all the whey protein review

  1. all the whey protein review

    cinnamon bun 12/10

    mixes well, absolutely amazing tasting. its addicting, it takes alot of discipline to not just go crazy and engorge myself with endless shakes

    pineapple 7/10

    the mixability was good. i found that this wasnt sweet enough to really be a pineapple flavor, but that also may be because i added too much water, so ill have to try it again another time.

    peaches and cream 7/10

    the flavor i found to be a bit subtle, but i enjoyed it.

    grape 8/10

    it was a good change of things, i enjoyed the grape flavor, and it had a good amount of sweetness.

    banana 8/10

    was a really good tasting banana protein, much better than the pro5 i had last time.

  2. hmmm. I'm going to have to try Cinnamon Bun sometime. I just bought 10lbs of Chocolate so it may be a couple months or so.

  3. i definitely recommend it. you should order a 1 pounder atleast

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