Thinkin about a stack....on a cut.

  1. Question Thinkin about a stack....on a cut.

    I am very new to AM. My friends turned me onto this site and I have spent probably 6-7 hours in the last three days reading posts. I am already in the middle of a cut but I am about to start taking 3-AD and possibly 6-oxo while cutting with ol reliable EAC stack. Trying to gain some lean mass to continue the cut. Nutrition is pretty spot on and there have been no cheats for 58 days as I am in the 58th day of my cut. Just throwing out a line to see if anyone would be interested in me doing a log of the 3-ad, 6-OXO stack or any opinions on it. Nutrition is super high protein, high dietary fats and low carbs with a cycle carb day every sunday. If I decide there is interest in a log I will provide detailed nutrition and photos as well. My major is sports and fitness so I love this stuff. My current cutting diet was designed by a figure competitor and she has helped me out a TON! Here are some pics of where I'm at right now. 6'2" 218lbs.

    Not flexing in either image.
    Thanks! Hope to hear from some of ya!

  2. i would personally not go into prohormones but if u want heres my BEST cutting 6 week cycle
    Juggernauts Winztrol

    if ur not stuck on doing a cycle of 3-ad then try this 8 week stack
    IGF-2 (optional)
    DCP or just TTA
    Last 4 weeks Dicana

  3. I have decided I am starting for sure on monday with this stack. Still wondering if I should do the log here on AM, Might switch up my lifts to include a variety of reps from 4-18 reps so I can potentially gain more lean mass and still cut down.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jerxxcoo View Post
    I have decided I am starting for sure on monday with this stack. Still wondering if I should do the log here on AM, Might switch up my lifts to include a variety of reps from 4-18 reps so I can potentially gain more lean mass and still cut down.
    Do a log. Its great motivation not to slack off on any aspect of the cycle IMHO.

  5. for sure man. i see your at LA fitness? haha i thin i recognize the lockers

  6. hahaha yup good ol LA Fitness. I just started working in the smoothie shop in LA Fitness. It's sweet, free membership and free smoothies. Gotta love that.

  7. what lame ours doesnt have a smoothie shop or a supplement shop!

  8. Yeah it's pretty cool. I go to school and bartend but I decided to work at the smoothie place because of the environment and getting the knowledge from the owner. She is a figure competitor so she gives me good free tips. It's nice.

  9. Log it man! Ill subb it for sure! Also WOOT WOOT for La Fitness!

  10. Ok,
    I am about to go hit up the gym. Shoulders and Calves then some stairmill. yeeeehawww. I am gonna sit down tonight and type up my nutrition and post it on here. 3-AD and 6-OXO starts monday so maybe I will get some more pictures of my back and legs. Probably going to dose the 3-ad at 6 caps per day since I am above 215lbs.....

  11. 3 servings/day is supposed to be the sweet spot whatever that is? thats cool man. yeah there are a bunch of Ex football players and BB's at my LA fitnes, so they help give me advice.
  12. Exclamation

    Ok this has been and will be my nutrtition for the rest of my cut and for the 3-AD. The cycle should last me around 17 days but I might try and get a hold of 20 or so more capsules so I can stretch it to 21 total days. The 3-AD will start on June 16th and end sometime in the week of July ending on the 13th. I will start with four 3-AD per day for the first three or four days then move up to six per day from thereon after. I have decided not to stack the 6-OXO with this because of financial strain and it will be interesting to see what 3-AD can do on a cut with Ephedra. If you didn't see my first post currently I have been cutting with the EAC or ECA stack for 60 days and when I start the 3-AD it will be the 64th day of cutting.

    Supplements- Two 25mg ephedra capsules per day. This time I am taking Ephburn which is similar to Yellow Bullet. Four to Six 3-AD per day. Orange Triad (multi-vitamin), 150mg of aspirin with each ephedra. Pre-workout I will be taking two scoops if NaNo Vapor per workout. Almost every night before bed I will be taking 6mg of Melatonin so I get restful sleep. On high carb days I will be taking Gluceroll which is a blood sugar stabilizer so I can absorb the carbs but not experience such a spike. After my cycle my PCT will be aPCT from AX.

    I plan on having 6-8 meals per day including shakes.

    Carbs-Only pre and post-workout 6 days a week. 30-40 grams of carbs coming from brown rice pre-workout and 60-80 grams of fast digesting carbs coming from a shake immediately post-workout. Every Sunday I will have a high carb day that I will take in an extra 300-400 grams of complex carbs throughout the day.

    Fats-With the exception of the pre and post-workout meals I will be adding around 15 grams of fat with every meal. The fat sources will be as follows: Almonds (whole, natural, unsalted), Fish Oil, Natural Peanut Butter, and fat from meat.

    Protein- Shooting for around 50 grams of protein per meal. 2-3 meals will be in the form of a protein shake. Other protein sources will be, chicken, turkey, buffalo, beef, eggs and egg beaters.

    Veggies- As many cruciferous veggies as possible. Lots of broccoli and cauliflower. Other vegetables are okay but it will mostly be broccoli and cauliflower.

    Drinks- Minimum of 1.5 gallons of water per day. Hopefully more that that. Diet Green Tea, and the occasional diet soda will be acceptable. Sugar Free energy drinks will be added occasionally on a needs basis.

    Cheat Days- I don't plan on having any cheat days during this cycle. Just the once a week high carb day. Only quality, nutrient dense foods every day for the whole cycle.

    If anyone wants an example of a day's worth of meals I will provide. But this outline will suffice for now. Hope it's not too detailed. All I have right now is the gym, summer school, and work so I have a little bit of free time since summer school is not a full class-load. Can't wait for monday............
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  13. Just secured another half bottle of 3-AD from a friend who tried it and didn't like it. So that means I will be able to run at least 21 days for certain on 6 caps a day. Stoked about that one!

  14. Got my other half bottle. I will have enought to run 3-AD for 25.3 days so about three and a half weeks on 6 caps a day. I will probably start a new thread for the actual log itself...anyone else think I should do that?

  15. yup. make it clean and organized like mine

  16. I thought my nutrtition part was pretty organized...wasn't it?

  17. Looking foward to your log. Yeah Id go ahead and start a new log. Having 3ad in your title will attract more people to it. Diet looks good. Dont know much on Nano. Will have to check that out.

  18. Hey Metroba, I already started the new log:

    It's called........ 3-AD/Ephedra Stack on a Cut Log, today is day two, I am just about to post my workouts on there right now.


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