AX log (unsponsored)

  1. AX log (unsponsored)

    Stack of Mass fx and hyperdrol and other goodies


    -Im 18, 6-2 222lbs and about 9.8% body fat. I play college football and play tight end. I wana gain some serious mass and get to about 230 while dropping body fat. I have until august 13 to do this and thats a little less than 3 months once i start my stack. My training and eating has been very healthy up until now aside from a hammy which im going to physical therapy for now. My training program is kinda complicated with therapy now, but it will be more clear once i start. My best lifts as of now are....

    Bench 250-7
    Squat 455-3 (before hurt hammy Feb)
    Dead 500-5 (before hurt hammy Feb)

    My conditioning as of now sucks as i tore my hammy in feb and havent been able to run or do any lower body workouts. My physical therapy is going well though and right now im starting lunges and single leg sqauts.


    My diet is very healthy and ill be eating enough calories to gain weight.
    -No fast food
    -No fried food
    -No soda
    -No sugar (aside from immediatly postworkout)
    -No crap basically.....

    Workout Schedule

    I have a strict workout sced, but i really cant follow it cuz i cant lift legs, but i will get back into it and youll get the hang of it. Ill post all of my workouts though and weight.


    Hyperdrol 30 days at 4 a day
    Mass fx 1 week at 4 a day
    32 days at 6 a day
    1 week at 4 a day

    500 MG of Vitamin C
    Beta Carotene
    1 GRAM acetyl l carnitine

    40-50 GRAM Whey Protein Shake
    1 GRAM Flax Seed Oil

    2 GRAMS Beta Alanine
    4 GRAMS Taurine
    5 GRAMS Glutamine
    1 Gram Acetyl L Carnitine
    5 Grams creatine
    NO2 Two Scoops (primaforce)
    500 mg Vitamin
    200 MG of DMAE
    200 MG of Panax Ginseng

    3 GRAMS Beta Alanine

    2 GRAMS Beta Alanine
    4 GRAMS Taurine
    40-50 GRAMS Whey Protein Shake
    1.5 GRAMS glucosamine
    200 MG Alpha Lipoic Acid
    5 grams of creatine

    Beta Carotene
    Flaxseed Oil

    5 GRAMS Glutamine
    1 Gram Lysine
    Green Tea Extract

    Im gonna do the creatine and NO2 by primaforce for 40 days.


    Weight 230
    BF 9.5%
    Bench 315-4
    Squat 500
    Deadlift 405-10
    Conditioning- exceptional

    Prelim workout 1 (223)

    the stack of mass fx and hyperdrol will start the 19 (4 weeks from my last cycle)


    Concentraion DB curl 25-15 30-15 35-12 40-9
    Seated twist in curl 20-15 25-15 30-15 35-10
    Stand Barb curl 40-15 50-15 60-15 70-10
    Rev Machine Curl 30-15 40-15 50-15 60-15 70-11
    Single arm Machine curl 20-15 30-15 40-10(assist to 15)
    Preacher Barb Curl 20-15 30-15 40-18
    Side machine arm Raise 20-15 30-15 40-15

    Yeah guys i know biceps are not important for football but i cant lift my full routine cuz of the hammy. Did a lot of volume today and got a sick pump.

    Prelim workout 2 (didnt weigh in)

    Today was a workout at a sports rehabilitation and performance place which i try to go to three times a week. The workouts on fridays are always high volume intense cardio. Today we did as follows....

    Tire Flip 30 sec
    Hit tire with axe 30 sec

    Push Up hand walk 30 sec
    Shuttle run 30 sec

    Ball Plank 30 sec
    Ball leg pulls 30 sec

    Ball throw at wall 30 sec
    Ball Toss at wall 30 sec

    Hand walk pyramid 30 sec
    Box jumps 30 sec

    Hanging holds 30 sec
    Curl to punch 35lb 30 sec

    Burpies 30 sec
    Weighted wall sit 30 sec

    We went through this twice with 5 sec rest between each set. My hammy got pretty damn sore and started to fatigue so i stopped and did some functional correction stuff for my hammy

    When i got home i did a little abs

    Single leg raises 20 each -3
    Weighted twist 25 times 10lb 25lb 35lb 45lb 45lb

    Prelim workout 3 one more to go (223.5)

    and yes i did workout and set a PR

    Chest and Delts

    Bench Press 135-10 225-5 240-5 255-7 PR
    Arnie press 40-10 50-10 60-10 65-10
    Standing wide mil press 115-10 115-8 115-8
    Flat Db fly 35-10 40-10 50-10 55-10
    Db front raises 5-10 8-10 10-10 15-10 20-10
    Lateral Raises 5-15 10-15 15-10
    Side holds 20 15 10 5

    Good workout today set a PR on bench. would have been a 10 out of ten but experienced some left shoulder inflammation from bicep tendonitous

    Crunches 50-3

    Prelim Workout 4 last one (223)


    I really have no idea what the names of these exercises are or if they have names, but here ya go.....

    Weighted seated Trunk twists 25-25 35-25 45-30 45-30
    Single leg Lifts 20 each -3
    Weighted Leg Lifts 45-20 45-20 45-20
    Sit ups 50 50 50
    Leg Pulls on Bench 3-20

    Im gonna start my mass fx tommorow and dose it at 4 mass fx and 4 hyperdrol.

    Mass fx
    one morning
    two preworkout
    one post workout


    one morning
    one preworkout
    two before bed

    is that the best way to dose it???

  2. Workout 1 (didnt weigh in)

    Started mass fx and hyperdrol today at 4 each

    Sports performance workout

    Foam Roller
    Hip activation
    Corection excercises-
    -Overhead squat
    -Stick Rdl
    -Ankle molds
    -Side Hip strecth
    -Hip Strecth
    Warm Up complex with bar and abs-2
    abs- figure 8, single leg v ups, side v ups
    Single leg sqaut with weighed jacket-3
    Rows 55-10-3
    Shoulder Mobility 10-10-3

    Box step ups 25-10-3
    Three point push ups 6 each side -3

    Pick up single leg Rdl 45-10-3
    Inverted Bar row 3-10 (bodyweight)

    Foam roller

  3. My hammy started to feel really sh*tty today when i started doing the single leg weighted RDL's. Thats probably because i did sit ups yesterday on the bench and fatigued my hammy.......

  4. Workout 2 (223)

    Back and Calves

    Havent noticed any more drive than normal or increased appetite yet....

    Rev lat pull 170-10 210-10 250-10 300-5
    Seated Calve machine 60-15 100-15 140-15 180-15
    Single arm pull down 40-10 50-10 60-10 70-10
    Standing calves 60-15 80-15 100-15 120-15
    Seated low row 70-10 90-10 115-10 90-15
    Heel raises 15 each-3
    High Raise 40-15 50-15 60-15 70-15 80-10
    Seated Calves 45-15 70-15 90-15
    Seated shrug 90-15 110-15 130-15 150-15

    My hammy started to feel crummy today by digging my heel into the ground on stuff.........

  5. Workout 3 (223)

    Chest and Tris

    Note I dunno if it has to do with the ax stack or the fact that my hammy feels crummy again, but today was one of those days when ure just pissed off for no reason. I felt like just snapping and hitting someone....alpha male maybe coming out? I dunno but the hammy is pissing me the **** off!!!

    Bench 135-10 230-5 245-5 260-6
    Dec smith 135-10 240-5 255-5 270-12
    Crunches 3-50
    Tricep rev smith bench 185-10 200-10 215-13
    twist crunches 40-3
    Skull crusher 65-15 65-15 65-12
    Clap push up 12 12 12
    Dec fly 35-10 40-10 45-10 50-10
    Twist crunch 50-3
    Extension straight bar 100-15 120-15 140-15

  6. Workout 4 (didnt weigh in)

    So today basically brought me back to sqaure one as far as my hammy. I went to a sports performance place today and worked out and my hammy felt like crap at the beggining and then started to get real shiiiitty and feel like it was cramping. Its been four months without squatting and running and im gettin g real pissed off. No professional has any idea how to fix my hammy, i really need help. I need my body to reflect my hard work and because of this hammy it doesnt. I should be 235 and im only 223, this crap sucks and today was the worst day training ive ever had. For that reason im not posting my workout cuz i didnt finish. Tommrow im going back to the same place and were gonna change our approach. Hopefully i can hit my goals but right now the road is real rough..............

  7. Any suggestions or help. I dont wana hear cissus or truamheel, cuz ive tried it all and its all crap.

  8. Workout 5 (219.7-weighed in on a light scale-2lbs)

    Sports performance workout
    -All i did today was rehab and i may do some abs tonite, i dont know the names of any of the rehab excercies so i wont post them. But my trainer had some heart trouble yesterday so im gonna shoot some prayers out for the guy tonite.

  9. Day 6 (off)

    I wound up doing some abs last nite....

    Hanging Crunches 20-4
    Seated crunche 25-4
    Seated weight twist 25-25 35-25 45-25 45-25
    Figure 8 10-25 25-25 25-25 25-25

    I have one more day after today of 4 pills of mass fx and then im gonna move up to 6. How should i dose the six? The workouts have been going good and i just need to get my weight up. The hammy also seems to be getting better, but needs a lot of work. Once i can squat and lift 100 percent again the weight will hopefully shoot up.

  10. 7 Biceps (223)

  11. Whatever happened with this?

  12. no one ever commented and i lost intrest. not great results. actaully some gyno that hasnt gone away.

  13. you got some gyno?? from what?? the ax stack??

  14. Quote Originally Posted by pavb10 View Post
    are you serious brah?? was it the new mass fx?

    when did you start to notice it?

  15. it was the stack i noticed it thr last week of four week cycle


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