this is a sign of good things to come.

  22. how are the pumps?

  23. 7-15-08

    another great workout this morning. up another 0.5 lb in bodyweight which gives a +1.5 lbs total so far. went up 10 lbs on reverse band bench for sets of 5. up 1 rep on behind-neck overhead press. also up 10 lbs on bent over rows (but they were maybe a little sloppy in technique). i probably could have worked out for a lot longer, but had to get to work

  24. Quote Originally Posted by mindgame View Post
    how are the pumps?
    the only pumps i have really noticed so far was doing hill sprints last week. it was my warmup run up the hill for distance and all i could think was "holy f*ck is my lower back sore". it was real low on my back, almost my upper glutes. or maybe it was my upper glutes? i just attributed it to me having just done a lower body workout the previous day.

    i do feel something in my left tricep/armpit/pec area. is it a pump? i feel it when i deadlift.


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