Run Forest Run--- A VO2 Log

  1. Run Forest Run--- A VO2 Log

    Thanks to Millenium for this opportunity + the other samples they sent!
    About me
    160 lbs, prolly try a very mild cut
    training for college soccer, strength and (why not)aesthetics
    just got home from exams and am ready to get serious!

  2. will post pics later maybe, about to start this off- just took 3 cordygen, found the bottle of v02 and took 6 of those (whoops will skip prewo dose today and try a 3/3 split later). Bout to hit about a 4 mile run, 1.5 easy 1 hard 1.5 easy-

    knocked back 2 cups coffee, 1 serving stim free rag before
    Just got Back- impressions
    seemed very short overall
    during the hard mile, thought i noticed decreased lactate buildup-
    recovery after the hard mile (545 pace) was incredible- I was able to get back to a reasonable pace immediatelyand hammered it back home!!
    as for dosing, I'll be doing a fasted run in the morning and training weights in the pm, should I do a 4/2 spplit, or 3/3? millenium reps?
    I may still take c5 before longer runs with vo2, worth it?

  3. When i was doing intervals for soccer i found that this helped out a lot, 6 minute mile, 6 minute rest, 6 minute mile, 6 minute rest, 6 minute mile. Or just get as close as possible. i'd say if your second mile time is increased (as in 7 minutes) then make your resting time about 7 minutes. Intervals have been proven to be the most effective form of training for soccer.

    Are you in college or looking to play in college somewhere?

  4. I'll be a junior, missed first season due to injury, road pine behind 3 all league seniors in the midfield this year. I'm goin all out training this summer

  5. Oh nice man. My bro is playin at UNM and he's a sophomore. I quit the soccer stuff after senior year of high school. man do i miss it. But really those intervals are bomb. They got my brosef to run 2 1/2 miles in twelve minutes. The half is obviously what was so great. 14 laps in twelve minutes... that's damn good in my eyes. and that was his freshman year in high school. So give it a try if you want.

  6. First workout, only took the stim free rag pre as i accidentally overdosed vo2 this morning. will do 3 and 3 caps tom
    5 minutes bike 40 cal burned (cals burned is easiest way to measure cardio intensity even if its inaccurate imo)
    Incl Barbell Bench 10x155, 5x175, 6x175, rest pause 6, 2 x165
    BB Row 10x155 (over grip) 6 x 175 (underhand grip) 5 x185 rest paused 10,5 x155
    Front Squat 5x225, 4x235, 3x245, 3x245
    DB Bench 3 sets, 12x70 last set followed by 1 set of flies, and a triple dropset of cable crossovers
    DB Row 2 sets 7x95 then 1 set cbl 20x130 and 1 facepull 15x70
    15 sternum chinups with 25 gironda dips (palms in)
    7.5 min bike 60 cals
    5 min row 55 cals

  7. another day another am run- 3 caps vo2 2cups of coffee before
    1x400 at stride pace, 2x200 with 200m jog recovery, 4x100 with 100m jog recovery.
    1.5 mile cooldown jog
    total 3.5 miles
    didn't notice as much lactate buffering as last time, but recovery in between sprints was phenomenal . Cut the cooldown short bc my ow back was killing me from deads two days ago

  8. Looks good man...MST is a great company

    Good luck on the soccer training, i am training with my two buddies who play college soccer at the moment
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  9. lifted last night, didn't notice much from vo2 but sets were mostly power based- maybe a slight increase in endurance on burnout-type sets. will post numbers later
    back to the gym this morning,

  10. last night w/o
    5 min bike
    16x +45
    4X+100 new pb
    rest paused 5,3,2x+80
    Clean and Press
    1x165, 1x170 new pb
    Seated Db Press
    2 sets 10x60, 1 set arnold 8x50
    Lat raise
    2x 20 x25lb, 1 triple dropset on cbls
    2 sets EZ Curl, dropset to gir curl, rev curl, concentration curl
    2 sets tri ext, dropset ext, cgbp, rev ext
    light cardio after
    5 min bike, 10 min row

  11. morning workout, done fasted sipping wpi throughout
    100 dips, 100 chins in 4:40- this seemed really easy, vo2 max made a very noticeable difference!
    3x365, ,2x 390, 1x400, 1x410, 4x315
    giant circuit
    Incl DB 2 sets 12 x70, triple drop on cables, 20 gironda dips
    2 sets sternum chinups/pullups, 12 then 15 reps, then 15x130 cbl row
    standing db press 12x35, 12x30, laat raise 20x25, 8 x95 hang clean
    2:00 plank
    2 dropsets each for bi/tris

  12. 3 mile shakedown run this pm, did 3 c5 and 3 vo2- back hurt, but this seemed so easy it was ridiculous. Vo2 is very effective for cardio, and seems to help with high rep sets and recovering quickly after sets in a giant set
    NOTE I have been dosing 3 caps 2x a day, once prewo and once pre-run

  13. also this is my first ever log, if I need more detail or something let me know!

  14. 4 caps vo2 before running this morning.
    stride workout, 1x400, 2x200 (200m act recovery)2x100(100m act recov) total 1 mile
    2 mile cooldown
    intensity was great on strides/sprints, lower back started killin me on the cooldown. day after deads, ouch

  15. 2 more workouts, done with very minimal rest in a circuit of 4 or 5 movements. I'm really able to keep the strength up with vo2 even on limited rest- percieved exertion seems much lower, and post wo cardio is also noticeably easier. will post details, left book at the gym

  16. morning run tomorrow, might try 6 vo2 ...

  17. samples gone unfortunately, will post a final review later, as well as reviews for the other samples

  18. FINAL REVIEW....
    Let me first say that a 120 cap bottle of vo2 was immediately sent to my house after I finished the sample, priority shipping!
    This supplement has a noticeable impact on the type of workouts I do (many super/drop sets, circuit style or antagonistic pairings etc) and on higher rep (iso ) sets. However it really shines during cardio. Recovery during sprints is markedl and noticeabley improved, and I thought I noticed a nice mood boost from the rhodiola on distance/recovery jogs. Unfortunately I was off from soccer during this log, however I can't wait to test out vo2 and soccer. Liked c5, would do unspeakable things for vo2 haha


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