trenadrol/epi cycle

  1. trenadrol/epi cycle

    i am about to start a trenadrol/epidrol cycle soon. i have milk thistle, taurine, incarnate and other support stuff. i have novedex and inhibit e for pct.
    any advice on how i should run this or what else i might need on cycle or pct?
    what type of gains and sides and ability to keep gains did anybody else get

  2. idk bro but i been hearin from these guys that u need to serm for epi, im doin a six week pulse without it but idk bout a straitght cycle...

  3. Just my .02 but I I think you would obviously get better results with a straight cycle. No pulsing. You do need a serm. Nolvadex. Clomid. Whatever. If you can't get a serm the I would just do a 3 to 4 week cycle of just the epi and get you some post cycle support. Snd whatever test booster and cortisol blocker you want for pct. Along with support supps and you will get great results. Especially if you've never taken epi.

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