Clean Bulk/Recomp With Drive/RPM and other goodies

  1. Clean Bulk/Recomp With Drive/RPM and other goodies

    Hi guys, im starting this log (unsponsored) up to motivate myself in the process of clean bulking/recomp for the upcoming football season that begin August 11th. This log will start June 2nd because the spring camp is may 30/31 and june 1st.

    Basic Stats
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'9''
    Weight: 190-195 varying from day to day. id want to stay there or increase to 200 pounds or so.
    BF%: around 20% mainly in the midsection unfortunately
    Football Postion: Running Back
    Weightlifting experience: on and off since im 16, dedicated the last year or so

    Supps (from June 2nd to August 11th)
    RPM (ill dose it 4 preWO and 1 caps everytime i take Drive)
    Drive(ill dose it 5/day, 3 preWO)
    Xtend (mainly durin WO and Cardio Session)
    Muscle Milk (before bed)
    Melatonin (if i have trouble sleeping like actually)
    Opti-Men (my multi)
    ONs Whey/Dymatize Whey
    Fat Loss Staples : Sesamin, CLA, Fish Oil, Yohimbe HCL, Lean Green, maybe Venom if my bottle isnt empty by this time.

    Ill basically train almost everyday since ill take a day off when i need it. Ill be in the gym Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday following different cycle aimed toward Hypertrophy for 2 weeks, Max Strength for 3 weeks and ill finish with Strength/Speed - Max Strength cycle until August 11th
    Ill also run with a personnal trainer (my coach) every Monday/Wednesday/Friday. These run sessions will be very intense and aimed toward speed and strength to become dominant players on the field. They will last 1h-1h30 every time

    My diet will be on point, but i havent plannified it. It will mainly be a 40/40/20 ratio with CLEAN food, clean fat, nothing out of the ordinary. According to the harris-elliot formula, my maintenance cals are 3400 since ill be very active. if you have any idea, post it up. Ill post my diet during the following week since i have exams until wednesday.

    Ill be very dedicated to this clean bulk since i have invested a good amount of cash, and i dont want to invest this much of effort to ruin everything.

  2. ok, here is the diet i planned, i want to have some feedback on it and what i can add or adjust. according to the harris-elliot formula,i must take a little over 3400 cals so ill add some almonds to it as a snack between 2 meals when im feeling hungry. the macro of each food was found using Fitday
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  3. Like the nutrition plan a lot man. If you are looking for more calories on certain days I would suggest throwing that serving of almonds in with the night time shake (some will blast me for the insane fat content with the almonds and mm but almonds are just too much of a super food to resist that plan).

    Only thing I would personally suggest as far as meal placement would be if at all possible make the lean ground beef the first whole meal after your workout. This isn't a necessity as chicken is a great source of protein, but you may want to try and utilize the hormonal benefits of the fat in the beef at that time.

    My only questions to you are is this your first run with RPM and Drive? Also what school you playing for man?

    Only other words of advice is push yourself hard and to the max but be careful with training everyday. Be sure to get that much needed rest and recovery in. Don't want to be burned out when 2 a days come lol. Best of luck bro.

  4. wow thx OCC for the quick reply, the suggestions for the almond in the nighttime snack is a great idea because ill be hungry as hell the next morning, i know that. ill also switch the lean ground beef to my post-wo meal for the hormonal benefits of it. its my second run of Drive/ROPM combo and wanted to give this stack a second chance cause the first time, i didnt jack-sh!t about trainning and nutrition. im playing college football in quebec,canada. im playing for the nomades so you prolly dont know about us :P. and ill watch out for overtrainning and probably train 4times one week and 3 times the other week with 3 times run each week. if you have anything else to say, feel free.
    (its my first diet plan ever :P)

  5. bump for updates Deployed blogging

  6. im begginning switching my routine and my diet this week and ill go get my supps in the usa friday so ill start my log saturday or sunday, something like this. im so pumped to start this log, its unbelievable. i went to the gym yesterday and destroyed everything, so i cant imagine with rpm/drive added in the equation

  7. i picked up my goodies today and will start my log tommorow, i cant wait, im so pumped

  8. yesterday was my first day on the stack and i decided to go double the effort, i mean i trained with weights then after i ran with my team. my god, i abused on the stimulants a little bit, im in my trial part of the log. now i know that 2 yohimbine hcl cap and 4 rpm ISNT good at all for my stomach. somehow, i loved the workout, i was drenched in sweat and the intensity was there, also the extra strenght too. this morning, i have GI issues with the drive so im gonna do 2 caps morning and 2 caps pre-wo then when ill feel comfortable, ill bump to 3 morning/2 pre-wo as suggested on AP site for my weight.

    actual bw: 191.2lbs, i would like to stay there and lose some bf or bump to 195 and still lose some bf. next update tonight with my legs workout.

  9. yesterday was my leg day, was a great day in the gym, i feel a bit of energy from the rpm but not that much, im going to bump to 5 caps because im a stim wh*re :P i weighted myself at 189.2 lbs at my gym at the end of the day, i should really invest in an home scale for more accurate result with no food inside of me

    as for today, i ran with the team and found myself out of breath easily (im recovering from an ankle injury) and my heart rate was way too high, even at only 2 caps of rpm/drive.

    i ate clean both days. i cant wait to feel the insane energy/focus from rpm tuesday because monday is a running day.

    Supps Dosing:
    2 Yohimbine HCl + 2 drive upon waking up
    2mL sesamin with morning and bed shakes
    2 fish oil cap + 1 flax seed oil cap + multi(not on lunch) on breakfast, lunch, and dinner
    1 cap lean green between BF and lunch + lunch and dinner
    2 caps drive + 2 caps rpm (running) 5 caps rpm (weights)

    if there is anything wrong with my dosing, please let me know

  10. a little update on my recomp: im feeling great, i already, after a week of use, look a bit leaner and im so happy. i try to eat the cleanest i can but with the job and everything, its hard to stay focused on the perfect diet. in example, 5 meal on 6 are good in a day, so its not so bad.

    yesterday, i upped my dose of rpm pre-wo to 7 caps (5 an hour before and 2 15 minutes before working out) and i can tell de difference, its amazing, i was strong yesterday and feeled full. i also upped the drive dose to 3 caps in the morning and 2 caps pre-wo.

    my heart have a little bit of palpitation with all the stims im taking, but i dont worry, im a stims wh*re :P

    stay tuned for further updates

  11. Hey man, just wanted to say stick in there and keep your diet clean and consistant as you can, Im on the Rpm/Drive stack for about a week and i've already started to lean out and look a bit more thicker all over.

    This should be great fun and help pack on some mass for you Wish you all the best on your recomp, enjoy it!

  12. wow. thats alot of rpm. alot more than what i was taking when i was on it but whatever works for ya man. I see your losing weight but you wanted to gain some right? Why, if your a running back wouldn't you want to be a little smaller?
    Anyways, looking good, keep up the hard work.

  13. i want to be more muscular so i want to lose fat weight and gain muscle weight while staying at 190-195lbs ive tried 4 caps and 5 caps, does nothing, so i bumped to 7 :P

  14. your biggest necessity is going to be your diet. keep it clean as possible and keep up the 5-6 meals a day. dont take carbs after 6p.m. unless you WO after that

    ill be watching ^^

  15. good workout today, definately felt the strength effect of the rpm/drive combo. my actual training is aimed toward strength gain so i love the combo. i was at 191 today so this is a plus.

    my diet was on check today and im preparing food like a mad man since i eat so much, but i like eating :P

    I will probably up my dose of rpm by one caps just to chek how it feel, maybe ill be a monster in the gym, hopefully. next update will be saturday before my iron maiden show

  16. im really sorry for the lack of update in the last week or so, i was a bit stressed with life and partying cause my gf and i ended our relationship and had a big time recovering from this event in my life. now the way she piss me off make me lift more weights in the gym

    back to the recomp, due to unhealthy food choice and beer since it was my province nationnal day, ill have to start back where i was, i lost a little bit of everyhting

    from now on to august 9th, im 110% percent into my training and diet cause i want to get the most out of it. im going to do upper body today, will update after my training

  17. bump hows it goin


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