Haiz's Final Review of AEN Intrabolic (After 4 tubs of use)

  1. Haiz's Final Review of AEN Intrabolic (After 4 tubs of use)

    Intrabolic Final Review

    After going through 4 tubs of Intrabolic over about 4 months, I feel like I should really give my thoughts on this stuff.

    Ingredients - 9/10

    Whey Hydrolysate: I've used this stuff before, but from my use of intrabolic, this has been the highest quality one used. I say that, because of me having ZERO problems with digestion/stomach irritation during my workouts, which I used to get when I would make my own custom intra-workout drinks with WPH or WPI. I really like the inclusion of this (the benefits of WPH over WPI might not be huge, as I'm still reading into it, but for the digestion factor alone, I like it).

    Beta-Alanine: Perfect amount (3.2 grams) and I really don't have to expound of the effectiveness of it. Great stuff.

    Leucine/Other FFAA's: Love it. I've always noticed good things from leucine and have been adding it to my PWO shakes for a while now. I like 5grams as well, which is what I generally use PWO as well. This, in combination with WPH and the other Free Form Aminos was great for recovery.

    Electrolytes/Minerals: Nice blend of things and I noticed the difference most in hydration-related aspects, as well has recovery again.

    I give the ingredients a 9/10, as I might like to see a couple other things in there (creatine would make a good addition, but I assume AEN will come out with a creatine product at some point). I would also like to see citrulline malate in there, but it would raise the price. I like the withholding of carbs, which allows the user much more flexibility in terms of what they want to do.

    Pumps - 8/10

    I've always gotten great pumps anyways, as I feel training has more to do with pumps than any product, but I will say that Intrabolic definitely added to the quickness in achieving pumps and the seemed to prolonged the pumped feeling after the workout was over.

    Endurance - 9/10

    This is really where Intrabolic shines IMO. I am a Beta-Alanine lover and thats definitely a large part of the endurance factor. However, the electrolytes also played a large role in hydration and in turn, endurance. Free-Form aminos also helped with recovery. With the addition of carbs (bulking for me), the endurance is a 10/10...NO QUESTION. I would add Size-on or just some Waxy Maize to the Intrabolic for long workouts (over 1:15).

    Strength - 9/10

    I've used beta-alanine before, with great results in endurance (and strength to a lesser degree...although clearly the two are correlated). However, with intrabolic, my strength rose at a quick and steady pace. One reason I feel Intrabolic was effective in the strength department was because of the recovery aspect of it. I upped the volume AND frequency of my workouts while using Intrabolic, because I was able to recovery MUCH quicker while using it. I attribute this mostly to the inclusion of WPH and the other Free-Form Aminos. Great stuff.

    Value - 10/10

    While some people may argue the value rating, I have NO question this stuff is worth it. First off, you are buying quality. I trust AEN and their products all deliver on their claims. Secondly, you get a FULL dose of BA in each serving of intrabolic. You can get it for pretty cheap (at the most 1.50 per serving) and that is well worth it, as you are getting free-form aminos, extra leucine, WPH, AND Betal-Alaine. Can't beat it IMO. Add carbs + creatine for the ultimate intra-workout drink.


    All of my tubs were the original version and I enjoyed the taste. Not too sweet...which is a HUGE plus in my book. It was refreshing and I mixed it with around 64 ounces of water. Not sure why people complained, but I look forward to trying the new flavor at some point.


    I can't say enough good things about this stuff. Endurance and Recovery wise, this is one of the best products I have used. I plan to continue using it, cutting or bulking (add carbs for bulking). Again, props to AEN for a very solid product.
    NSCA-CSCS and CPT - Doctor of Physical Therapy

  2. Nice man i love my intrabolic as well! It is now a staple for me
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  3. I believe Intrabolic has really been a huge part of my gains, so here are some pics:

    NSCA-CSCS and CPT - Doctor of Physical Therapy

  4. Awesome Haiz! Def making great gains, you look awesome!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by UNCfan1 View Post
    Awesome Haiz! Def making great gains, you look awesome!
    Thanks man!
    NSCA-CSCS and CPT - Doctor of Physical Therapy



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