Lipoflame(AGX) and Lipoderm-Ultra(Avant) review !!!

  1. Arrow Lipoflame(AGX) and Lipoderm-Ultra(Avant) review !!!

    I was gonna bloat up again just to see how great these products work ! Last week I did eat whatever chinese food ,pizza ...u get the idea .But this week I had a shoot so had to tone up again : ( but I did take a pic of last week after I ate some chinese food lol .

    Yesterday I actually took 2 capsules of Lipoflame around 6pm when I was tired within 10-20 min felt really good mood and had energy out of nowhere (Didnt workout or cardio though just wanted to get the feel of it) Lipoderm-Ultra 3 squirts on my lower back felt cool burn like bengay .(Note i just got Napalm ,so will use that also)

    Today took 4 capsules of Lipoflame on empty stomach and cardio 30 min later . Felt alot of energy and I high kind of feeling but was focused and positive mood ! Went for 25min sweating like a mofo .Took 2 pics after cardio ....I will shower and use Napalm on my lower back 3squirts .

    And wheels shot
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  2. quick freakin cut, my friend.

    Lipoderm Ultra and Napalm are the ****.
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  3. Been kinda shi_ty with my diet lately : ( and not motivated to go to the gym ...had to drive around alot and when I got back I was pretty burnt ! Well this week got my diet in check and went to the gym twice : ) Still no improvement maybe lost a step from last week but going to Domincans for vacation next week its crunch time !

    My diet :

    30-45 min morning cardio on empty stomach (4caps lipoflame)

    Meal 1) Muscle Milk Cookies N Cream ,1 bananna ,1/2 cup instant oatmeal ,multi vitamins ,2caps Udo's Fish oil

    Meal 2) 10-12egg whites w/salsa

    Meal 3) Isopure zero carbs RTD ,1/2 bananna ,1/2 handful raw almonds

    Meal 4) 1 boneless skinless grilled chicken breast ,1 cup greens

    Pre-WO) 1 boneless skinless grilled chicken breast ,1 cup greens ,2tbs natty peanut butter or 1/2 handful almonds (4caps lipofalme)


    PWO) Muscle Milk RTD

    Meal 5) 1 boneless skinless grilled chicken breast ,1 cup greens or substitute chicken for grilled salmon

    Meal 6) FF Cottage CH (2caps Udo's Fish Oil)

    recent pic of 6-16-08 .....6 more days till DR so time 2 rip it up bi_ches ! Use Napalm or Lipoderm-U twice daily after taking shower ; )
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  4. What was the shoot for?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by rpen22 View Post
    What was the shoot for?
    just a commercial/stock photo shoot ....did alil bit fitness too : )



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