3-AD/Ephedra Stack on a Cut Log

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  1. 3-AD/Ephedra Stack on a Cut Log

    This is and will be my nutrtition for the rest of my cut and for the 3-AD. The cycle should last me around 25.3 The 3-AD will start on June 16th and end sometime in the week of July ending on the 13th. I will be dosing six 3-AD per day for the entire time. I have decided not to stack the 6-OXO with this because of financial strain and it will be interesting to see what 3-AD can do on a cut with Ephedra. If you didn't see my first post currently I have been cutting with the EAC or ECA stack for 60 days and when I start the 3-AD it will be the 64th day of cutting.

    Supplements- Two 25mg ephedra capsules per day. This time I am taking Ephburn which is similar to Yellow Bullet. Six 3-AD per day. Orange Triad (multi-vitamin), 150mg of aspirin with each ephedra. Pre-workout I will be taking two scoops of NaNo Vapor. Almost every night before bed I will be taking 6mg of Melatonin so I get restful sleep. On high carb days I will be taking Gluceroll which is a blood sugar stabilizer so I can absorb the carbs but not experience such a spike. After my cycle my PCT will be aPCT from AX.

    I plan on having 6-8 meals per day including shakes.

    Carbs-Only pre and post-workout 6 days a week. 30-40 grams of carbs coming from brown rice pre-workout and 60-80 grams of fast digesting carbs coming from a shake immediately post-workout. Every Sunday I will have a high carb day that I will take in an extra 300-400 grams of complex carbs throughout the day.

    Fats-With the exception of the pre and post-workout meals I will be adding around 15 grams of fat with every meal. The fat sources will be as follows: Almonds (whole, natural, unsalted), Fish Oil, Natural Peanut Butter, and fat from meat.

    Protein- Shooting for around 50 grams of protein per meal. 2-3 meals will be in the form of a protein shake. Other protein sources will be, chicken, turkey, buffalo, beef, eggs and egg beaters.

    Veggies- As many cruciferous veggies as possible. Lots of broccoli and cauliflower. Other vegetables are okay but it will mostly be broccoli and cauliflower.

    Drinks- Minimum of 1.5 gallons of water per day. Hopefully more that that. Diet Green Tea, and the occasional diet soda will be acceptable. Sugar Free energy drinks will be added occasionally on a needs basis.

    Cheat Days- I don't plan on having any cheat days during this cycle. Just the once a week high carb day. Only quality, nutrient dense foods every day for the whole cycle.

    If anyone wants an example of a day's worth of meals I will provide. All I have right now is the gym, summer school, and work so I have a little bit of free time since summer school is not a full class-load. Can't wait for monday............

  2. Training Split will be as follows:

    Tuesday-Chest and Tri's or Back
    Wednesday Back or Chest and Tri's
    Thursday-Shoulders and Calves

    At least 5 of those days will have some form of cardio in them. I usually either do the stairmill for 25 minutes on a HIIT pace or I will jump rope for a minute between each set.

    I will get some pictures taken tomorrow and post them along with my first workout.

  3. good start! looking forward to this!

  4. if you are going to be on ephedra that long some reset ad might be a good idea. at least take some benedryl at nighttime. probably not going to harm you if you don't but it will help keep the receptors from getting blunted, imo. just my 2 cents. otherwise, good luck.

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  5. I might just have to stick with the benadryl for a little bit until I can muster up a little more expendable income for the reset-ad. I will definitely pick some up as soon as I am able to. Fall tuition is coming up so once I have enough $$ for that then I will pick up a bottle of reset. Thanks for that input I totally neglected that aspect.

  6. whats the significance of the bendryl? i havent ever taken ephedra so im not sure what the bendryl is used for in conjuction with it? just curious

  7. Quote Originally Posted by TexasLifter89 View Post
    whats the significance of the bendryl? i havent ever taken ephedra so im not sure what the bendryl is used for in conjuction with it? just curious
    i am not sure how it works, just that it does. a guy on here told me a long time ago about taking benedryl while taking ephedra long term. it's something a lot of us do, and not only does it help with sleep at night, but it helps with tolerance. with benedryl i still feel the ephedra long term, without it i have to keep taking more and more. i now prefer reset, but benedryl works.

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  8. benadryl it will be for at least a few weeks......then I will buy some reset for sure. Lemme figure out my budget here in the next week and maybe I can squeeze it in.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by jerxxcoo View Post
    benadryl it will be for at least a few weeks......then I will buy some reset for sure. Lemme figure out my budget here in the next week and maybe I can squeeze it in.
    glad to help out. good luck.

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  10. Oh yeah, forgot to mention. I was weighed at the doc's office on friday and I haven't weighed myself since I started cutting. I was around 230 when I started cutting...right now I am 210. Kinda disappointing but I think most of it was bad weight so that is good. Would like to eventually be a rock solid 225. We will see how much I gain from the 3-AD. I took my first dose tonight. I couldn't wait and I thought it couldn't hurt to have a lil in my system before I "officially" start in the morning.
  11. Day 1- Legs and Abs

    Supplements Taken

    Took my first dose of 3-AD one hour prior to working out along with two scoops of NaNo Vapor and a tablespoon of fish oil. Immediately before working out I took one ephedra and one aspirin. When I woke up I took some Orange Triad. Will take my second dose of 3-AD shortly. Nutrition has been on par today with my original plan.

    Started taking the 3-AD today. Here is my leg workout I just got done doing.

    Leg Press 540/12 630/10 720/8 810/6
    Hammy extension X/15 X/15 X/15 X/15

    Smith Machine Hammy Xplode 8/12 8/12 10/10 10/10

    Hack Squat Plate Pull 230/3, 205/3, 180/3, 135/3, 90/3, 45/3, 0-10

    Cybex Leg press drop sets 350/8 270/8 210/16 190/25

    190/25 210/16 270/8 330/4

    350/8 290/12 210/16 190/25
    No rest between the drop. One minute rest between each set.

    Leg extension Toes Pointed Out 110/15 130/12 150/10 170/8
    Leg curl 110/15 130/12 150/10 190/10

    Incline Ball Toss 6/25 6/25 6/25 4/25

    Leg Lifts X/25 5/18 5/18 10/16 10/16

    Cybex Side Oblique Crunch 90/20 100/18 110/16 120/14

    Explanation of some exercises

    Hammy Extension is done on the seated calf raise machine. You sit so your knees are where your butt would normally be and your feet are where your knees would normally be and you are facing outward from the machine. Load the weight so it doesn't move at all and extend with your body weight out until you feel a good stretch on the hamstrings and then pull back in with your hamstrings.

    Smith Maching Hammy Xplode- Put the smith machine bar on the lowest possible notch and load it with enough weight so it won't move. Face away from the machine and tuck your feet underneath the padded bar facing out. With dumbbells in your hand lower down until the weights hit the floor then explode back up and pull hard with your hamstrings.

    Hack Squat Plate Pull- No rest and each rep is a total of a 6 count. 3 on the down, 3 on the up and after 3, six second reps a partner takes one weight off one side then after 3 more six second reps they take weight off the other side and so on and so forth until you are at 0. On 0 I do ten fast and all the way down reps.

    Mental Notes. (Stolen from Tex...thanks)

    Aggression: No more than normal, just a good lift. The 3-AD definitely hasn't kicked in yet because I am not stronger than I usually am.

    Focus: Good solid workout, no distrations. In and out in like an hour and a half.

    Stamina: Had great stamina today but not out of the ordinary.

    Strength: Didn't notice any increase in strength today. Went just a little lighter on leg press due to the super sets but all in all a normal strength day.

    Recovery: Since I am on a cut I allow little recovery time. Generally a minute rest, sometimes a bit longer.

    I am gonna take some pictures as soon as my roommate gets back and I will post them.
  12. Pictures

    Some Starting Photos and Measurements.

    left calf 16 1/4"
    r calf 16 1/4"
    left quad 23"
    r quad 22 1/2"
    waistline 35"
    stomach at bely button 34 1/2"
    chest at nips 40"
    l bicep 16"
    r bicep 15.75"
    around both shoulders 49"

    Not sure what photos people would want to see so I will just pick a few. Sorry if it's too many!

  13. i see you like my format! have at it man. nice clean layout adn easy to read. good lifts man, some weird ones though i might add haha. good physique to start off with as well. this should be an impressive log for you

  14. you are already rather lean. why are you cutting vs a lean bulk or recomp?

  15. I'm trying to drop my bf % really low for a few months to get rid of some estrogen that builds up in my lower stomach and the end of my pecs. One of my bosses who is a pro bodybuilder told me that the best way to go about that is to get the bf % low and keep it low for a month or two so it pushes the estrogen out. Plus I just want to be super lean and then I will lean bulk.
  16. Day 2- Chest and Triceps

    I took all of my supplements as planned today. No missed timing or anything.

    Took my 3-AD with fish oil an hour before working out along with the NaNo Vapor. Then immediately pre-workout I took my ephedra and aspirin. When I woke up this morning I took the Orange Triad.

    Today I did chest and triceps and my chest felt a bit weak but I think it's because I never do barbell bench and today I did. I was really weak on it...felt like a wimp.

    Wide Grip Barbell Press 135/16 185/12 225/8 255/4
    One minute after the last set was over I grabbed some 90 lb dumbbells and did 8 quick reps.

    Click Flye
    Notch 3,2,1 50/8 40/12 35/15
    Notch 1,2,3 60/8 50/8 45/8
    Notch 3,2,1 60/8 50/8 40/8
    Notch 1,2,3 50/10 45/8 40/10

    Wide Hammer Strength Def not 4 plates today Tex.....but hey, I'm tryin to cut here. lol
    180/15 180/15 180/14 180/14

    Incline Hammer Strength
    90/15 110/12 130/10 90/20
    Did all of the incline sets really fast with little rest, less than a minute for sure.

    Close Grip Smith Bench 50/22 100/10 70/18 80/14

    Seated Dips 180/15 200/15 230/12 270/10

    Rope Press Down 120/15 140/15 150/12 160/10
    1-arm cable tricep reverse curl 40/10 30/15 30/15 30/15

    Nautilus Weighted Abs 95/36 110/30 125/26

    Cardio Stairmill on level 12, fat burner setting for 23 minutes. Estimated 390 cals burned although I know it's not accurate. Just adding that info.

    Explanations of Exercises

    Click Flye- A superset that changes the angle of the fly every time you change the weight. If you start the bench on the 3rd notch for incline then after you finish those reps you "click" down a notch immediately and do another set. After that set is completed you "click" down one more notch to flat and immediately finish your set. I try for anywhere from 8-12 reps per "click" Then obviously when you start flat you "click" up and finish on the 3rd notch.

    1-Arm Cable Tricep Curl- Stand as if you were doing a single high arm cable curl and flip your body 180 degrees so you are close to the weight stack. Now press out in a reverse cable curl motion to hit the triceps.

    Mental Notes

    Aggression: I felt a little less aggressive today. It could have been from training all morning at the smoothie shop from 8am-2pm and I couldn't get to sleep last night because I am on the bartender schedule.

    Focus: I felt focused for most of the workout, had very little distrations. I felt like the pace could have been faster but my workout partner said it was really fast today.

    Stamina: Stamina for chest was a little off. Could have been due to my first day of attempting barbell bench in like two years. I usually just stick with dumbbells.

    Strength: Haven't noticed any increase in strength yet but it's only day two. I am assuming 3-4 days is when you start to notice a difference.

    Recovery: Recovery felt good but rest periods were short so I never fully recovered.

  17. very nice! Im in!
  18. Day 3-Back

    I took all of my supplements as planned today. No missed timing or anything.

    Took my 3-AD with fish oil an hour before working out along with the NaNo Vapor. Then immediately pre-workout I took my ephedra and aspirin. When I woke up this morning I took the Orange Triad.

    I was rushed today to do back because of school and then work. I completed this workout in about an hour and 10 minutes.

    Lying Dumbbell Pullover 60/15 70/12 80/10 90/8
    Barbell Row (Subpinated Grip) 85/12 95/10 105/8 125/8
    Barbell Row (Pronated Grip) 85/12 95/10 105/10 125/8

    Deadlift 135/15 185/12 225/10 275/8
    T-Bar Row 90/15 115/10 115/10 115/10
    (Drenched in sweat after this superset!)

    Seated Cable Row 135/15 165/12 180/10 195/8
    1-arm Cross Cable Row(Emphasizing development of teres major/minor) 80/15 100/12 110/10 120/8


    Dragon Flag x/15 x/15 x/15 x/15

    Mental Notes

    Really frustrated I didn't get cardio in. I realized that one of my summer classes started yesterday so I had to attend 5 hours of class today instead of 2.5. Which put me behind on everything for the day.

    Aggression:Blasted through my workout with no interruption.

    Focus: I felt very focused during this whole workout and nothing bothered me or slowed me down.

    Stamina:Stamina was good, I felt like I was pretty strong on each lift.

    StrengthStrong as usually am, no difference.

    RecoveryRecovered nicely between sets. Rest periods were short so full recovery was never attained during the workout.
  19. Day 4- Shoulders and Calves

    I took all of my supplements as planned today. No missed timing or anything.

    Took my 3-AD with fish oil an hour before working out along with the NaNo Vapor. Then immediately pre-workout I took my ephedra and aspirin. When I woke up this morning I took the Orange Triad.

    Another fast and super high intensity workout. 3-AD may be kicking in a bit.

    Hammer Shoulder Press 140/15 180/12 230/8 270/4,180/8(Last set pulled off a plate from each side and did 8 fast reps)
    Bent Over Rear Delt 20/15 20/15 20/15 20/15 20/15

    Incline V Press 50/15 55/12 55/10 55/10
    Vertical Dumbbell Cross Front Raise 20/15 20/15 20/15 20/15
    Flat Nipple Press 35/15 35/15 35/15 45/12

    Dumbbell Shoulder Press(Partial ROM, from bottom to halfway through ROM) 35/20 40/15 40/15 40/15
    Dumbbell Upright Row 35/15 40/12 40/12 40/12 40/12
    Lateral Raise 15/15 15/15 15/15 15/15

    Cybex Leg Press Calves 210/20 250/30 290/25 330/25 390/22
    Seated Calf Raise(Jay Cutler Style) 90/20 90/20 90/20 90/20

    Rotary Calf 250/30 290/20 350/22 390/22
    1-leg Standing Calf Raise 40/15 20/20 20/20 20/20

    Standing Calf Raise 80/35
    Rotary Calf 190/40

    Explanation of Some Exercises

    Incline V Press: On an incline basically do a chest press but try to move the weight with your front delt. I have found that a steeper incline and pushing the weight out to below the nipples hits the front delt the best.

    Vertical Dumbbell Cross Front Raise:Instead of doing a regular dumbbell front raise. Rotate the dumbbells 90 degrees so they are vertical at the top of the motion. Begin with the dummbell at the side of your hip and really focus on raising the weight with your front delt. As you are raising the weight move the weight so at the top of your ROM you are above the opposite shoulder. So if you are raising your right arm you want the weight to end up above your left shoulder. (Does this make sense?)

    Nipple Press: Lying with the weights at each side and elbows super tightly tucked to your sides press the weight up using your front delt. This helps get the seperation between your front delt and upper chest. I have noticed a big difference since starting to incorporate this lift.

    Cutler Style Calf Raise:Simplest explanation of the day. (Happy?) 1 rep equals halfway down, all the way up, all the way down and back up to the top.

    Mental Notes

    Strength:Very happy with my strength since I had so little rest between sets and everything was at least a superset or giant-set.

    Aggression:I felt like an animal in the gym today. Caught more than one person doing the whole thing today. Days like today are such a confidence booster.

    Focus: Focus was on today, no interruptions of any kind.

    Stamina: I had great energy and stamina through each lift. Even though I felt a great burn I was able to push beyond the burn.

    Recovery: Recovery times were very minimal today but I felt like I was recovering quickly.

    3-AD Has kicked in for sure. More than one person said I am starting to look really hard and dense. And I was happy with those comments since that is the look I am going for. Once again I didn't do any cardio today but my workout was very intense so it's okay.

  20. nice update man! looks like things are kickin off!

  21. have you outlined your diet?

  22. Yeah, my diet is in post #1.

  23. looking forward to seeing your progress in this log
  24. Day 5- Biceps/Triceps

    I took all of my supplements as planned today. No missed timing or anything.

    Took my 3-AD with fish oil an hour before working out along with the NaNo Vapor. Then immediately pre-workout I took my ephedra and aspirin. When I woke up this morning I took the Orange Triad.

    Today I felt like a crazy animal while I was lifting and now that I just got home and am not lifting I feel exhausted. Must have spent myself in the gym which is always a good thing. A PT at LA Fitness came up to me today and told me that I was getting noticeably bigger.

    Barbell Curl 65/15 75/12 85/10 95/8
    Two-Handed bent over dumbbell curl 60/15 65/12 70/10 70/10

    Overhead Dumbbell 80/15 90/12 100/10 115/7 (Wanted 8!!)
    EZ-Bar Incline Skull Crusher 60/15 60/15 60/15 60/15

    Seated Dumbbell Curl 35/15 45/12 50/10 55/8
    Top 1/2 Barbell Curl (Seated) 35(Bar)/15 55/12 65/10 75/10
    Barbell Forearm Curl (Subpinated) 35(Bar)/15 35/15 45/12 55/10

    Cybex Tricep Push 70/15 70/15 90/12 100/10
    Nautilus Seated Dip 170/20 185/18 200/16 245/14
    Dumbbell Forearm Curl (Pronated) 15/15 15/15 15/15 15/15
    (Pardon my term but it's what I call it.) Jack-off Dumbbell Curl 15/15 15/15 15/15 15/15

    Smith Machine Body Drag Curl 50/20 70/16 90/12 110/8
    Dumbbell Kickback 15/15 15/15 15/15 15/15


    Back Extension Abs X(Bodyweight)/20 10/20 20/16 25/15 30/14

    Back Extension Side Bends 15/15 25/12 30/11 35/8

    Flutter Kicks X/60 X/60 X/60 X/60
    Leg lifts X/10 X/10 X/10 X/10

    Mental Notes

    I was exhausted after working out so I didn't do cardio today either. I was literally starving after I got done working out so I needed a shake IMMEDIATELY!

    Aggression: Not gonna lie, small stuff is starting to irritate me that usually doesn't irritate me. So I am definitely producing extra testosterone. Felt crazy in the gym once again today. The gym is always where I get my aggression out so I am usually pretty intense.

    Focus: I was very focused. I don't let anything bother me in the gym at all anymore. I leave it all at the door and enjoy my "sanctuary" time.

    Stamina: Had great stamina during my lifts today but after I got done doing abs I was spent. Could have been because I was working outside in the Florida heat for 3 hours today.

    Strength: Feeling a little bit stronger and it is probably from the 3-AD starting to pulse through my body. Veins are starting to pop from unknown places....lol

    Recovery: Recovered fast in between sets with my one minute rest. But after my workout I have been slow to recover. It's been almost two hours and I still feel like crap.
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  25. ur BB curl number are pretty good compared to mine! Bicep and tricep in one day must suck, also must cause a crazy think blood rush


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