Cordygen VO2 Log

  1. Cordygen VO2 Log

    Was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the testers for the new COrdygen VO2.

    My background,

    I am a 36 yr old male that has about 20 yrs of weight training under my belt, one of my first products ever used was Twin Labs; Lee Haney's Mass Gainer and thru the years I have tried almost everything one can imagine, Hot Stuff, Vanadyl Sulfate and HMB just to name a few.

    I have competed in numerous Bodybuilding NPC Shows, ran a Vitamin World and hold a BS in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Florida State University (FSU).

    I train M,T Th and Friday and generally hit everybody part at least once a week, cardio first thing in he morning on an empty stomach for approxamately 30 - 40 mins, 3x a week. Treadmill at a 4-4.3 mph pace.

    I generally eat pretty clean, 6-7 meals a day.

    Anyway today was my first run with Cordygen. My first dose was the attenuation phase of 3 tabs which was taken on an empty stomach 30 mins prior to working out.

    Back day today;

    front lat pulldowns 4 sets
    Cybex Individual Lat Rows 4 sets
    Bent Arm DB Pullover
    Pull Ups, Palms facing in

    My first couple of sets on the lat pulldowns seemed to go "business as usual" but when I moved onto the Cybex Rows and pull overs, felt a little re-invigorated, little more mental acuity and seemed that I had a little extra to go the extra mile.

    When I hit the pull ups this is when things really seemed to kick in. I am not one to really take inventory of truly how much I am lifting but I can tell you my pull ups definitely doubled. Generall I am good for maybe 3-5 but the for each set I was averaging 8-10 reps, definitely a big increase in my mind.

    Now I must be honest, Prior to my lunchtime workouts I generally have 2 meals but today I added a third meal before my workout. So was todays better than average workout due to the Cordygen, the fact I had more "fuel in the car" by eating a 3rd meal or was it the combination of the both??

    Stay tuned, same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel!

  2. Just finished by run on it - hope you enjoy it - I did.

  3. Good luck bro I am enjoying it but sadly coming to a end.
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  4. Good intro and nice detail. Will be followin' bud.

  5. Will be here to see what this product does!!

  6. Day 2 - Legs

    Today I decided to up the dosage to 4 caps, about 40 minutes prior to lifting.

    Been working legs very hard 4-6 reps the last few workouts so decided to change it up and do hi reps low weights

    Started with Leg Extensions, business as usual 4 sets, did these heavy to get the blood flowing, really no noticeable change.

    Then onto leg press, probably second set in, felt good, not struggling on the higher reps, kind of invigorated, went up in weight and actually did more reps then the previous sets...could this stuff actually be working.

    My legs felt the pump but not persay the lactic acid burn..

    Then moved onto hack squats, figured I would continue the high reps, 18-25. These semed to go very well and easy with each set, increasing the weight and still getting out the same if not more reps than the previous.

    Seemed that this stuff may actually be working.

    As an aside, almost every mid morning I have a cup of caffenated green tea to give me a little jolt in the gym. This morning I did not wanting to truly test the effects.

    Did I struggle at all? Not in the least bit!

    Stay tuned....

  7. Looking good in here! Subbed!

  8. Looking good bro.
    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.!/TeamAISports

  9. subbed and pumped. keep up the good work!
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  10. Hi All,

    COmputer died so will be a few days before I can update fully, keeping a manual log and hope to be back this weekend...thanks for your patience...

  11. yeah yeah likely story
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  12. After a few days of sickness and my laptop ceasing I am back for the update.

    Started again hard yesterday with a fairly good leg workout.

    Did not have my 2 mid morning meals but rather 1 and took 6 VO2 30 minutes prior to workout.

    Started with a heavy set of Leg Extensions 4 sets, seemed to breeze thru them as the weights went up so did my reps. Off to a good start and felt a good feeling about me

    Moved onto Leg Press, 4 sets with each set increasing in weight and not seeming to struggle as I sometimes do into latter sets.

    Onto Hacks, 4 sets again, upping the weight and still keeping the same amount of reps if not more....

    Finished off with 5 sets of Cybex Seated hamstring curls. Breezing thru these.

    On legs days I always feel winded, could be the intensity or perhaps the little amount of time I spend between sets, 90-120 secs. I truly believe in the 45-1hr rule in the gym.

    Anyway I digress, at the end of this workout, I felt less winded, less disoriented and not as "wobbly legged" that I usually feel....

    Diet was not stellar..hmm seems like this stuff could really be the real deal...
  13. Back and Shoulders

    Hi all, apologies as because of my crazy last week I didnt go thru a fully body part workout so apologies for being monotonous as today was back and shoulders.

    Due to lack of sleep (kids waking up a few times last night and an unusually overactive bladder) I was truly struggling this morning. It was either skip a workout or try to half a$$ it.
    So after some shuffling thru my desk I found some thermogenics taken 1 hr before workout with a yogurt and then Cordygen 30 minutes prior.

    I started with lat pulldowns to the front and decided to superset it with shoulder presses. Something came over me as I was literally flying between machines with a super sense of well being over me. My workout partner asked what was with me as I felt like a bull in a china shop. 4 sets of each, just blasting thru them.

    Onto Hammer strength individual lat rows. Again 4 sets like nothing, weight increasing and sets were consistent with the last, if not better.

    Then onto what I call "Milos Sarcev shoulder tri-set". Basically side shoulder raises then brought around to almost a pec dek motion (palms down) then front raises and then reverse. If you havent tried these I highly recommend them. The strongest of strong cannot do any more than 25 lbs, I guarantee it. Usually I struggle and feel winded after every set. This time, breathing was not labored but consistent and I felt that a few extra reps were there.

    Final exercise of the day, pullups, palms facing in. At the end of this marathon superfast workout, there were no struggles at all during the these last few sets of back...

    On this day, seems the combo of Thermogenics and Cordygen really hit it home. Alertness, less exhaustion and a feeling of awareness and focus was definitely there...

    Something for Millennium to think about?
  14. In Closing

    Hi All,

    Been menaing to close out this thread with a wrap up...

    I must first out by saying Thank You to Millennium for choosing me to be a tester for this great product.

    Over the years I have taken many supplements, some with great success and others with great failures.

    I would like to categorize this under "Great success" as I thoroughly enjoyed this product.

    My mental acuity seemed heightened, lift poundages/reps either stayed the same (did not lessen with fatigue) or in many instances, poundages went up as well as reps.

    I enjoyed this product even more when taken with a thermogenic as this is when I really saw an increase in everything. My workout partners were even intrigued.

    My only regret is that I did bot get to try this product when playing Ice Hockey I was in between seasons while testing this product.

    Should you guys have any questions please feel free to PM me driectly.

    I am in way affiliated with Millennium and believe in giving honest and unbiades opinions. (Yes I have given bad reviews in the past)

    Be well and train hard! keyword SuppTalk Radio

    Muscle Research Code AM10

  15. Glad to hear you enjoyed v02. Thank you for the log and good luck when hockey season rolls back around!!
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete


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