D-drol log Review and Suggest

  1. Question D-drol log Review and Suggest

    Hey there folks. Planning to do a pro hormone/ d-drol cycle soon and im looking for some advice and suggestions on my proposed stack that I am planning. So here are a few details to get started.

    Age: 24
    Weight: 13 Stone, 80 KG (not sure what that is in lbs)
    Height: 6ft 3in
    Bodyfat: about 5% (some abs visible but some fat at the bottom)

    Previous PH experience was superdrol 3 years ago. Found some good gains but needed to be real disciplined with it. Have been out of the gym for the last few months due to a broken leg and other things that have kept me away. Please give any suggestions you may have along the way.


    Really want to gain good strength with muscle, paticulary lean defined muscle and effective post cycle recovery.

    My suggested cycle.


    4days @10mg followed by,
    7days @ 20mg
    7days @ 30mg

    Liver Supplement

    Milk Thistle
    (please suggest any other liver protection/supplements. Realy would like something good to protect liver.)
    SSL's liver support

    Whey protein
    Generic brand
    (probably will get something more specialised for this cycle, please recommend)

    NO Explode
    To be used for energy and focus

    Multi vitamin.

    In the absence of D-drol would anyone recommend Oxodrol, methyldrol or any other supplement to meet the goals above. Maybe something which is not as hard but still delivers good returns. Please feel free to comment.

    Post Cycle Recovery,

    BSN Nitrix

    Tribulus ( herbal)

    Ginko (herbal)

    Nolvadex (serm for anti Gyno)

    SSL's Estro Extreme

    NO Explode

    Multi Vitamin

    So thatís about it, Please feel free to make suggestions and critique where you fell necessary. Been doing research on this for about a month now and just have been totally bombarded by the amount of logs and review out there. Thinking of starting the cycle by July first and work it over a 3-4 week period follow by strong PCT. I have heard that superdrol and its clones are quite hard so if there is anything you would recommend please do, if there are supporting logs please send them on. Also is alcohol to be completely avoided while on cycle particularly with liver issues involved. Please comment

    Kind Regards,

    Richard Lynch

  2. i would say get a solid 2-3 months back in the gym with just basic supps (protein, creatine etc). but i know u have ur mind set...

    Cycle Support is good for liver, BP, cholesterol etc..

    Any kind of protein will do find, basically use te cheapest u can find.

    NO no-xplode, it will send ur BP through the roof

    You know D-Drol is 3 steroids right? I suggest holding off on this and looking in Havoc/Epistane

  3. You'd have to be insane to run D-Drol, considering the 3 compounds it contains and the fact that they dont supply the amount of each per recommended dose. Edit, if you're at 5% bodyfat hardly any fat should be visible. Sounds like you're probably around 10-12

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Usf97j4x4 View Post
    if you're at 5% bodyfat hardly any fat should be visible. Sounds like you're probably around 10-12

    dangit i knew i forgot something in my post

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