3-AD/Ephedra Stack on a Cut Log

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  1. Where the heck is Tex?

  2. Tex went on a cruise er somthin. Hell be back in a few days.
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  3. Oh yeah that's right, he went sailing or something. Wonder if he withered away on the sea?

  4. Day 15 of PCT. Still feeling great and still recommending 3-AD to my clients in the gym!!

  5. So what was the outcome of this cycle..numbers wise? How much did you gain? How much have you kept of it so far? Do you like long walks on the beach? haha last ones a joke but seriously whats up?
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  6. Well since I was cutting while taking the 3-AD my numbers are all whacked. Which awesome because I gained 4-5 pounds and I am confident that it is lean muscle as you can see from the after pics. I am on day 18 of my pct and I am cutting pretty hard now. Cardio 5 days a week and my rep scheme is 15-20 reps with one minute rest between sets. I am seeing great results on this workout, my fat loss is pickin up again which makes me very happy!

    As for long walks on the beach.....depends on how hot she is.

  7. awesome man! keep it up!!
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  8. Oh and I weigh 215 right now....when I started the 3-AD I believe I was 208 so I definitely gained some good weight and lost some fat.

  9. nice man. thats always encouraging. im alittle pudgey sad to say right now. but im bulking so i cant complain too bad
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  10. Pudgy my ass!!! no pun intended

    Those are some awesome results jerx!
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  11. Congrats, very good results, very good log!

  12. Soooo....I talked to this guy that consults me when he comes to Orlando from Tampa and he is gonna put me on an anti-estrogen to kill the small pockets of fat in my lower abs and at the end of my pecs. I am on day 20 of my PCT and day 10 of cardio 5 days a week. The only time I am consuming any significant amount of carbs is postworkout and that will continue for at least 2 more weeks. This high rep/very little rest rep scheme combined with the cardio is certainly the most effective way to drop body fat and keep as much muscle as possible. I am doing high intensity interval cardio of no more than 30 mins after I workout to keep catabolism at a minimum and I am seeing some good results.

    However.....I do still have those two bottles of Methyl 1-D and two bottles of I-GH-1 burning a hole in my dresser. I'm thinking mid september I will hop on those babies and see if I can hit up a lean mass bulk. Whaddya think?

  13. Bueller? Bueller?

  14. not a fan of methyl 1-d so i cant say its a good idea
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  15. Hey Metroba,
    Why don't you like Methyl 1-D?

  16. Very harsh on the liver
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  17. You do 5x a week cardio for no more than 30 minutes ?
    Always afetr gym or also in the morning ?

    Actually, from the last pictures, I don't think you look fat
    in any areas. Would be great you post pictures after the
    PCT/your current cutting cycle to see the 3 stages.

    What supps did you try in past for gaining muscles and what did
    give you massive muscle gains ? Would be very interested
    in you experience because it looks great !

  18. good looking log bro, keep up the good work

  19. Zimso,
    At the minimum I am doing cardio 5 times a week after workouts for no more than 30 minutes. A few times this week I have snuck in some cardio sessions after work but unfortunately never in the morning on a fast (I'm not a morning person, plus summer school killed me.) My rep scheme the last three weeks has been no less than 15 reps of an exercise and no more than a minute rest. This ensures that I burn a TON of calories while I am lifting and I feel it helps bring out those smaller muscles that help develop separation.

    If people will actually look at them I will take some more pictures in about 3 weeks so you can see how much I have actually cut, hopefully by then you will be able to see a significant difference. I do actually have small pockets of fat on my lower abs and at the end of my pecs...maybe I am the only one who notices because I am always messing with it but it really bothers me so I want to get rid of it completely. Besides once I get rid of it and go back on a mass gain phase I won't gain the fat there and it will be a bit more distributed and not so concentrated.

    As far as massive muscle gains I don't think anything can substitute for a super duper strict diet and intense training, however I have taken two different products with very different results. About 5 months ago I took this stuff called Omnivol, it's a prohormone and the gains I had were pretty big but when I came off I lost a lot of the weight, I felt like it was more of an "inflated" look because of high water retention. It was a good product and I did have some good strength gains as well as some mass that I kept even after post cycle. However with the 3-AD my experience was very different, partly because I was still on a cut so it was more of a lean bulk instead of a "see"food diet. 3-AD is a really dry compound so the gains I made were fairly small, probably 5-6 pounds possibly 7-8, but the gains were lean muscle and I don't think I have lost much of it and I am on day 23 of my PCT. Sorry if this is all kind of jumbled up I just wrote it on the fly and didn't preview it well. Lemme know if you have any other questions.

    I have a question though, how the heck do I get some sponsorships to do some logs? Do I just have to get noticed or what?

  20. Go into the company promotion forum.
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  21. Change of plans kids!! I finished my PCT and now I am starting with another stack of 3-AD with some other things I have never tried. I am going to start a new thread and take pics today. I hope I get a few of you on my new thread!!!

  22. Hey bro, just checkin. In I'm in my PCT for 3-AD now. I loved the stuff.

  23. Get ready for me to get ridiculous with this new log. I'm excited with the two things I am stacking it with.

  24. Awesome results from that cycle bro!

  25. yo man its too soon to start another cycle. You need to rest at least 2 more months post pct before starting another cycle.
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  26. I was actually concerned about that too but I spoke with a few bodybuilders and figure competitors and they said that as long as I did my PCT correctly that it would be okay to start another cycle now but after this is done I need to take a 6 month break or so. So I am just going off of the advice of them and what they say is okay. I consulted a few different groups of people too, I mean I even talked with a doctor about it and he said it should be fine I just need to get my test levels monitored post cycle to make sure everything is cool. So I'm going for it.

  27. Well at least youre not being stupid about it. If youre getting test results and a doc gave you the go ahead. Thats all I needed. But yes a 6 month break MINIMUM afterwards. Good luck man
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  28. Very nice log! Looking forward to a future log....
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