Smeton's X-factore/Lean Xtreme log(sponsered)

  1. Smeton's X-factore/Lean Xtreme log(sponsered)

    Xfactor Lean Xteme fifty days of Xfactor and thirty of LX

    *Goal in the next fifty days*
    I expect to lose two inches off my waist and to maintain(or gain) on all other measurements(i.e. chest, arms, quads, etc).(listed today)

    What I expect for Xfactor(fifty days)- Big strength gains(esp toward the end of the cycle),muscle-gains, DOMS.

    Lean xtreme- (thirty days)I expect a thermo effect and fatloss from green tea and 7-keto metabolites,lowered cortisol, enhanced immune function,forslean for some great body comp changes (burns fat/builds muscle)! Today I noticed a thermo effect.

    So in summarization, that whole thing, I'll be happy if I lose two inches off my waist and keep progressing with strength(either by a couple reps each time or 5 lbs higher)

    Dosing 4 X-factor per day
    4 lean xteme per day

    27 years old
    Waist: 36.75
    Chest 47.25
    Arms R: 17 L: 17
    Quads R 27.25 L 27.5
    Calves L 16.12 R 16.12

    Training Style- Dc training three days per week weights, three days Cardio(usually low intensity cardio) You'll see as I'll be posting my number's.

    Sleep is a good eight hours per day. L-typtophan is nice for sleep

    Nutrition(I usually count protein, carbs , fats=calories everyday by writing them down on a piece of paper for my personal use. I also count water intake. Today I got in about 150 oz of water. FYI 128 oz=one gallon. I could have took in more water.
    200-give or take carbohydrates(depending if I need more energy or not-on training days probably more, maybe even up too 300 if I really need them)
    350 protein
    100 fat
    I'm guessing around 3,500 calories at the most and probally closer to 3k (and some days lower than 3k) A couple let loose meals per week(I might readjust my diet ; for now it's like this-Trust me I've done close to hardcore or hardcore dieting in the past so I have the experience of cutting to decently low bodyfat levels -look at my quest for a six pack log back in summer of 2006 and even last summer, where I didn't cheat even one meal per week)This isn;t a hardcore cut and I'm allowing myself some freedom.


    L-glutamine-Im going to cycle off this for now because I feel it lowers cortisol, enhances immune function and speeds recovery under catabolism and I Lean extreme does this job for me.
    Creatine - cycling - 3 days on 4 off
    Beta Alanine-strength, endurance, anti aging
    Yellow gold- before a higher carb meal or maybe only after post-training . we'll see
    Nows super digestive enzyme(for super big meals)
    bromelain-for joint purposes, protein digestive and sinitus)
    Nows adam-Multi
    Vit C Post training
    L-tyrosine- Focus energy

    Total Calories were 2,885. I burnt at least 200 or more with the cardio.

    Today worked on some martial art's, and did 15 minutes of Incline treadmill.

    Dosed my X-factor at two capsules today no adverse effects
    Did Lean xtreme at four(notice thermo effect) no adverse effects

    Video of the day
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  2. Cool. I'm in.

  3. Subbed glad you got ur stuff!

  4. Reverse hack calve raises 2(45's) 10

    Heel press 4 plates and 25 on each side-20 ss
    Ham stretch 1:10

    Zane press(feet at the bottom and close together on the leg press) 4 plates and 25-15, 7 plates on each side-10
    Quad stretch 1:30

    Total calories were 3,255. 350 Protein. 250 carbs and 95 fat. also some bcaa's water intake was like 150 oz. I want to up water intake to at least 200 -240

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  5. Today about 150 oz water, 2900 calories, Got in 20 mins treadmill and skateboarded a nice pavement with grooves.(so fun) I used to skateboard in high school.

    Since reducing by Calories by 1,000 calories my stomach has gone down already this week.

    Forskolin has other reported uses as well, including inhibition of the pro-inflammatory substance known as platelet-activating factor (PAF) 6 and inhibition of the spread of cancer cells.

    I found this when studying C. Forskolin , which lean xtreme contains.Does anyone kow if this inhibits Xfactors effects?
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  6. I'm feeling beat up.Its time for mee to cruise(Dc terms)(I recently done a seven week Dc blast and gained 20lbs)Strength has declined and as much as I hate to I'm listening to my body and giving it seven days-to ten days off and will resume training next Friday or Monday. I'm ceasing X-factor and Lean Xtreme and will re-start this log with new measurements and weight once I return.I'll still be in the gym doing light weights a couple times during this time just no intense stuff.This program is way more intense than ast and beats my ass up and I'm sorry i just have to take this break or I'll be dragging ass.

    (I didn't take XF or XL today so it's only three days of previous and not even full dosed and I know that by taking a week off in the long run it'll benefit me and it push even greater gains on this stack)

    Here's todays workout

    Low Incline Smythe 225-9-4-2=16
    Chest stretch 50lbs- 1:10

    Seated Front smythe Military press 185-6-3-2=11
    Shoulder stretch 1:10

    Pullover 75lbs 12-5-3=21
    Tricep stretch ~

    Behind the back rack chins (45) 9-4-3=16 (forgot to do static)
    Back hang (45) 0:20

    Sumo rack Deads(lil below knee) 315-12, 345-7
    Backwidth 90lbs ~ trap hang 60 lbs ~
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  7. It'll be another week or couple of weeks beforestart.sorry for the inconvenience. It'll be worth it when everything starts.

    O and what do you prefer I post for the start- a video or pictures? Ill let you decide.If I get six or more request I'll go with the majority. if I dont get any I'll decide. You vote counts! MAY50 50 % off
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  8. standing by.
    why not do a mix of both video and pics.
    surprise us.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Hank Vangut View Post
    standing by.
    why not do a mix of both video and pics.
    surprise us.
    That's an idea MAY50 50 % off
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  10. Always good to do a little deconditioning! I wait patiently for the madness.


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