USPLabs Recreate - a review by flu1d

  1. USPLabs Recreate - a review by flu1d

    What is it?

    Recreate is classed as a 'fat burner' although I think this description doesn't do it justice, or even describe it fully. It is made by USPLabs who were I believe the first company to bring the herb extract Cissus to the sports supplement market. USPLabs make products which give real gains, and in that sense I would compare them to Anabolic Xtreme. Non-steroidal supplements which do actually do something, not just give you a lovely pump.

    I would describe Recreate as a 'recomp' supplement. It's description states it not only burns fat but also helps to build muscle. In fact its description says quite a lot, so check out the link above. It also helps to convert T4 to T3, which not only helps speed up the fat burning process but in small doses the hormone T3 is anabolic, which is what I'm assuming helps to build muscle.

    Does it work?

    I can imagine most of you think it's complete bullsheiss, a supplement which burns fat and builds muscle? Crazy! I will state right away that in terms of fat loss alone it is not the best out there, but it had several other effects on me which I really liked, and will outline them below:

    Fat loss: I had a good diet and training plan, so I was bound to lose fat anyway. Did it actually help me burn more? I think with how it affected my body in other ways it did help me burn a little bit extra. This is of course my opinion and cannot really be backed up by any evidence.

    Muscle gain: I ran this while on a low dose Epistane cycle, and ran another bottle afterwards. Even though I was cutting my strength remained quite high and I also retained my 'bulk' very well. When I came off the Epistane I was expecting a bit of a drop in both LBM and strength, as you're not meant to cut during your PCT, but neither of these things happened.

    Strength gain: I didn't really appreciate just how good Recreate was at keeping my strength up until I finished my last bottle. Within a few days of finishing I was struggling to get the same weights up. It hasn't been too bad a drop, but it is there nonetheless.

    Mood: My mood on Recreate was very very good. In fact, let me try to explain what my life has been like; I have a baby son, and me and his mum have broke up. She's a bit nutty, and I've been getting loads of threats from her and her family, and I've had to go to a solicitor. On top of this my new girlfriend Teresa has 3 kids, 2 with autism. To say my life is hectic is a grand understatement. Not once during my time on Recreate did I lose my temper at anything. I sometimes have a paddy at an innanimate object, never a person, but even this didn't occurr while on Recreate. Since I stopped Recreate I've kicked a few of my possessions around my bedroom lol.

    Appetite Suppression: This wasn't amazing, but there nonetheless. I found I struggled to eat breakfast if I took the Recreate beforehand, so had to wait until after I'd eaten to take it.

    Cardio fitness: When I changed my dosing regime and started taking 2 pre-workout I noticed a dramatic boost to my fitness, and my strength. Recreate can definately be used as a pre-workout boost.

    Final Thoughts

    I was very impressed with Recreate in all fairness. I really like USPLabs, I think they bring new and innovative products to the market which actually work. Recreate will do far more for you than those fat burners which just contain a load of stimulants.

    Oh and so we're all clear, I did actually pay for my Recreate. Well I'm lying, my girlfriend did! lol. She had a bottle for herself, so stay tuned for my Recreate for Women review.

  2. Awesome review. I honestly experienced very, very prominent strength gains while using ReCreate. I will not go as far as to extrapolate them to 'steroid-like', but even as a rep, they far surpassed my expectations. During my first bottle I was able to add approximately 25lbs to my Box Squat. Using the program I was using, a 10lb increase was expected. An additional 15lbs was incredible!

  3. Yea definately! I'm on Leviathan Reloaded/DCP at the moment, and I think I'm getting better results in the fat loss department, however my strength has gone down a fair bit. Whilst on the Recreate I was still squatting up to 120kg and 100kg for 10, benching 100kg for reps etc, and now I've come off it there is at least a 10-15kg drop on my squat and perhaps 10kg on my bench. I am cutting so strength losses are to be expected, but these losses just go to show how good Recreate is at keeping your strength up.

  4. Can Recreate be taken with Wellbutrin?

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