Money saved is GOLD!

  1. Money saved is GOLD!

    I just thought I would review the great decision that I made by becoming a GOLD Member.
    With the recent discount code that was given to the GOLD Members, I decided to make a larger than normal order. I figured I would go ahead and buy a 2 month supply of various staple supplements, plus some fun things that I have been wanting to try. My order came out to be close to $300. The discount code is equal to 10%. So I saved $30. Now seeing that I spent $19.99 on the Gold Membership, my return investment is $10.01. That may not be a lot to some, but the way I see it is that I was paid back for my donation, and then some. Hell, it's only May! I do not expect a discount code every month, but for the times that there is one, I will actually be saving a great deal if I plan my orders correctly. Needless to say, I am very pleased with my investment in to this Board.

    On a side note: In order to save someone the time in saying, "Wrong section, bro!" Here is a review for a sample pack of Syntha-6 that I received from my previous order.
    Cookie's and Cream Syntha-6: Great taste! The mixing of the powder is very good. No clumps noted. Although, I would not have minded I enjoyed feeling full, but not bloated. Would I buy it? No, because I get tired of novelty tasting protein pretty quickly. I will recommend Syntha-6 Chocolate, though. That NEVER grows old... It's that damn good!

    Lesson here: Go GOLD! The return investment is worth it. Not only are you helping a great Board, but you are saving money if you buy supplements as much as I do. And plus, having the ability to put YouTube video's in your AVI is awesome.
    "Carry on my wayward son - There'll be peace when you are done... becoming a GOLD Memember!"

  2. I thought the Gold-Member discount was $10 (not 10%) on all orders above $50?
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by strategicmove View Post
    I thought the Gold-Member discount was $10 (not 10%) on all orders above $50?
    That is correct. However if his order was 300$ than thats an extra 12$ off from the coupon code or 22$ off so he may be thinking that.

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