I have 2 days left with my bottle of Mass FX max strength, and i think i should do a review on it.

Weight gain - +6 lbs
I went from about 188 to 194 over the period of a few weeks. I had a few days where i wasn't using it because i didn't have time to work out becuase of exams and such, or because the gym was closed (for example the gym was closed for 3 days around memorial day). Anyway, I think 6 lbs is more than I usually gain in a month (or a little over a month), though before this I hadn't been keeping track too well. Ive been doing a standard DC routine. I didn't really see any type of leaning effect that ive heard forslean had, but I was not eating to cut. I also felt that when i split the dosage to 1 cap 4x a day, there was a better effect. I didn't really feel much effect in the gym, but I wasn't really paying much attention to it. I also take a bunch of supps preworkout that may lessen the effect i attribute to the MassFX

Im pretty glad I ran MassFX MS. At first i wasn't sure it was working, as I was hovering at about 188 or 190 for the first few workouts. Then I stopped weighing myself for about 2 weeks, and i weighed in at 194. Im sure I weighed myself on an empty stomach the last time i weighed.