Extreme fun: Activate Xtreme and Lean Xtreme

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  1. im thinkin about pickin up another bottle of AP to take with activate...i think that would be a sick stack to stay lean and put on some quality mass

  2. whats your diet like? how many carbs fats protien and are they clean?

  3. very roughly a 33/33/33/split averaging about 2400 calories a day, 90 percent clean. Too many carbs and too many calories to drop weight. But i'm just in an eating mood right now and can't stay away from the carbs.

  4. DAY 24 06/18/08

    SSOHP 145 x 4
    Deads 375 x 5

    Couldnt quite make 5 reps on the OHP. I tried but couldn't get it up to lockout.
    Deadlift was decent and definetly got alot of looks in the gym. My legs are pretty smoked right now. But i'm feeling good. I can almost feel my body adapting.
    Aggression is still high and im just walking around relatively pissed 24/7. Also not an issue getting the anger directed towards the weights.

  5. solid work man...what kind of assistance exercises are you doing? im finding it hard to limit the volume on my bis and tris

  6. DAY 25 06/19/08


    knees are very sore, not damaged but sore.
    quads legs are also pretty fatigued and starting friday I will deload my legs for a week before giving some heavy RM a go.

  7. DAY 26 06/20/08

    Bench up to 205 x 4
    Hand power clean up to 115 x 3
    front squat 135 x 3 x 3

  8. Quote Originally Posted by jman3967 View Post
    solid work man...what kind of assistance exercises are you doing? im finding it hard to limit the volume on my bis and tris
    Slim to none. a little abwork is about it.

  9. DAY 27 6/21/08


    DAY 28 6/22/08


    DAY 29 06/23/08

    bench up to 205 x 3
    powerclean 115 x 3 x 3
    front squat 155 x 3 x 3

    another deload day

    DAY 29 06/24/08


    kind of downtime while I let my body heal a bit wednesday will be a light day and then friday its time to go all out.

  10. looking forward to the final review

  11. Me too!!

  12. I think I'm gonna bump up my dose of AX to 6 a day instead of 4.
    So far so good, I'm sure 6 will be even better.

  13. DAY 30 6/25/08

    deads up to 335 x 3
    sohp up to 140 x 3

    Also did a quick 5 minute total body circuit session after my workout.

    I spent the afternoon at the beach and got in about a mile run on the sand. Excellent training for ankle strength and stability.

    Took my last pill of Lean Xtreme in the evening.

  14. DAY 31 06/26/08

    Light plyometric work.

    A few sets of bounds, skips and jumps.

    Diet has also been on lockdown the past 2 days.

  15. DAY 32 6/27/08

    Bench up to 185 x 3 (deload)
    Powerclean up to 115 x 3 (trying to generate maximal power)
    Front squat up to 225 x 3 245 x 1 265 x 1 275 x 1

    My leg power is starting to finally come in again. the powercleans were cake and the 265 front squat was executed flawlessly and was cake.

    Next week or so I will be pushing myself hard it seeing what happens.

  16. DAY 33 06/28/08

    Light intensity lower body plyometrics + alot of manual labor, including turning about 2000 pounds of compost, fun stuff.

    DAY 34 06/29/08

    pushups about 30 regular 30 single clap 30 double clap.

  17. DAY 35 06/30/08

    spent all day swimming and ended up getting my workout in pretty late.

    Bench press up to 205 x 2 215 x 1 225 x 1
    Powerclean up to 125 x 3 125 x 3
    Front squat up to 195 x 3
    ab rollouts bw x 12 x 3

    I'll take it consider i hadn't eaten much during the day and was pretty tired at the start of my workout.

    DAY 36 7/01/08

    Spent ALL day at the beach and am exhaust from swimming running around all day.

    Since saturday I may have been in front of a computer for less than an hour total so which has lead to the infrequent updates. Been enjoying the summer as much as possible, but I may have got a bit too much sun today.

  18. DAY 37 7/02/08

    First I spent two hours in the afternoon playing softball and then hit the gym in the evening.

    SOHP up to 145 x 1 150 x 1 (150 x 1 with belt)
    Dead 135 x 3 225 x 3
    Thick bar pullups BW x 11
    Wide mounted dips BW X 11

    My posterior chain at this point is borderline smoked and I didnt want to get to the point of it being destroyed so I didn't dead heavy today. I've learned my lesson from the past doing heavy posterior chain movements in the condition.
    My core was also have problems with stability in the overhead press heance the use of a belt.

    Tommorow will be a full recovery day hopefully and I will go by feel as to how hard I will push on friday, Which will be my last heavy workout on the stack.

  19. One more thing as an aside that I forgot to mention yesterday. Do you ankle stability prehab folks. especially the athletes here. I rolled my ankle pretty good yesterday and ended up with very minimal damage. I'm not currently doing them, but heavy high rep standing barbell calf presses work wonders for the ankles and are almost always a staple in my workout routines.


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