MHP Dark Matter

  1. MHP Dark Matter

    Thanks to MHP for the sample packs.

    Flavor - Blueberry

    - I am not going to sugarcoat this review, the taste definitely leaves quite a bit to be desired. Dark Matter has a strong medicinal taste and I can not compare it to any natural flavor I have ever tasted. Not very sweet and slightly sour but just very artificial tasting.

    Rank - 4 out of 10

    - I mixed it in about 16oz's of water and there was no clumping at all and it only took a couple of shakes in my shaker cup for the powder to dissolve completely.

    Rank - 8 out of 10

    Texture - This product must have quite a bit of high grade waxy maize starch because this product is just straight sludge when mixed with water. Thicker than motor oil and it actually reminds me of hair gel. actually this product is quite a bit like what I imagine drinking blue hair gel would be like.

    Rank - 4 out of 10

    Now I could honestly care less about the taste and the texture as long as the product is effective and that is something that can not be ascertained after one sample of it. The texture leads me to believe that some high grade raws were put into this product so I expect some decent results. Also they use Nano particles and that has to make my muscles huge right

  2. You might want to reproduce the supplement facts here, so it is clear how much of what is in a sample pack size. How many sample packs would you be taking?
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