3-AD/Ephedra Stack on a Cut Log

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  1. not a problem at all man. im up to 170.5 thats a new personal Record for BW for me

  2. damn Tex. Gettin that weight up there. I can't forget to weigh tomorrow. I have to give a 5 minute speech for a class tomorrow so I am stressing about that right now. Freaking speeches man....seriously.

  3. thats how i was till i took a theatre arts class. i had to act alot and that got it out of me as well as helped improve my memorization good luck man! yeah considering in February i was 145 im very pleased with results

  4. I'm only 209......damn. But people everyday are saying that I am getting leaner so maybe I have found that perfect harmony between cutting and gaining and hopefully I can sustain that for a few more weeks.
  5. Day 22- Legs

    I took all of my supplements as planned today. No missed timing or anything.

    Legs! Ahhh....leg day, leg day, leg day....what more can I say?

    Squat 225/12 275/10 315/8 365/6 405/4

    Front Squat 135/12 155/10 175/8 225/6

    Cybex Leg Press 210/25 250/20 290/18 350/18
    Hammy Extension X/15 X/15 X/15 X/15

    130/14 150/12 170/10 190/9

    Abductor 90/16 110/14 130/12 150/10

    Hammer Single Leg Extension 60/15 60/15 50/20 70/12 100/10

    Seated Leg Curl(3 count hold and slow to top) 110/15 110/15 130/12 150/8


    Incline Leg Lifts X/25 5/20 10/18 15/10

    5 incline sit ups, 5 side to side torso rotations
    8/30 8/30 8/30 8/30

    Mental Notes

    Aggression: Still feeling very aggressive, every day I can't wait to attack the weights with uber-intensity.

    Strength: Feeling good now that I am lifting a little bit heavier. I am glad that during this cut my strength hasn't suffered.

    Focus:Focus was broken a few times today, both times by really hot chicks so it was fine with me to stop and chat for a minute or so. I met the hottest woman in the gym today, it made my workout that much better.

    Stamina: Great as always, felt like I could have worked out more but I had almost reached the two hour mark and that is getting into the catabolic zone.

    Recovery: Took a little extra time between sets of squats to recover today. All the other lifts were fast-paced and the only time I took a break longer than a minute with the exception of the squats was to talk to the girls that I talked with today.

    I can't believe my perfect marriage of 3-AD and Ephedra is 3 days from being over!!!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed this stack and the benefits that I have gained from it. I haven't really gained any weight but my body composition has definitely changed over the last few weeks.

  6. Day 23- Chest and Triceps

    Took all of my planned supplements today.

    Chest felt great today and so did triceps. I did not want this workout to end. It started a bit slow but kept picking up speed until the end.

    Dumbbell Bench
    85/12 90/10 100/7 105/5

    Incline Dumbbell Flye 35/12 45/10 55/8 65/6 75/5

    Dumbbell Flye 40/12 50/10 60/6...drop set to 30/15

    Freemotion Seated Flye 40/15 60/12 40/17 70/10

    Hammer Seated Dip 180/15 230/12 270/8 300/7

    Incline Skull Crushers 70/17 90/13 90/12 100/10
    Rope Pressdown 90/15 100/12 70/20 90/15

    Wide Grip Bar Pressdown 100/20 140/15 180/8 210/6

    Reverse Wide Grip Bar Pressdown 100/16 110/17 120/15 130/12 140/10

    Bar Pressdown Giant Drop Set(Zero Rest) 100/15 90/15 80/25 70/25 60/30 50/40

    Mental Notes

    I am going to stray away from the traditional mental notes format tonight. Today I felt great, strength, energy, everything just felt tremendous. I wished I had more 3-AD so I could go on a full six week cycle because I think that the benefits would be much greater if I had more time on this product. I am very impressed with my strength gains because I am still trying to cut weight. I look forward to doing my next PH cycle in about two months from now after I finish my post cycle and work to cut the rest of this fat off.

  7. Hey all,
    I am gonna try and find a computer to post today's and yesterdays workout. My computer died yesterday....sucks. I am in the library about to go to class so hopefully later tonight I can get my last two workouts posted.

  8. You should put up some pics so we can compare. I bet you look noticeably JACKED!
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  9. I will be taking pics on monday. I am going to go to the library early on monday so that I can post my workouts then monday night I will take some pics and post them. Very happy with the way my PCT has been going so far also.

  10. Hey I am going to post after pics now. If you guys are interested in the workouts I have been doing for the last week let me know and I will post them. This monday I started to try and seperate muscles so my rep range has increased to 15-20 reps per set. I will continue to do this for at least a month or two.
  11. Final Pics....Taken July 14th

  12. Lookn good bro!! Very impressive!! I see improvements everwhere!! Looks like this cycle was a success!!

    I also think its hilarious you shave everything but your face!
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  13. I think you look more muscular now. Especially the delts and neck muscles. Congratulations. (I'm still thinking if I should start or not. I'm more the hardgainer guy and weight 154lbs.)

    On the stomach you also gained muscles but more important I thhink you lost "fat"....

  14. Hey,
    Thanks for following up guys, I really apprecaite it. I would highly recommend taking the 3-AD and taking at least 4-5 weeks worth so you receive the maximum benefits. I am liking the AX aPCT that I bought and have been using since I came off the 3-AD. Still seeing changes everyday in my physique. I would really like to get noticed by some of these supplement reps so I can try and log some of their products. I still plan on taking more pictures because I am not finished with my cut. I will take more pics at the end of my PCT so we can see if I have lost any significant size so only time will tell.
    And the whole shaving the face thing. I get lazy so if I don't shave every day I end up looking like a lumber-jack. Shaving is such a pain.....

  15. The funnier thing is that I cut the crap outta my ankles and the back of my knees....lol you can see the cut marks.

  16. Where the heck is Tex?

  17. Tex went on a cruise er somthin. Hell be back in a few days.
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  18. Oh yeah that's right, he went sailing or something. Wonder if he withered away on the sea?

  19. Day 15 of PCT. Still feeling great and still recommending 3-AD to my clients in the gym!!

  20. So what was the outcome of this cycle..numbers wise? How much did you gain? How much have you kept of it so far? Do you like long walks on the beach? haha last ones a joke but seriously whats up?
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  21. Well since I was cutting while taking the 3-AD my numbers are all whacked. Which awesome because I gained 4-5 pounds and I am confident that it is lean muscle as you can see from the after pics. I am on day 18 of my pct and I am cutting pretty hard now. Cardio 5 days a week and my rep scheme is 15-20 reps with one minute rest between sets. I am seeing great results on this workout, my fat loss is pickin up again which makes me very happy!

    As for long walks on the beach.....depends on how hot she is.

  22. awesome man! keep it up!!

  23. Oh and I weigh 215 right now....when I started the 3-AD I believe I was 208 so I definitely gained some good weight and lost some fat.

  24. nice man. thats always encouraging. im alittle pudgey sad to say right now. but im bulking so i cant complain too bad

  25. Pudgy my ass!!! no pun intended

    Those are some awesome results jerx!
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