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  1. Thursday, July 3


    Sport Specific Conditioning:
    • 15 Minutes Ladder Drills (Single Leg,One foot, double foot, zig zag, lateral shuffle, etc...)
    • 120M Shuttle w/ ground start (4 x 30M, 2 x 60M)
    • 18 Second Sprint / 40 Second Recovery
    • Repeat x 16
    • 240M Shuttle w/ BW Exercise Start (Mountain Climber, Wideout, Etc..)
    • 40 Second Sprint / 1 Minute Recovery
    • Repeat x 4
    • 10 Minutes Quick Feet Box Drills

    Cooldown: 10 Minutes Bike

    Damn, today was a prescribed off day of ZAP and I really felt it, or didn't feel it. Energy was alright but faded fast. I wasn't too sore from the deadlift session yesterday so I thought I would be fine with this today but energy was shot halfway through the shuttle runs. I gotta start planning my off days of ZAP better so that they fall on active recovery or off days. Gotta cycle the stims to keep em effective though.

  2. Friday, July 4

    Upper Body Power

    DB Press:
    50lb x 10
    60lb x 6
    70lb x 3

    5 Sets of 80lb x 5
    1 Set of 85lb x 4 (Phail on 5)
    50lb x 15

    --Superset With--

    T-Bar Row:
    90lb x 10
    115lb x 6
    125lb x 3

    5 Sets of 155lb x 5

    DB Bench felt even smoother than last time and I'm surprised I got 85 up 4 times. Might go 5 x 3 @ 85lb next session to overload the muscle and get it used to that heavy of a weight. T-Bars felt strong and had a good back pump working.

    Neutral Grip Incline DB Press:
    4 Sets of 55lb x 8

    --Superset With--

    DB Row:
    4 Sets of 85lb x 8

    Everything felt strong here. Good form and good mind muscle connection. A bit fatigued already from the 6 sets of chest/back superset to start so this was nice to match my PR.

    4 Sets of 135lb x 6

    --Superset With--

    Underhand Pulldown:
    4 Sets of 150lb x 6

    These weren't max effort, just nice and powerful. Felt good on every rep and squeezed the muscle fibers at peak contraction.

    Standing MP:
    5 Sets of 105lb x 5

    --Superset With--

    BB Curls:
    4 Sets of 70lb x 8

    Wanted to finish off with some shoulders and curls for the gurls. My shoulders felt pretty strong as they already had been fatigued from the upper body work so far. Sickly pump on the BB curls, forearms kind of hurt.

    [b]Finisher Complex:/[b]
    100 Rope Turns
    10 Renegade Rows @ 40lb
    Repeat x 3

    A great upper body power session. Had the gym all to myself as it was closed but I work there so I gotsta keeeeys! Everything felt strong, smooth, and controlled. No ego lifts today, just letting the muscle work! Great consistent energy, which is what I have come to expect out of ZAP and more PRs to come. Almost done with the bottle so I will finalize up a review and put her up when I run out.

  3. Looking forward to your final review and any comparisons to similar products ( especially interested in ZAP vs RPM if you have tried that ).

    I want to pick up either this or RPM to go pre workout when my a$$ is dragging ( I use Nimbus Blast for work and some workouts presently )

  4. Monday, July 7

    Lower Body - Front Squats

    Front Squat:
    115lb x 12
    135lb x 8
    155lb x 5

    5 Sets of 175lb x 5
    -90 Seconds Rest-
    PR + 5lb

    135lb x 10 x 10
    -60 Seconds Rest-

    Fck ya! Killed the 170 like it was nothing today. Legs felt really strong after taking yesterday off. The only thing that was a bugger on these was the fact that cleaning the weight up to the front squat position is getting harder. I think I will start doing these in the rack so I can preserve my energy. Nice and deep on stoked!

    RDL on Box:
    3 Sets of 185lb x 12

    --Superset With--

    Snatch Grip Deadlift:
    4 Sets of 185lb x 6

    Had a crazy idea to superset these two and man was it brutal. I did RDL's, rested 45 seconds, then did SGDL, rested 45 seconds and then repeated 3 times. Absolutely killer on the hams, quads, glutes. I think this is one of the harder supersets of all time. Hahaha

    Feet Elevated Leg Press:
    2 Sets of 405lb x 12

    --Superset With--

    Walking Lunges:
    2 Sets of 25lb DB's x 30 Steps

    After the last superset I thought my legs were fried, but after these bad boys, I knew the legs were shot! Lactic acid out the whazoo here with high rep leg press and 30 lunges.

    Finisher Complex:
    110lb DB Farmer Walks x 50 Steps PR + 10lb
    20 Split Box Jumps Per Leg
    45lb Decline Situp x 20
    10 Burpee to Bench Jump
    Repeat x 3

    Cooldown: 10 Minute Walk on Treadmill - 15.0 Incline 3.5 Speed

    Pretty happy about the 5lb weight increase on front squats. They had been stalled for a while so I will take the 5lb increase over notihng. The 135lb x 10 were done about ATG as I could go which tore up the vastus medialis! Had some crazy supersets thrown in there, but they were very effective in hitting all sweeps of the leg. Hopefully my new bottle of ZAP comes in soon as I am running out and becoming more and more addicted to the focused intensity that I get from it preWO. Great product, great energy, no crash, couldn't ask for anything more.

  5. Tuesday, July 7


    Sport Specific Conditioning:
    • Burpee to 6 x 30M Shuttle Sprint
    • 18 Second Sprint / 40 Second Recovery
    • 25 Mountain Climbers to 4 x 60M Shuttle Sprint
    • 30 Second Sprint / 30 Second Recovery
      Repeat x 10

    Cooldown: 10 Minutes Bike/Jumprope (Double unders were flowin'!)

    Was up since 5am with clients, two 3 hour classes (nutritional biochemistry is interesting though), and then another client. Needless to say i was a bit tired, but then i got the news that I had been selected to become a CORE rep and my energy levels shot through the roof. So fired up that this session was intense. Popped my 4 caps of ZAP preWO and was fired up. I really start to notice the ZAP about midway through my warmup as the blood gets flowing. In between sprints i would just walk around the gym with this intense focused expression ready to dominate the next sprint...people thought i was on crack Final review to come in a few days!

  6. Congratulations on becoming a rep, bro!

  7. Wednesday, July 9

    Upper Body - Push Hypertrophy

    DB Bench Press:
    45lb DB's x 12
    55lb DB's x 10

    65lb x 15, 12, 10, 10
    - 60 Seconds Rest -

    Higher rep ranges are brutal with the lactic acid accumulation by the last few reps. Pleased with 65lb x 15 in the first but didn't expect to hit such high numbers on the last few sets.

    Incline DB PRess:
    50lb x 12, 12, 10
    - 45 Seconds Rest -

    Chest was nice and fatigued already from the 4 high rep range flat press so I stuck to a lighter weight and really squeezed the chest on every rep here. Felt good and I was sweating pretty nicely by the end of these with the short rest.

    BW x 15, 12, 12, 12

    -Superset With-

    Incline DB Flies:
    25lb x 12, 12, 12, 10

    Dips felt strong. Nice and deep on all of them. First time doing incline DB flies and the weight was stupid light but I wanted to focus again on form/contraction over power today.

    Standing Military Press:
    4 Sets of 95lb x 8

    --Superset With--

    DB CGBP:
    3 Sets of 45lb x 8

    Pretty much took what was left out of the shoulders with these. Crazy burn on the last few sets but managed to push them up. Wanted to get a higher rep range here but this was a nice in between range. DB CGBP was just sheer brutality. After dips and the pressing volume previously I had little left but it was nice to squeeze these out.

    Side Laterals:
    3 Sets of 20lb x 10

    Easy, but nice burn.

    Finisher Complex:[*]100 Rope Turns[*]10 Clap Pushups[*]100 Rope Turns[*]1 Minute Weighted Isometric Plank[*]+25lb on Swiss Ball x 1 Minute[*]Repeat x 3

    Cooldown: 5 Minutes Jump Rope

    Another solid hypertrophy upper/push day here. Nothing spectacular, just got in there and did what needed to be done. The higher rep ranges really hit you with the lactic burn, but somehow I find that masochistically inviting. Final review of ZAP will be up by this weekend. I am officially out and will be cycling off stims til my next bottle arrives. Can't wait!

  8. Friday, July 11

    Upper Body Pull Hypertrophy

    Hang Clean:
    115lb x 12
    135lb x 8
    155lb x 3

    5 Sets of 160lb x 5
    -45 Seconds Rest-
    PR + 5lb


    135lb x 10

    Excited about this PR. Everything felt smooth and surprisingly easy. Had crazy thermogenic heat all over the body at the end of the warmup which got me off on a good start to the workout!

    T-Bar Row:
    3 Plates x 12, 10, 10, 8
    PR + Reps!
    2 Plates x 10
    -45 Seconds Rest-

    Another sick PR. I was going for 10 on each set, but felt great in the first set and repped out 12. Got a nice squeeze in the back and really focused on controlling the weight. Short rest times caught up with me by the end, haha.

    Banded Pull Ups:
    4 Sets of Green Band x 6
    -4 Second Negative/Rep-

    These were killer. Someone was using the pulldown machine so I did these earlier in the workout than usual. Green band kept me from swinging and kept my line of pull in tact. The slow negative hurt after a while!

    Wide Grip Pulldown:
    120lb x 12, 12, 12
    100lb x 10

    These were nice and smooth. Nothing special with the weight but I really wanted to hit the lats hard here and finish them off.

    DB Shrugs:
    90lb DB's x 12, 12, 10
    PR + 5lb

    --Superset With--

    Hammer Curls:
    35lb DB's x 10, 8, 8

    Surprised how much the traps had left in them after the heavy hang cleans. I think the forearms gave out before the traps but I still felt a good strong pull on all the reps. Hammer curls gave me a stupid pump which almost hurt at times!

    Finisher Complex:
    100 Rope Turns Sprint Style
    55lb DB Snatch x 8/Arm
    100 Rope Turns
    30 Second Isometric Chin Hold
    Repeat x 4

    Cooldown: 5 Minutes Random Jump Rope

    Another great day at the gym. I knew it would be a good day as it was my last with ZAP and ZAP came through in the clutch. I had a good thermogenic feel/sweat going right through the warmup which was a brilliant start to my workout. Once I get a sweat going, there is no stopping me. The high reps and short rest was quite taxing and gave me a nice back/bi pump! Had all the energy in the world to keep going as you can see my finisher complex was a bit much but fun! Overall gained abotu 2lb of lean mass while on ZAP and am a true believer. Final review up tonight!

    Epic fail on body update, memory card full halfway through so I had to delete some vids and start halfway through....but you get the idea.



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