3-AD cut cycle

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  1. 3-AD cut cycle

    Just got my stuff in today, going to do 4 week cut, at about 4 caps a day.

    Weight 191
    Height 5'10"

    I'm looking to drop 8-10 lbs of body fat which will get my % very low. I've been on a cut for about 2 months now, lost 15lbs of fat so I'm hoping this will finish it off. My last serious cut was with M5AA about 2 years ago and it was bad ass...if this is even close I'll be stoked!

    I thought I'd just report basic info that might be interesting to someone who is dieting. I don't expect much strength gain or muscle addition like you would on a bulk but will be looking for increased hardness and faster recovery times. My calories will be pretty low (1700 per day) so I'm hoping this hormone will help with muscle sparing. Only other supp I'm taking is N.O. Xplode. Any other data you want to know about just let me know.

    I'll post "before" pics tomorrow and then more in a couple weeks, then final pics so ya'll can see how its going.

  2. Sounds good! good luck!

  3. Awesome.

    Definitely going to be watchin.

  4. Here are a couple crappy pics, didn't realize I look so fat on camera, maybe I need to drop more than 10lbs, we'll see in 30 days. I tell you, just exposing my self to the world is enough to drive my ass! I WILL look much better in 30.

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  5. nothing significant to report yet, workouts and everything else is about the same. Started the 3-ad on the 14th.

  6. weighed in yesterday, dropped to 189.5, feelin' good. No major differences to report just yet. I'm guessing I'll see something significant around the 2 week mark, maybe a little sooner. I remember the last time I did M5AA it was the 2 week mark before I started seeing the effect, and weeks 3 & 4 were INCREDIBLE. Since this product is a similar hormone, I'm guessing it'll give similar results, who knows.

  7. Ok, hit the weights to day, much better pumps than normal, and that's great condsidering my carbs and overall calories are low.

    ALSO, starting today I noticed increased definition in the face, specifically the jawline area. A harder more defined look. Yep, that's the way it starts boys! Love those androgens! And I've got a long way to go, hell yeah! My wife loves this crap, maybe I'll get smoked soon, ha.

  8. subbed

    please make pix after cycle in a sumary

    regards and good luck mate

  9. good luck bro! we'll all be waiting for the 30th day to come around. pls post the 30th day pics as well!

  10. Ok, today was a cardio day, decided to swim. Got incredible pumps in the chest area, bigger than I've ever seen. Unbelieveable. And my endurance was off the chain, just kept going and going. Not sure if the endurance has anything to do with the 3AD but I suspect it did, swimming usually kicks my a$$. Tomorrow I'm pumping iron, so we'll see.

    I will definitely post the 30 day pics. I've got a BJJ tourny at the end of next month so I need to be around 182 or less, so that will drive me for sure. I can't wait to see how my abs look at 180ish.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    Good stuff, man. Keep it up.

    What's BJJ? The first two letters I see are a "B" and a "J", and I don't think it's what I would normally think it would be.
    blow job judo?

  12. someone got a problem with blowjob judo:bruce2:

  13. Hit the weights today, strength definitely going up. I didn't increase the poundage but lifts were all much easier! Very impressive since I'm on restricted calories. Massive pumps. And, now that I think about it, I recovered pretty quick too, not too tired after the workout. Very alert at the office all afternoon (that's probably the N.O. Xplode though).

    Definitely feeling the "drive" to get in the gym all the time, sometimes twice a day. That's got to be the androgen, love it.

  14. Weighed in Sat morning, 188lbs, so I lost 3lbs in 11 days. This means I'm on track to drop 8lbs of fat in 30 days. Hopefully muscle definition goes way up too.

    Strength is really good and actually going up! Freakin' amazing. I'm only eating about 17-1800 calories a day. Did leg workout, felt strong all the way through. We'll see how fast I recover, should be interesting.

  15. Keep up the good work. I will be watching this one.
    PHF Rep

  16. Cmon man, dont fall off now, Im looking to hear about your progress.
    PHF Rep

  17. bump for updates

  18. f'ed up this week, crazy work schedule, too many cheat meals. Gained 1.5 lbs and almost half an inch in my waist. Sucks so bad. Oh well, I'll be back on track this week. Positive side is strength went up again this week and physiqe appears a bit more muscular (especially pecs). Weighing in right at 190lbs.

    Overall, I definitely look better, but BF% not where I want. Making progress overall though! I'll look at last week as a "refeed" period, and maybe this week will kick a$$. We'll see!

    I'm approx 17 days in so 186lbs is probably the lowest I'll be able to achieve for the 30 day period. So far, I like the product but it's nothing like what I'd hoped. I was hoping it'd be something like M5AA was back in the day but it doesn't look like it will be. I'm taking 4 caps a day. Also, there is definite lethargy associated with 3AD, which is a drawback on a cut, but I'm using N.O. Xplode to counteract so it's cool. I have to be super careful to get lots of sleep or I crash bad! Just an FYI.

  19. Update: ok, I must have been holding a good bit of water yesterday, this morning I weighed in at 188lbs and waist was back down 1/2 inch. This makes more sense. I knew I had some cheat meals last week but no way it should have made me gain 2lbs! My body doesn't gain easily or quickly so you can imagine my surprise. Thank goodness, I was getting PISSED!

    Anyway, back on track this week, damn good cardio workout this morning, going to hit legs later this evening. I'm thinking about upping the workouts to 2 a day for a few days to try to make up for some lost ground last week. Any opinions?


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