Resolved: to lift heavier crap with Hypertrop-X (Sponsored Log)

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  1. Resolved: to lift heavier with Hypertrop-X (Sponsored Log)

    (If you find this log informative, please also check out the AMS sub-forum: Advanced Muscle Science)

    Purpose: To continue and finish my cutting cycle, hopefully increasing my 1RMs in the process with the help of AMS' Hypertrop-X. This journal will continue until June 28, about six weeks away; my wedding day! Yeah, I'm cutting in prep for my honeymoon.

    Inital observations: Beta-Alanine, Leucine and Yohimbine; what's not to like? Basic ingredients, with which I am familiar stacked together in what should prove a very effective whole.

    Protocol: Lazedragon has generously given me 2 bottles of his fine product (Thanks LD!) which would normally last for 2 months if the recommended dosage is taken daily. I however, only have 6 weeks, so after initial trials to ensure tolerance, I plan on taking half a dose in the mornings as well as the full dose prior to wo. On recovery days, I was thinking I'd split one dose, taking half in the morning, half in the afternoon.

    Vital Statistics: 23yo male, 228.9lbs as of this morning, 6-7%BF, 6'4" tall

    Workouts currently consist of a 3-day 5x5 split. I am finishing up the 2nd week of this routine and feel my past performance in it form a nice baseline to judge Hypertrop-X's (Trop-X) against.

    Tuesdays are Chest and Biceps: Incline Press (Last WO lifted 240lbs, 4th set 4reps), Gironda Dips (Bodyweight+20), Weighted Chin-ups (BW+35, 5th set 4reps), Gironda Barbell Curls (105)

    Thursdays are Legs and Shoulders: Squats (290), Snatch(145), Military Press (150), Snatch-grip Podium Deadlifts (305)

    Saturdays are Back and Triceps: Wide-grip Pullups, Power Cleans, Narrow-grip Dips, Decline Narrow-grip bench press (will edit in current weight for these movements tomorrow)

    Cardio: 30min fast walking 5days/week, additional 30min walk 2-3days/week, 15min HIIT +15min steady state cardio 3days/week following wo.

    Diet:~2300kcal/day; ~50%prot, 10-20%carbs (dependant on training or recovery day), 30-40%fat.
    Pretty obviously a cutting diet, I will fill in more on it later, when I have all my notes in front of me.

    Daily Supplementation:
    40g BCAAs
    3g ALCAR
    10-15g Fish Oil
    4 Tea-GCG caps
    2-3g Vitamin C
    Usp Labs Recreate (Every cut needs a thermogen...)

    As you can see, Recreate is the only "Namebrand" supp I am currently taking. I was on AP as well, but am ceasing its use while running Trop-X in an effort to better evaluate its effects through each workout. Recreate I will continue, as Trop-X's yohimbine I think should stack well with it and the performance of each still be idependently evaluable. I was thinking I would like to cycle between Recreate and something else every 2wks or so to keep up sensitivity - anyone have any interesting ideas as to what would synergize well with the Hypertrop-X?

    Workouts using Hypertrop-X will begin next Tuesday - I will report in promptly as possible. Between now and then, I will do my best to upload my diets and some current photos for your viewing pleasure. :P

  2. Alright, yesterday I worked back and triceps, the last workout I will have prior to beginning Trop-X.
    The workout consisted of 5 sets of 5 of each:

    Wide Grip Pull-ups - Bodyweight +25lbs, 5th set 4reps
    Power Cleans - 185lbs
    Narrow-grip Dips - BW+35, 4th set 4reps, 5th set 3reps
    Narrow-grip decline bench - 235lbs

    15mins HIIT+15min steady cardio.

    Here are a couple of photos taken shortly ago of me, consider these "Before"

    Yeah, I don't know why the 2nd is blurry, but whatever.

    I will upload the specifics of my diet soon, this weekend is just very busy - yesterday was my engagement party and now I am supposed to go tux shopping with my groomsmen.

  3. Alright, so yesterday was my first day actually taking Trop-X. Two pills first things upon waking stacked with two Recreate made for a nice wake-up, with plenty of energy throughout the morning.
    Later, at about 5pm, I took a full dose of 4 pills, half an hour prior to my 5:30 workout.

    This consisted of Back and Biceps, 5x5
    Incline Bench Press: 240lbs: 5, 5, 5, 4, 4 (Reps per set)
    Gironda Dips: BW+25: 5, 5, 5, 4, 3
    Chin-ups: BW+35: 5, 5 , 5, 4, 4
    Gironda Curls: 115: 5, 5 , 5 , 4, 3

    So, I saw some improvement, not drastic overall, but I was pleased. Dips increased by 5lbs, Curls by 10. My latter sets suffered a little as a result, but I would rather do less reps than force another whilst sacrificing form. Next week, I can focus on increasing reps and hopefully get all sets up to 5.

    As far as the Hypertrop-X is concerned, it's impact was different than I had anticipated. Unlike my past experiences with Beta-alanine, there was no major tingly sensation in my hands and arms. I was a little disappointed in that, but in the midst of my workout, suddenly the "tingles" (I really gotta find a better word for that) erupted in my face and neck. That is really an unimportant side effect however.

    Mainly, Trop-X seemed to deliver a greater drive and reduced rest periods. A set would end and I'd feel ready to start another almost immediately. This is probably due in part to both the Yohimbine and the BA - Y giving me the energy, BA giving me the stamina. A good workout, I'm looking forward to doing legs tomorrow with Trop-X.

  4. I'm in Dude good luck, I will have my log up in a day or so too.

  5. Looking good man!

  6. lookin good but i have read that after a 4-6 gram dosage BA has the same results. i will be following though!

  7. So, my fiance went to Disneyland last night/this morning. It was Grad night and even though she's been out of high school for some time, she tagged along with my little sister and her friends. This left me with no training partner/spotter for last nights workout. Lifting's just not the same without a pretty woman spurring you on.

    Nonetheless, I got a great workout; shoulders and legs are shot, I beat the hell out of 'em. Took my 2 Trop-X in the morning and another 4 about 40mins prior to workout. I think the longer span of time between ingestion and working out made a positive difference - the energy had more fully kicked in and I definitely felt the BA all over.

    And Texas, I don't think I'm taking more than 4-6g of BA a day - the ingredients in Hypertrop-X state that a serving contains 4g total of BA and leucine together. Unless that ratio is 3:1, I shouldn't be going overboard. If, however, you know something I don't, I like to hear it!
    Also, thanks for the subs guys! I'll be checking in on your logs too.

    Anyways, my workout Thursday night was:
    Squats (295):5,5,5,4,3
    Snatch (150):5,5,4,4,3
    Military (150):5,5,5,5,4
    Snatch Grip Podium Deads (315):5,5,5,5,3

    I also did a single leg calf circuit and some abs, plus my normal HIIT and cardio. Couple of notes: I didn't realize until writing this post that I increased the squat by 5lbs - no wonder they felt harder - I thought I was just weak . So that's a nice improvement I wasn't expecting, in addition to the 5lbs on my snatch and 10lbs on my dead.
    Again, my endurance and enthusiasm were noticably increased, presumably due to the Trop-x. I'd finish a set and be like "c'mon, let's go, pick that **** up!" So, definitely Trop-x is having, thus far, beneficial effects.

    Tomorrow I will be working Back and tris. Don't ask me why I didn't move deads to back day, I don't know Deadlifts just work everything - I'd really like to just have a "dead day" and do nothing but pull.

    One final thought - I will be posting some better pictures soon hopefully. The ones I got up there now just suck - my BF looks way higher that it is and I just look...funky. So I'll be adding some better ones.

  8. yeah im not really sure about the individual dosing of BA & Leucine in Hypertrop-x. but anyways looks good man!

  9. Ok, one week in, here are some update pictures:

    Still not superb in clarity or lighting, but at least I look more akin to the BF% my calipers keep telling me and what the mirror normally reflects. Hopefully these will continue to improve as I keep on using Trop-X while cutting - it should be a real boon in muscle preservation.

    Will be working Back and Triceps later today, will update prolly tomorrow with that info, as I will be out most of the day.

  10. Alright, Saturday's workout. Ah, where to begin...

    Back and Triceps:
    Wide-Grip Pull-ups: BW+25, made 5reps in all 5sets
    Power Cleans: 190: 5,5,5,5,4
    Narrow-Grip Dips: BW+45, 5reps in all 5sets
    Narrow-Grip Decline Bench: 235, 5,5,5,4,3

    This workout ******* rocked. I had tons of energy due to a number of factors and spent the morning greatly anticipating lifting. It was Saturday, so I had no work to get to by 7:30 and could sleep in; it was a carb refeed day (not a cheat day - a Healthy carb-up day), so I felt primed and loaded for heavy lifting, and I took 4 Trop-X 40mins prior to workout, which really seems to be the best length of time for me.

    As a result - I set a personal best on Power Cleans! 190lbs for 5reps for 4sets! And I almost had that frickin' last rep on the 5th, I just missed it at the top of the pull when I couldn't get my right arm under for the catch. Still, I was stoked.
    Also, I blew through my dips - the 45lbs strapped to my waist felt like nothing, but man were my tris burning when I moved on to narrow-grip bench. I was too drained to attempt more weight there, as was obvious from the number of reps I completed.

    Fantastic workout through a winning combo - sleep, carbs and Trop-X. Looking forward to next Saturday...

  11. Wow man great work! nice pics..getting ready for summer i see!

  12. Looking good man! Congrats on the new best!

  13. Another very satisfactory workout yesterday: Workout 1 of Week 2 on Hypertrop-X.
    Chest and Biceps:
    Incline Bench Press: (240) 5reps for all 5sets
    Gironda Dips: (BW+30) 5,5,5,5,4
    Narrow-Grip Chin-ups: (BW+35) 5,5,5,5,4
    Gironda Curls: (115), 5reps all 5sets

    IMO, I am seeing great progress! More reps and/or heavier weight each week while on a drastic cut cycle. I completed all 5 sets of both Incline Bench and Curls - a definite improvement over last week. Got another rep in on the Chins, and two more on the dips. I really pushed myself, but never felt like I went "too far" or actually to failure. Still enjoying the energy, determination and recovery that Trop-X is affording me.

    This is the last week of my 5x5 split, and I look forward to using Trop-X on the higher-rep routine I will be starting next week. I will keep the same 3-day split, but change the movements and was thinking 2-3 sets of 12-15reps. How does that sound to you guys? I will post specific exercises this weekend before I start it.s

  14. Nice Bi's bro...sub'ed


  15. Thanks LD - good to see you found my log.

    Will be updating on last nights wo shortly; I have a lab meeting in about 5mins first though.

  16. Well, there went an 45mins I could've used better.

    Anyways - last night's workout was legs and shoulders night and it was TOUGH. I really felt "on empty". However, I was still able to push myself, and Trop-X still delivered on the determination and recovery between sets. 4pills 40mins prior to WO, as usual. Really felt the BA this time - major tingles all over on the drive to the gym.

    Squats - 295 - 5,5,5,4,3
    Snatch - 160 - 5,5,4,5,4
    Military - 150 - 5reps all 5sets
    Podium Snatch-Grip Deads - 5reps all 5sets

    No improvement on my squats. Bummer. Everything else though - much better - 160 on my snatch is a personal best, but then I've only been doing snatches for a couple of months and am really just getting the form down. Military I squeezed in 1 more rep, and deadlifts I just blasted. Seriously, I love deads!

    Did some abs (hanging twist leg raises) and my calf circuit, but had absolutely nothing left for cardio, so I skipped it for once and just sat in the spa and sauna. I'm glad I will be switching to higher volume next week - these uber heavy weights are begining to take a toll on me and the change will be greatly beneficial I think.

  17. Good lookin workout!!

  18. Ok, last workout of my 5x5 split - a month long endeavor of great intensity. Really felt I improved a lot overall, and honestly, I think Hypertrop-X did contribute to increasing my performance more than if I had not used it.

    This last workout was again Back and Triceps:
    Wide-Grip Pullups - BW+30 - 5,5,5,4,4
    Power Cleans - 195! - 5,5,4,4,3
    Narrow-Grip Dips - BW+45 - 5reps all 5sets
    Narrow-Grip Decline Bench Press - 240 - 5,5,5,3,3

    Ok, this one was another hard workout. Like Thursday, I was pretty tired going into the Gym. However, certain big honking orange pills contain a stim that I seem pretty sensitive to and that, along with a generous amount of "sugar" from my lady, gave me a severe clout of tenacity.
    I was psyched and the weights were gonna die! And they did - everything increased over last week except for my dips, which I am perfectly happy with at BW+45. Power cleans at 195, even for sets of 3, is a good indication that my 1RM has increased from the 215 that it was at a month ago (bear in mind I've only been doing cleans and snatches for about 2months). With Narrow-grip bench I have never done sets at 240, so even though I only got 3 reps in later on with them too, I was still excited.

    A good, taxing workout that I think finished off my 5x5 split with proper justice.

  19. Just thought I would announce the addition of Avant Research's Napalm to my supplement Regimen. They were kind enough to ship me a bottle and I will be logging it's effects.

    As Napalm does not improve or impact training performance, I do not feel it will interfere with my evaluation of Hypertrop-X, and so will be running the two simultaneously, but logging separately.

    Check out my Napalm log at: Resolve drops Napalm on poor, innocent abdominal adipocytes(Sponsored Log)

  20. im in man! looks good so far. youre a lean ma fugga!

  21. Thanks for joining in Metroba!

    In the mirror I'm lean, by the calipers I'm lean, I just can't get the friggin' camera to show that I'm lean!

  22. I would just like to say that I am officially a wimp. Last night's workout proves it. I have not done sets of 12 in ages and, boy, does it show! Really low weight (in comparison to what I'm used to moving) - look for yourself:

    Superset A: Gironda Dips (BW) & Standing Preacher Curls (95lbs) - no rest between movements, 2sets of 12reps
    Superset B: Incline Dumbbell Press (80lb DBs) & Seated Incline Curls (35lbs!! WTF?) - again no rest, 2s, 12r
    Superset C: Cable Flies (95/side) & Hammer Curls (40lbs) - same as other supersets

    Abs - hanging twist leg raises, "dragon flags", bicycles, weighted ab pull-downs.

    The no rest supersets really increase the intensity of the workout so that, even though I did 2 sets of each movement, I am still so fricking sore. The "pump" (man I hate cliched terms like that) was also the most intense that I've felt in a while - I attribute it to the large amount of isolation movements. Usually I stick to a lot of compound lifts and only accentuate with single-muscle stuff.

    Felt great this time around, lots of drive and determination to get those weights up, even when my body didn't want to. Really pushed and, thanks to Trop-X, had the stamina to keep up the high intensity with no rest between superset movements!

  23. Nice workout! I love this type of workout you really feel like to did something when your done. Nice work!

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Resolve View Post
    Thanks for joining in Metroba!

    In the mirror I'm lean, by the calipers I'm lean, I just can't get the friggin' camera to show that I'm lean!
    Shave your chest. I hated how I looked after shaving like a week ago but I got used to it and it gave me more motivation to work harder due to having less hair/shading my abs/chest making me look leaner. I now like how it looks. Id reccomend it.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by metroba View Post
    Shave your chest. I hated how I looked after shaving like a week ago but I got used to it and it gave me more motivation to work harder due to having less hair/shading my abs/chest making me look leaner. I now like how it looks. Id reccomend it.
    Ha - You sound like my fiance - she also thinks shaving my chest would improve my physique. I guess I'll just have to give it a go sometime soon.


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