Mankos excited to Recreate.. an unsponsored log

  1. Mankos excited to Recreate.. an unsponsored log

    I have been 7 months into training and dieting pretty consistently. You can view my first recomp log here it isn't much but I have pics of when I first started my recomp adventure.

    Mankos Recomping in Japan

    Just thought I'd do a Recreate log since my product came in yesterday. I'm pretty excited since I have pretty much hit a plateu. I'm currently sitting at 5'7 205lbs 27%.

    I'm running a pretty strict CKD. I have to learn to clean up my refeeds especially if I want to make my goal of seeing my abs by my birthday.

    My training is a pretty simple 3 day split. I also train BJJ on monday and wed. I throw in some HIIT and some jogging in the mix as well.

    I will be taking in about 2500 calories. I have taken it all the way down from 3400 and this is where I am at for the final 8 week push.

    I am currently taking DCP, Sesamin, CLA.

    Do you think I should run this solo or continue with the stack?

    I eat the same things about everyday and am able to switch out meals and foods to keep boredom at bay.

    I'll go ahead and take pictures today before I hit the gym and go from there. I'll take a picture every thursday before the gym.

    Day 1 was pretty much pretty normal. I took 2 caps in the morning at 7:00 am and another cap at 3:00.

    Notes:I didn't feel the need to take a nap like I normally do and when I played bball with my students the sweat was pretty pronounced.

    Energy: Nice and even
    Hunger: Satiated
    Focus: Haven't had a chance in the gym yet but at school I get more done and I can think clearly. I was having a hard time when I dropped my calories and would be really absent minded.

    Today is Day 2 took 2 caps at 7:00. I'm sitting here at my desk and I'm feeling pretty good. I noticed that I am more focused and I can sit here and type out a log. I am really bad at this logging thing. I'll update today later when I get back from the gym.

  2. Day 9 ,

    sorry for the lack of updates. Went to Hong Kong for a much needed vacation. Stayed on the path and recreate helped curb some of the cravings I should have experienced. If you haven't been to Hong Kong before the food is amazing. I still ate ok on my weekend carb up but watched the calories and just ate to get enough of a taste. I still worked out and did my cardio.

    current weight: 203 lbs

    Bodyfat : 25% on BMI scale ( same scale will be used for measurements sake)
    Hunger: No crazy cravings so I'm satisfied.
    Focus: Sitting here clear headed, can't wait to get to the gym tomorrow.
    Energy: Stable.. no crashes...and I was a cardio beast the last week. Ran a total of 23 Kilometers. Played basketball everyday on the weekdays for 1/2 hour with my students.

    I'll try and get a picture up today. I am slacking in that department and will get it done.

    Goin to do some HIIT today after work so wish me luck.

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