HyperTrop-X log (sponsored)

  1. HyperTrop-X log (sponsored)

    I just recieved 2 bottles of HyperTrop-X and am going to log them in my upcoming workouts. I am used to using Xtend and RPM/Scorch if necessary, so well see if HyperTrop-X lives up to this.

    About Me:
    College Student. Taking classes over the summer. On Doggrapp Training. Taking a bunch of other supplements, which ill go into tomorrow.
    Weight:approx 188-190. ill weigh myself tomorrow w/o shoes. Probably 18%BF. plan to do a cutter at the end of the summer.

    First Observations:
    Pills are HUGE. I guess its necessary for a leucine supplement. Also AMS knows how to treat its testers. besides sending 2 bottles, which is more than necessary to test, It sent a cloth, as well as a bottle of hyperpump and a trial nocturabol. Impressed by the extra stuff.

    I start tomorrow.

    EDIT: Ill include all my posts about workouts/cardio in post #2


    Overall, I think HyperTrop-X is a decent product. It is not the best workout supplement out there and not the worst.
    However, for the Pill format, Id have to say its the best All-in-one preWO/periWO supplement ive seen. Also, it is priced very reasonably for the pill form. most likely you can find it for $23 or less. That means you can get about 2 bottles of HyperTrop-X for the price of one tub of Xtend. The formula of Leucine, Beta-Alanine, and yohimbine covers all the bases needed for preworkout energy, pump, and anti-catabolism. While the stim isn't too overpowering, and the pump isn't too much, id say its enough for me. if you are a stim junkie or after a huge pump, id say take a half dose of your favorite stim/pump product with Hyper-Trop X. Previous to HyperTrop-X, I was taking 10g 2CM/Taurine, 2 servings Xtend, 4g HMB, 4g BA pre/peri-WO. This is more than 3x the amount of leucine contained in 1 serving of Hyper-Trop X, and about 2x the amount of Beta-Alanine taken. That brings me to my one concern about HyperTrop-X, the amount of leucine. Even w/ a double dose, it doesn't seem to be enough in my eyes. so... here are the scores

    Price: 8.5/10
    Pump:9/10 (I don't like alot of pump so this was perfect for me)
    Energy:7.5/10 (4mg Y is a very basic stim. I think for those who want or need a real boost should probably stack with a half serving of a fat burner.)
    Anti-Catabolism/Soreness:7/10 I felt a little more sore in my legs when i took HyperTrop-X rather than Xtend. I think it probably was not enough Leucine (even with 6 or 8 caps). This problem can be easily rectified by taking either some BCAA powder or BCAA tabs/caps if you want to stick w/ caps. I applaud the use of Leucine exclusively as it is the only anti-catabolic bcaa.
    Other Factors:10/10 Pill Form, All-in-One Formula, Convenience

    OVERALL SCORE: 9/10 I feel the fact that this is a pill limits the amount of leucine put in. The conscientious bodybuilder will include a little extra leucine with each workout. However, HyperTrop-X is better than all other pill format preWO products in terms of anti-catabolism (unless were talking about BCAA-EE pills which aren't advertised as preWO usually). Also a Double dose should be taken by those over 160 or 170 lbs. However, i still feel this is a rather cost effective product, even at a double dose, because of the convenience factor. even at a double dose (15 servings per bottle) the price is competitive ($23).

    29 (19th) - Cardio

    4 caps preWO

    1 mi - 20mph sprint
    1/3mi - 23mph sprint
    3mi - 17mph
    1/3mi - 23mph sprint

    2 miles of warmups in between.
    Felt pretty good. I think my legs should be okay for tomorrow.

    28 (18th) - OFF

    27 (17th) - Chest etc
    Inc. DB. Ch. Pr. - 65s - 6>4>3rp
    Behind Hd. BB Sh. Pr. - 90 - 8>4>4rp
    Tri. Rope PushDown - 9p 10>10>10rp
    Rack Chins - bw+70 10>8>5
    Pend. Rows - 155 12

    I switched to Tri. Rope PushDowns. Ill probably go up 1 full plate next time as clearly the weight was not heavy enough. I don't think the pullovers i was doing were good. I haven't been seeing as good gains on my tris. Also the outer head of my left tri is really poor looking in comparison to my right. no definition. Ill

    26 (16th)- Cardio - Biking
    I didn't really want to go biking, but i had to get out of my room and do something. I was planning on basketball, but i couldn't find anyone who also wanted to play.

    2/[email protected] 23mph
    1/[email protected] 20mph
    1/[email protected] 25mph (hit 28.4mph. pretty happy about that)
    1/[email protected] 20mph

    I probably did about 2 or 3 miles of biking in between sprints that averaged 11mph

    Day 25 - Legs/Bis

    Cybex Biceps Machine - 9p 7>3>1
    Hammer Curls - 30 lbs 12
    Seated Hamstring Machine - 240lbs 10>7>5 (Ill only go up half a plate next time)
    Squats - 235 5, 5, 5, 2 (rested about 1 minute between sets. About 30 breaths)
    Calves on Leg Press - 400 12

    Felt pretty good. I had the gym to myself today. only 2 other people walked in during the middle of my workout. 235 is a PR. I have VERY good form for the first 2 sets. I went very low on some reps. in the 3rd set I leaned forward a little too much toward the end. The last set, the 2nd rep was quite convoluted. Ive done 225 before with unsteady 40lb dumbells roped to the barbell which i think i can count as 235 (I was at home and that was all the weight i had). I think this sort of lifting is probably good for going opposite biking. I may try to Max at some point on squats, which ive never done. Ill try this more on squats and maybe Lying squats. (Not on Leg Press Though)

    24 (14th) - Cardio-Biking

    [email protected]
    1/[email protected]
    2/[email protected]
    [email protected]
    4/[email protected]

    I thought endurance was decent. I kinda spent myself on the first 2mi run i think. I stimmed up before riding though (HyperTrop-X and PEA/Hordenine). I was riding a different bike which was heavier, so it was harder to accelerate. My legs are hurting because I keep on hammering them almost every day. Also yesterday i did 245lb DLs x 12 which is a PR which probably negatively affected my quads to some extent.
    And for tommorrow, squats will probably be affected by the biking I did today. I don't think ill be able to do widowmakers. I think ill try to do very heavy squats as I have been doing light crap recently in a failed attempt to get 20 reps. mayble 3x5 or 3x8. I think ill try for 3x8 probably or 8>5>2 or 10>6>3 or something like that.

    23 (13th) - Chest and such

    (8 caps of HyperTrop-X total)

    Decline Bench - 175
    DB Seated Sh. Press - 48s
    Reverse Grip BP - 95x10, 105 (I switched hand position. 95 was supposed to be a warmup, but it was more of a working set so i included it)
    DB Shoulder Side Raise - 25s 10
    Long Pulley Row - 12.5p
    Deadlift - 245 12

    (All rep ranges were in DC specified ranges so i didn't include any)

    Felt good in the gym today. the 245 Deadlift was just as easy if not easier than 225 was just a month ago. I kinda got owned as a guy right next to me was doing 320lb DLs. 8 caps might be the best for me when i lift, though i think 4 is appropriate for cardio. Id think people need to work up to 8 caps though, as those who have not had yohimbine or Beta-Alanine before will feel faint after exerting alot of force b/c of the yohimbine and VERY tingly from BA until they work upto it. I used to take 4g BA at a time in powder form pre-WO, so I got used to it, though at first the BA tingles were almost unbearable.

    Day 22 - Cardio - Biking

    (4 caps HyperTrop-X)
    Warm-Up - 2/3mi
    Sprint - 2/3 mi - 20mph
    Warm-Up - 2/3 mi
    Sprint - 1/3 mi - 25mph
    Moderate - 2 mi - 15-16mph
    Sprint - 2/3 mi - 23mph

    Endurance wasn't as good as last time, probably because I lifted legs yesterday.

    Day 21 -

    EZ-Curl Bar - Bar+50lbs 8>4>3
    Pinwheel Curls - 30s 12
    Leg Curls - 12.5p 10>8>5
    Leg Press - 340lbs 8, 20
    1 Leg Calves - 200 lbs 12 each

    Felt pretty good overall. I think i could go up alot on my Leg Press (Probably 40 lbs or so). I forgot to take my usual dose of HyperTrop-X before working out. If i remember correctly i did take a dose of PEA+Hordenine about an hour before, which may or may not have affected my energy.

    Day 20 OFF

    Day 19(June 9)- Cardio - Noticed more acne around my chest than usual this morning, though ive seen less acne on my face (This is probably because of me using AcneFree on my face a bit at night).

    2miles - avg 17mph
    1/[email protected] -> 1/2 [email protected]
    1/[email protected] -> 1/3 [email protected]
    1/[email protected] -> 2/3 [email protected]

    My endurance seems very good. Ive recently started STOKED! however HyperTrop-X hasn't failed me yet in giving me energy even when i didn't get enough sleep the night before and such.

    Day 18
    Chest Press Machine - 12.5p 8>3>1
    Machine Pull Down - 12.5p 7>5>4
    BB Standing Military Press - 110 7>3>3
    Dips (FAIL, Switching exercise) - BW+20 5>5>Fail
    T-Bar Row - 125 13
    Back Strech(I do this stretch by flaring my lats as I walk back to my dorm. I find that this works pretty well)

    Day 17 OFF

    Day 16 (June 6)-
    (4 HyperTrop-X before Lifting)
    Inc bench DB Hammer Curl - 35s - 7>3>2
    One Arm Reverse Cable Curls - 5p - 12
    SLDLs - 210 - 12

    1 Mile- Light - Avg of 12 mph
    3 Miles - Medium - Avg of 16 mph
    1 Mile - Light-Med - Avg of 14 mph
    1/3 Mile - Sprint - Avg of 25 mph
    (2 HyperTrop-X)
    1 Mile - Light - Avg of 12 mph
    1/3 Mile - Sprint - Avg of 22 mph (heavy wind blowing)

    Day 15 - Cardio
    (4 HyperTrop-X 15 minutes before)
    Probably between 3 and 5 Miles of biking

    Day 14 - Chest/Sh/Tris/Back
    (4 Hypertrop-X 15 minutes before w/o, 2 in the middle)
    Inc. (Only one notch of incline) Chest - 65s
    Behind head BB shoulder press - 85
    Bent arm Pullovers/Skullcrushers -
    Rack Chins - BW+50

    Day 13 - OFF

    Day 12 - Bis/Legs
    (4 Hypertrop-X 15 minutes before w/o)
    Bis - Cybex Machine - 9p 5>1 > 8p 2>2
    Hammer Curls - 30s 12
    --Bis Strech
    Hamstring Seated machine - 225lbs 10>8>5
    Squats - 205 6, 8, 6
    No Calves

    Notes: My bis felt REALLY pumped today. about as much as from RPM. bending my arms up was hard, because they were so pumped. My endurance for legs is getting really bad. Don't know why.

    Day 10 - Off

    Day 11 - Chest/Sh/Tri/Back

    (4 Hypertrop-X 15 minutes before w/o)
    Chest - Dec Ch. Pr - 170 - 6>4>4rp
    Shoulders - DB Sh. Pr. Seated - 45s - 9>4>3rp
    Tris - Rev. Gp. Ch. Pr. - 100 - 10>8>8rp (up 10 lbs next w/o)
    Back W. - Long Pulley Rows - 12p - 8>5>4rp
    (1 more Hypertrox-X)
    Back Th. - Deadlifts - 230 - 12

    When I move heavy weight, sometimes afterward i see stars for a minute or so. i don't remember this happening before Hypertrop-X. hmm... Overall I felt I had a pretty good workout today.

    Day 9 +10 - OFF - I had a big paper to do, so i missed a couple days at the gym. ive missd a few leg days now. Also i have only 5 days left with Mass FX; i will be switching to Stoked! after i finish mfx.

    Preliminary Review -
    From taking it for a few days, considering the type of supplement it its, I think i can make a decent review now, though i will continue the log. The supplement is a decent all around product for Workout energy.
    It looks like it was designed for use with hyperpump, though i don't know exact dosages, it seems like the Leucine and B.A. are dosed at around 2g each. Both id say are a little underdosed. Most products have usually 3-4g of BA, and 4-5g of Leucine. However this is an all in one product, Replacing for me Xtend, RPM/Scorch, and proCarnosine(about 3.5g BA with a small amount of Histidine). Possibly doubling the dosage would provide proper amounts of leucine and Beta Alanine. But, the user would have to work up to taking 8mg of Yohimbine at a time. Probably if you also have Hyperpump, a sufficient amount of Beta-Alanine is taken in. However, Im still a little concerned on the amount of Leucine.
    Considering the Price, and the products it replaces, I think it is a fine product. I don't have a high tolerance for yohimbine, so it replace a stim right off the bat. Taking one serving of xtend with the product would probably provide enough Leucine imo, and I think taking 2 pills in the middle of the workout or 2 servings of Hypertrop-X in one day would provide enough Beta Alanine. I haven't noticed any increased DOMS, except in my legs, but that may be because i have been biking more frequently.

    Day 8 - OFF

    Day 7- Chest, Shoulders, Tris, Back w., Back t.

    Dips were Very Unsatisfactory. For the first set I only got 5 reps, and for the last two sets, I had to use the stabilizer bar (which actually takes off some weight) However, I did go up 5 lbs, so the rep range is to be expected, but i felt really weak.
    On the T-Bar Rows, I didn't have anyone pressing down the end, so for a few of the reps i was lifting the whole bar, as well as the weight on the end.

    Cybex Modular Chest Press Machine - 12.5p - 8>4>3 15rp
    Cybex Modular Machine Pull Down - 12p - 8>7>5 (+2 reps) 20rp
    Standing BB Military Press - 105lbs - 8>5>3 (+2 reps) 14rp
    Dips - BW+20lbs - 5>3>4 12rp
    Shoulder Side Raises - 25s - 12
    --Ch/Sh/Tri Streches
    T-Bar Rows - 120 (lbs on the end) - 12
    --Back Strech

    I was pretty energized. I took a nap before i went to the gym. I also sweat alot. Im thinking this is because of the Yohimbine.

    Day 6 - Gym closed for memorial day

    Day 5 - OFF

    Day 4

    Biking Cardio in the morning. I seemed to have pretty good endurance on sprints (better than last time) until i got sick from eating breakfast too close to riding.

    Afternoon is lifting. (Bis and Legs actually [DC day 2]). My gym was closed for memorial day, so i went to a gym at my friend's apartment. They didn't have Barbells or the machines that i usually use. I didn't do quad work, except for some leg extensions, as that was the only leg thing they had.

    Incline DB Hammer Curls - 35s - 5>4>2 - 11rp
    DB SLDLs - 55s - 3x12
    Leg Curls - Pretty heavy, didn't write down reps and stuff
    Leg Extensions - 10-20 reps over a few sets. very heavy.
    No Calves.

    Workout was fine. I was energized throughout.

    Day 3 - OFF

    Day 2
    Cardio. Biking. I felt like taking out a bike and so i did. I did a few sprints and a bunch of low intensity biking (probably about an hour). endurance may have been improved by the 4 caps of HT-X i took before the workout.

    Day 1

    Today I did Chest/Tri/Shoulders and Back Width/Thickness.

    Workout was decent. Took 4 caps right at the beginning of the workout. 2 more in the middle of the w/o. Nothing too special. I was energized during the workout. Also, I noticed I sweat alot during the workout. I got BA tingles, but only after taking 2 more caps in the middle of the workout. I felt a little lightheaded at one point during the workout, I think that was from the 6mg of Yohimbine, as I haven't taken any products that contained it before.

    Since i used to take xtend, I may not be getting as much BCAAs as im used to.

    I think 6 caps may be the correct dosage.

    As promised, the other supplements im taking:
    Cordyceps powder pre-w/o
    Creatine (either a mix of 2CM and Taurine or Mono)
    Fish Oil - a few caps a day usually
    Mass FX MS - 4 caps spread out through the day. 2 caps 2x a day didn't work as well for me as Activate (original) so i decided to try spacing it out. it seems to be working better.
    1-carboxy before bed

    From the Log Book
    Exercise - Weight(Lbs) - (1st Set)>(2nd Set)>(3rd Set) - Total Reps

    Incline DB Chest Press - w. 63s - 6>4>1 - 11rp
    Behind Head Shoulder BB Press - 80 - 9>3>2 - 14rp
    Pullovers - EZ-Bar + 40 - 9>4>3 - 16rp
    --Stretches for Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
    Rack Chins - BW+45 - 8>6>4 - 18rp
    Pend. Rows - 145 - 12
    --Short Back Strech
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  3. Great start !
    I don't think I could take 6 caps WOW!
    I took 2 caps 30 min prior to wo. Within 15 min I got the BA tingles. I can't imagine what 6 caps would do! However, I do have a low threashold for stim products. Our weights are close so maybe I'll up my dose to 3-4 in a few days. I think the point when you felt lightheaded was probably when everything kicked in. Think you might try to dose 20-30 min ahead of your wo for better timing ? Will you take Hyper-Trop X on off days ?

  4. I wasn't planning to take on off days, as im not doing a cutter yet. But even when I am, I don't think ill take this on off days as I have BA powder which ill take, and ill take a bunch of protein instead of the leucine. Ill be cutting w/ Yellow Gold, Scorch, and possibly AX Rampage, DCP and a topical burner later in the summer.

    Yup the lightheadedness lasted only for a minute after i moved a plate rack with a bunch of plates on it to get one of the plates out.

    Ive always had a pretty high threshold for stims. I think i originally had a high threshold when i was younger, and then about 4 years ago when i started drinking coffee every morning, my threshold got even higher. I also have worked up my tolerance to BA. i sometimes have 4g powder at a time, but that still gives me some tingles. I used to get pretty bad tingles, but now the effect has worn off.

    Next time ill try to take the first dose of 4 caps 20 minutes before my workout. I meant to do it this way, but i wasn't planning to go to the gym so early.

  5. Good luck!

  6. post #2 updated with a preliminary review

  7. Updated up to day 12

  8. Updated to Day 19

    P.S. To AMS, do you want me to continue the log until the end of both bottles? I think i can do a comprehensive evaluation now.

  9. Nice format, by updating the first post I think that works well for anyone trying to learn about a product w/o having to sort through many posts. I agree with you HyperTrop-X is def a very effective pre workout energy solution. Please keep your log going (I'm not affiliated with AMS just another tester)

  10. updated

  11. updated

  12. updated

  13. updated

  14. If noone objects ill be stopping this log at day 30. Ill specify if im using Hypertrop-X in my other log after I stop this one, but my log will be focused more toward Stoked!.

    here is a link to it.
    Stoked! Unsponsored Log

    EDIT: I wrote a final review. If i have any revelations in tomorrows workout ill update w/ day 30 and change my review. but this event seems unlikely

    Also to anyone who finds my review useful or has any questions about the product, feel free to post. Also if anyone has any critiques of my review/log, this has been my first log/review, and i appreciate any feedback.


  15. Nice work.


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