WilteredFire Goes On Fire With 2.466% Capsicum For Topical Fat Loss...

  1. Cool WilteredFire Goes On Fire With 2.466% Capsicum For Topical Fat Loss...

    From tomorrow i will be starting daily applications of some 2.466% Capsicum Cream i've got hold of here in the UK, Its 5times or more stronger then stuff I could get with a Prescription, well, looks like im better off without a prescription and use this stuff instead

    Aim: Lose 1" of fat permenantly around the love handles and ab area. Im not in a rush, i will update as I get results. Not using any other fat loss supplements as such for this month. My bodyfat is around 13% I would say, Past 2-3 months from my bulking, even though it has been relatively clean (not clean enough though) I put on some fat around the love handles area, and i Haven't gotten noticably leaner these past 2 months with a VERY strict diet. So any fat loss will be noticable for me.

    What i wanted to know is, can anybody share any fat loss experiences with JUST capsicum alone, on its own? Anybody done this? Trying this after reading what spook wrote about inducing Insulin sensitivity in fatcells using this. So here goes!

    Would any of you adventurous guys like to grab some Capsicum cream of whatever strength, 0.025%, 0.075% or 0.1%, whatever they can get, and run this with me to see what we can Do? I love experimenting, anything in the name of BodyBuilding. Anyway i had one idea...

    I was thinking about maybe if Alcar is small enough to get absorbed locally, with a transdermal? Maybe this might be promising? Just some food for thought incase anybody can shed some light on future experiments with Transdermal Alcar.

    I needed advice, should I apply this once per day, or twice? And shower before applications to help aid absorption? (I understand showering after applications burns more lol)

    Okay guys, Starting my applications tomorrow, will post back whenever I get some results. Please try and keep this thread on topic if you contribute, to specifically only Capsicum on its own for fatloss, I've read about using it with napalm and other stuff, and like i said any useful thoughts on Transdermal Alcar are welcome too!

    Thanks for your time.

  2. 1st Experience: Used a very small amount, like a couple of millimetres of this stuff just to test it out. Put on my first application after a shower...

    Dont apply too much Capsicum on your first dose as you dont know your individual pain threshold, start as small as you can and work your way up to what you feel is tolerable. You wont feel anything immediately, make sure you rub it in well, and then wait. After a 2-3minutes you should start to feel some warmth beginning to take off, and after around 10-13minutes it should start to reach a peak with an intense burning sensation, this subsides with numbness and some mild burning.

    Feels great and warm, lets hope this will induce some insulin insensitivity to these nasty fatcells around the abs and love handles and shrink permenantly.

    Will post an update in 2 weeks or so with some updates. Im working on trying out some Transdermal l-Carnitine for some fat loss, i know for a fact that injectables seem to work, but cost and pain is not worth it, anybody who could help me workout a good transdermal/topical solution for some l-carnitine would be appreciated.


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