There and BACK again - A recomp tale

  1. There and BACK again - A recomp tale

    Hey guys,

    It's been a long time since I've posted here. Went for a short hiatus to focus on some school things and really crack down on the weight loss. I've gotten lazy recently and I think this 8 week recomp will be huge in bouncing me into new strength.


    I started losing weight last June. I was 6'2 at 245 pounds, 42 inch waist, well over 35% body fat. Lost 20 pounds over the Summer the unhealthy way, on 981 cal's a day. The first mile I ran was in 15 minutes and I threw up afterward. I could barely curl 15 pound weights.

    Here's a picture when I first started:

    Sorry for the blurry crap, I'm sure I have a better one somewhere else.


    This was taken not too long ago:

    Once again, sorry for the pics, I will take new ones and post them up here ASAP for the log.

    I sit now at 6'4, 185 pounds, 35 inch waist. Thanks to the guys at anabolicminds, I got to a decent weight and gained a crapload of strength along the way. For the last 2 months, I've been off of every supplement except whey and amino acids. For this 8-week recomp log, I plan to use the following supplements:


    Back on creatine, I want to gain some serious strength to prepare myself for basketball next year in college, as well as increasing my general fitness level. To aid in the strength gains, I will be using...


    I don't expect this to do much for me at 18 years old, but I purchased it along with the neovar when nutraplanet had the sale going on a LONG time ago.

    Also, the other supporting supplements I will be using will be:

    1.) One-a-day Men's Health Active Formula
    2.) ON 100% Whey Protein
    3.) Xtend Amino Acids

    Other Specifics... and quick facts

    Workout Regimen:


    1.5 Miles running
    2 Miles biking
    Bench Press:

    2 x 10 warmup set
    1 x 10 +5 lbs
    1 x 7 +10 lbs
    1 x 5 +15 lbs
    1 x 3 +25 lbs
    1 x 10 warmup weight cooldown

    Bent over rows:

    3 x 10

    Military press:

    3 x 10


    2 x 10
    1 x 10 +5 lbs
    1 x 5 +10 lbs
    1 x 10 -10 lbs cooldown set

    I will work out 4-5 times a week,


    I will eat the sweet potato as directed before the workout so that neovar has it's full nutrient repartitioning abilities in effect. I may also add some kind of simple sugar as well (like a banana) to feed two different kinds of carbs into my muscle cells.

    Cheat meal is saturday night dinner.


    Weight: 195 pounds
    Waist: 34.5 inches
    Arms: +.5 inches (realistic?)
    Bench press: +25 pounds
    Curls: +10 lbs
    Military press: +15 pounds
    Bent over rows: +10 pounds

    This log should keep me motivated and on track. The support system here has truly changed my life. Please hop on this train and help me through it! This is such a big step in my life!

    I will add all the details of social life changes, physical changes, mood changes, weight, inches, and supplement effects. This will be completely unbiased and I will bare it all!

    If I forgot anything please let me know!

    This log will start on Monday, May 19, 2008.


  2. try and keep the timing on the IGF-2 as far away from carbs as you can to maximize its GH effectiveness. so one dose at night prebed, and try to squeeze the other two in at least 1 hour after a carb containing meal, and 2 hours before more carbs if possible

  3. Count me in!

    I'm in man! Any questions; ask away!
    If they don't get answered here, don't hesitate to email me at [email protected] om

  4. I think its even better if you aim your goals even lower. Not to bring it down but theres a saying that my dumb health teacher used to say that I though was actually smart.

    Whats funny is that its actually called "S.M.A.R.T"


    some stupid thing like that,

    10 pound increase with a decrease in waist size most likely wont happen. Aim for 5 pounds lean bulk style while trying to keep your waist size the same is probably more reasonable and timable.

    I would also say arm size if your training and growth is like rapid, probably 1/4th or 1/5th of an inch which is a BIG difference. The most I ever put on arm wise in a month was probably 1/3 of an inch on x-factor stack with tons of cals.

    btw messplay just a few more months (8 months or so till i reach my goal. (hopefully) ) Check out my log when you get the chance as well! Cut down for now to 195 LEAN and ripped and lean bulk up agian to 205 for next summer

  5. In just for the title... I love it lol. I wish I had time to read the hobbit again. I read Children of Hurin in a day a few months ago. Always loved those kinds of books.

    If you're cutting, have you considered any fatburners like Leviathan, or Recreate? Or even some Green Tea + Sesamin + CLA . Anyways good luck , I'll be following!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    In just for the title... I love it lol. I wish I had time to read the hobbit again. I read Children of Hurin in a day a few months ago. Always loved those kinds of books.

    If you're cutting, have you considered any fatburners like Leviathan, or Recreate? Or even some Green Tea + Sesamin + CLA . Anyways good luck , I'll be following!
    oh my god, the basics are FRIKEN awesome steveoph. I had NO idea that like 10min of cardio a cut calorie diet with HIGH protein intake moderate fats and moderate-low carbs could be so awesome.

    Mess you may want to try it to see how it goes. Currently Im cutting and I wouldnt be able to atest for the green tea+sesamin if I hadnt tried it for myself but jeez what an effective ass cutting stack. Neovar 2.0, Green Tea, Sesamin, Drive (I have TONS thanks to good old dirk. ) and some retain2 for basic fat loss. When I added in the Drive/forskolin thats where I really started seeing more dramatic changes. But in all honesty some HITT cardio for 10 min to make you sweat like a mofo after a workout and clean cut diet with the basics go a LONG way! Did i mention that im retaining strength and size as well!? You may want to give it a try as part of your recomp. In fact now that your skinny since it looks like your pretty lean and skinny now, do a lean bulk! You will love it very very much in 2 years when your done and cut.

  7. I'm in! Great improvements so far man! Keep it up!

  8. EasyEJL - The GH timing!! I forgot all about that. Since i'll be taking 9 a day, I'll probably do 3 in the morning upon waking, 3 right when I get home from school (~2 hours before working out) and then 3 at bedtime. For the neovar, should I shovel in the carbs like 15 minutes before workout or an hour or what?

    Lanbane - Great to have you along bro, I think we'll see some amazing stuff!

    Cellardude - very true about those goals. I don't expect to hit those kinds of measurements at all, but I believe it was Hannah Montanna who said, "If you shoot for the moon the worst you can hit is the stars!" So if I set my goals fairly high then I think I'll see some great progress. And for arm growth, I think that's almost as bad as my chest growth. I'll have huge gains in strength and not see that much change aesthetically. It's frustrating.

    - Dude!!! Long time no see!! It'll be so great to have you along for this because I know you're another neovar expert. I followed that yellow gold log of yours and learned so much! How have you been? As far as the fatburners, I've been around the block for real. In february i did the ultimate Drive, x-lean, lean extreme, sesamin, green tea stack. In december i did two bottles of leviathan reloaded and DCP. In march I did Shred XS hardcore and napalm and then after that I tried nutrex lipo 6 and colon cleanser. After all of this, I think i've learned one thing, and that's that the only thing I really need for fat loss is to get a good sweat going, and keep my fiber fairly high.

    jjohn - How's it going champ? I was looking at pictures of you and MAN your chest is HUGE now! Just looking at your first picture and then of you now side by side is incredible. You're a monster! Great to have you along!

    I forgot to include some other goodies I'll be using for the log! The other aspect of this will be DRIVE, the thing that will keep me leaned out. As for stims, the only stim I've used recently is my ipod. The forskolin in RPM never agreed with me and always killed my cardio because of cramps and such. However, if I need a go-to stim for those yucky days where I don't feel like doing much of anything, I have a few bottles of hemodraulix still lying around from a presale back in January and I'll crack those open and give them a go.

    Thanks to everyone who's on board so far, this is going to be a really exciting journey!!

  9. Cool!! Thanks man! The Hemodraulix will definetly give you an extra boost pump! Keep up the hard work man!!

  10. im in, looking good so far. so this is a neovar/drive/igf2/hemodraulix log? that stack sounds nice but have you thought about a fat burner to add in as well?

  11. the neovar should be 15-20 minutes before carb heavy meals. Really the preworkout/postworkout dosing is more for extended hard pumps, but the overall effectiveness is the same regardless of when it is taken (in terms of workout). if I had to prioritize, i'd say taking them towards the end of the workout, about 15 min before your pwo shake would be nice, and then any other time of the day 15 min b4 high carbs.

  12. good luck bro from a fellow 18 year old! awesome results from the work you have put in my friend!! i will be following,

  13. jjohn- Thanks dude! The hemodraulix dishes out a serious pump, and my veins have been crazy today. I just wish the energy side of it had a little more kick to it. After this log I think I'm going to have a rest period and then try out X-factor. I can't wait for your log at the beginning of June!

    pistonpump - Great to have you along dude! I have considered a fatburner, but I think I'm going to rely on drive for it's leaning effects for the most part here. Although I have about 20 sample packets of venom hyperdrive lying around, so I guess I could add that in late game

    EasyEJL - The carb heavy meal should be like immediately before the workout though right? I could do a banana in my pwo shake or about 10 minutes after my workout too. Does that sound good?

    texaslifter89 - Holy cow dude when did you get so shredded?! I remember seeing a pic of you a couple months ago and you've made some sick progress. Congrats on that! Great to have you along.

    Everything starts tomorrow, I'll post a start picture and record all my measurements. Buckle those seatbelts ladies and gents

  14. u can always get caffiene pills they are really cheap. I like the fact that they left out stims in the hemodraulix it keeps cost down and gives you an option to add your own stim.

  15. thanks for the compliments brotha! yeah man it was hell hard. I went extremely hard in the weight room, used a high protein high carb low fat diet. Supplements i found very successful were the Intrastack by AEN (intrabolic & intraXcell), RPM/NEOVAR by AN. i saw awesome leaness from both stacks. You have made hell of a difference as well man.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by MESSPLAY View Post
    EasyEJL - The carb heavy meal should be like immediately before the workout though right? I could do a banana in my pwo shake or about 10 minutes after my workout too. Does that sound good?
    yeah, that should work. really doesn't need to be immediately before the workout, but that is a nice time to take in high carbs - as you go into a short term energy deficit by the amount you burn working out, so no risk of fat storage


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