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  1. Now that it seems everything has "kicked in" I'm gonna up my carbs on my lifting days, and keep to my low carb routine on my off days, just getting harder to cut weight at my age, haha. Sometimes I get the urge to run, but i just usually lay on the couch 'til the urge passes. On a serious note, should also mention that I'm also running PSARM as well, but I certainly know what results I'm getting from it and the Activate/Lean Extreme, it's the best stack I've ever run, bar none. No problem with recommending it to anyone wanting to make some serious gains, definitely some solid products from both companies. I think the carb thingy is holding me back, so we'll see how it all goes. I know things are going well when the strap for my MP3 player is getting tight on my bicep and it's as loose as I can make it, and that's before I work out. Good stuff!!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by subweevil View Post
    Only thing that I notice that could be a con is that I've had the most odoriferous gas since starting this stack. I'm not complaining, but the girlfriend is. I swear it could drop a mule at fifty paces!!
    Out of stock at the moment, but this is some good stuff: Gut Health (35 caps) By: RPN

  3. DAY 17 06/11/08

    strict overhead press up to 140 x 5
    deadlift up to 355 x 5
    some ab roller work and some foam roller work

    I've also been pound the carbs pre and post-workout
    30g malto/dextrose pre and 60g malto/dextrose after.

    Good workout, the weights were heavy but form was good. Definetly have at least a few more pounds in me on all lifts.

    Body is looking thick as hell muscles are full vascularity is up and aggression is up, i'm so anxious to see what kind of weights I can put up in the next few weeks

  4. Excellent shaddow, I'll have to give it a go, thanks!!

  5. DAY 18 06/12/08

    Tabata sprint intervals
    4 minutes Jog
    20 sec max sprint 10 sec walk for 4 minutes (8 times)
    4 minute Jog

    pace was average and i also felt a little bit of strain in my left knee while running. I have to be very careful now that im moving towards maximal weights.
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  6. Do work batman! I liked AX and for me it kicked in around day 12. Nice looking log
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  7. Woke up this morning and my knee is somewhat tender, it shoulnd't affect my workout but it is irritating. I'm also carrying quite a bit of fatigue in my shoulders and back.

    My aggression and agitation levels seem to be constantly slightly elevated, i've been getting pissy quite often and letting people know about it over a variety of things.

    Can't wait to spend another friday night under the weights.

  8. Upping my carbs for 2 days most definitely helped, that and the stack isn't too shabby either, lol. Broke a PR today on shoulders and traps. Woohoo!! I can see a difference when I look in the mirror,and yup, I'm still ugly, but at least I'm more vascular and more defined now. Measured some parts and size is going up, so it's not my imagination. Recovery time is dropping as well. Hope your knees alright hoss.

  9. DAY 19 6/13/08

    bench up to 200 x 4
    front squat up to 225 x 3
    hang power clean up to 135 x 4

    shoulder stability held me back on front squat again, leg power was plentiful but couldn't keep the damn weight in position. It's funny because last time I was at maximal numbers it was the exact opposite.

    fatigue is still growing but I still have another week or two before I will have to deload. If I can make the wieghts im shooting for in my next 3 workouts I will be happy.

    Vascularity and muscle fullness are up. I don't get much of a pump on this type of routine but my muscles were full as hell.

    aggression and positive mindset are also up. feeling pretty confident and a little cocky.

    I'm off to the bars right now. Im not a big drinker but my buddy just came back from his third tour of the middle east(two in afghanistan one of Iraq) so its time to go out. I'll keep it to 2-3 drinks. Hopefully I can get my buddy laid and maybe even get some for myself. lets see if ActX can do anything for my game!

    On that note I want to give a big shout out to the soldiers. We wouldn't have the lifes we do if it wasn't for them. I may not approve of this war and neither does my buddy, but I have never heard him complain once for spending half of this millenium in the middle east or ask for anything in return.

  10. Great log so far, definitely been watching.
    I'm on my 3rd day of AX so far and I hope my results turn out as good as some of the other people who have taken it.

  11. day 20 6/14/08

  12. DAY 21 6/15/08

    off, first time I took two consecutive off days want to make sure i'm as fresh as possible for next week.

    Weight 162
    arm 15 1/8
    forearm 12 6/8
    thigh 24 3/8
    calf 14 7/8
    waist 32 7/8
    chest 43 7/8
    shoulders 47
    body fat estimate around 14%

    Everything increased slightly but in the mirror it looks to me like i'm slightly leaner.

    I was loking at my numbers today that I was at in november 2007 and I am still of from the shape I was in then. I was about 5-10 percent stronger than I am now 1-2 percent leaner and had better cardio. I'm hoping to match that shape by the end of this log, it's gonna be close.

  13. DAY 22 6/16/08

    bench up to 200 x 5
    front squat up to 225 x 4
    hang powerclean up to 135 x 5

    strength was good even though I was feeling pretty fatigued
    The bench and front squat tie PR's......but last time I made those lifts I was a bit lighter. I think I still have some in me though and i'm going to break those ****ing numbers in the next week.

    Felt very good on the bench and def. have another 5-10 pounds in me.
    On the front squat I made a 3 second pause on the bottom of the last rep for the hell of it because I was feeling cocky. Form was not exactly perfect and the lift was hard as hell but I made it full ROM.

    hang power clean is still quite a bit off but its partially due to performing them at the end of my routine and due to also deadlifting heavy. I feel pretty smoked by the time I get to them and the punishment on my glutes erectors and traps is starting to add up.

    Aggression and cockiness is steadily going up as well. I'm feeling pretty damn good right about now.

    If anyone thinks there is a natty product that is better than Activate extreme I would be interested because ActX is a damn good product and it truely works. 100 percent worth the money. I'll probably be ordering a few more bottles and running it with X factor in September on a 20rep squat routine bulk. It should be a very very interesting experiment.

  14. Do you notice yourself being more and more hungry?
    It seems like I'm always hungry and when I do eat I get full then 10 minutes later I want to eat again.

    Also, I've been having great sleep. Waking up refreshed and very deep sleep. Is it the same for you?

  15. whats the dosage for activate xtreme

  16. I take 2 when I wake up and 2 before bed so about 10-12 hours apart.

  17. dosage on the LX? bottle rec'd times and amounts?

    I am doing an AX LX stack starting july 1st......... i hope to lose some fat as well gain some strength.

  18. For AX I've heard of people doing 1 when you wake up, 2 pre-workout, 1 when you go to bed. then I've also heard of 2-2-2 if you wanna go up in dosage.

  19. Have to say appetite has gone up for me as well, most definitely agree with you on it being an awesome stack. Appetite didn't really go up until a little ways into week 2, then my stomach became a bottomless pit. I pretty much dose it 12 hrs. apart, give or take a few, along with the Lean Extreme. I'm sure I could bump the doses up, something like 2x2x2 for the Activate Extreme and 1x1x1 for the Lean Extreme, but I'm really happy with the results so far. Haven't noticed any sides at all, really didn't expect any either, woulda been cool to lose some hair ( from my back haha) but no such luck. Real easy to tell a difference in the mirror, and the gym as well. Since I upped my carbs the 3rd week it's moving along much better now. I agree 110 percent with Batman on this stack. If you push yourself with this, results come much faster and easier. Awesome log so far Batman, go get'em!!

  20. I've been very hungry, but then again I am always very hungry. When I want to I can literally eat all day without stopping.

  21. FWIW i am going to stack like this

    AM- 2 AX, 1 LX
    mid day- 1 LX
    PM- 2 AX, 1 LX

    30 days.

    I think i will try the trisorbagen as well....... 1 cap each dose.

  22. DAY 23 06/17/08

    off day today

    For the record this is how I have been dosing
    2 AX 1LX upon waking
    2 AX 1 LX early evening/preworkout on workout days.
    1 LX before bed.

    I have been eatiung quite a bit lately and i'm pretty sure the stack is keeping my belly from expanding as rapidly as it normally would.

    I noticed today pimples on my back have skyrocketed and my skin is feeling relatively oily. Aggression is still up as well.
    Don't feel to fatigued today, woke up a bit sore in the morning but im not too bad right now.

    Tommorow I am going to go for a deadlift PR (375 x 5) and try to tie my SSOHP record of 145 x 5. If I can make them both I will be stoked......actually forget that. when I MAKE them both I will be stoked.

  23. ive been doing the madcow 5x5 and liked the results so far. i got my AX today after ****ing waiting ten days for it to ship. has it helped you lean out at all? and great work on the log so far keep it up

  24. Im not leaning out, but thats due to improper caloric intake.
    I do think it has helped me not put on as much fat as I would if I wasn't taking it.


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