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    What does your dosing schedule look like?
    Morning dose is 2 caps around 9:30-10:00AM. Afternoon dose is @ 5:00PM 45 minutes prior to working out. Both doses are with 20g of fat (almonds or peanut butter)

  2. Day 7:

    Work out: Chest/Tri/Quads - 25x3. 10 push ups in between each exercise

    Total Exercises: 9
    Increased weight: 7
    No change: 1
    New Exercises: 1
    Length: Approx 1:15
    Cardio: 45 min stationary bike

    Summary: This is one of my two staple workouts. Increases here usually occur slowly and that fact that I increased weight in all but one exercise is unreal. In the previous 9x I have done this exact routine, I have only been able to increase weight on a maximum of 2 different exercises on the same day and that was over a month ago. Typical results are no increases or an increase in only 1 exercise.

    The lactic acid burn during high reps is almost none existent, but I think my pulse has been higher since beginning this cycle. My increased heart rate his causing some endurance issues, but nothing major.

    Side effects: I have started taking my afternoon dose 1 hr earlier and am waking up fewer times during the night. I have been have many vivid and realistic dreams and I have begun talking in my sleep.

    Body Weight: 164 (no change). Within range.

    Diet: Normal w/ increased protein

    Daily score 1-10:
    10 awesome, 5 average, 1 sucks

    Motivation: 10.
    Mood/Aggression: 10. Great mood, but I wanted to rip my assistants head off for asking a simple question. I am normally an extremely patient person.
    Libido: 10. I had a great time last night.
    Endurance: 7. After the initial exercise, everything was cake. Bike still sucked, but it was much easier than before.
    Strength: 10. Unreal.
    Quality of Training: 7. Took about 20 mins longer than I would have liked, but I was also stopping to help my dad.
    Pump and Vascularity: 5. Nothing special
    Sleep Quality: 6. Although a friend kept me up late, I woke up feeling well rested. It felt like I was dreaming the entire time.
    Overall Score (Average): 8

    I took some pics to help judge progress, but I need new back ones so I will post tomorrow

  3. Enjoying the log warjcowksi, definitely following along. Keep up the good work.



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