Speed's Cordygen vo2 mini log (sponsored)

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  1. Speed's Cordygen vo2 mini log (sponsored)

    I've been selected to test out MST's new endurance enhancing wonder CORDYGEN VO2.
    Since i have not done any real logs here at AM.com i thought i would give a lil background info on myself.
    First im 20 yrs old and am a student in college, ive been lifting for about 1 year solid now with 4 total under my belt. Im currently cutting for summer and a leaner physique in general.
    Current weight is 171 at 5'8 with a IDK bf%.

    mon-back/rear delts/traps
    sat-front delt/side delt/triceps
    sun-off or cardio

    mon-fri 2300cals/260g pro/190g carbs/53g fats
    sat-sun 2500cals/250g pro/250g carbs/56g fats

    Current supps:
    Bulk BCAA
    Bulk Taurine
    ADAM multi
    Bulk yohimbine
    Bulk Chocamine
    Bulk Fish Oil
    Bulk Tyrosine
    Bulk Yellow Gold
    New Supp: Cordygen Vo2

    I'm starting this log today with a back wo and might do some post-wo cardio depending on how i feel after DEADS.

  2. ill follow. good luck homeh!

  3. first update! btw this log will last 7 days with the 36 cap bottle they sent me.

    Back/rear delts/traps
    barbell rows-12/10/10/7 moved up 5lbs
    db rows-10/10/10 also moved up 2.5 lbs
    bent-over lateral raises 10/10/9
    deadlifts-10/10/7 move up 10lbs
    barbell shrugs-10/10/8

    Great wo! I deff could notice my breathing was better, usually on deads i will be breathing really heavy but today i was calm and recovery between sets was fantastic! i could have pushed my pace but i wanted to take advantage of the increased recovery to try and add more pounds to the bar instead. Tomorrow is a cardio day, perfect chance to really test this stuff out!
    3 caps Cordy VO2 today

  4. Subbed bro I am also getting good results
    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.

  5. 'Sup my fellow tester. You are going to enjoy tomorrows workout..

  6. thx guys, i really need the support right now! im really fatigued from my calorie intake (its WAY to low).

  7. Sweet the BOX is in on this $hit...Looking forward to this one..

  8. great product. i will be following!

  9. 4-29-08
    decline crunches-12/12/12/12
    Reverse crunches-12/12/12/12
    side bends-12/12/12/12
    30min Run

    Great wo today! im feeliing very tired right now due to a very low calorie level. i figured it out that my maintence is 3100-3400 cals right now! im almost 1000 below! but besides that my breathing was awsome during my run! normally ill feel slightly winded during a 3min run at the end but today my breathing was the same as if i was just walking! im looking forward to my other cardio sessions and squats this week!
    3 caps Vo2 today, tomorrow is gonna be six .

  10. 4-30-08

    dips 12 (warm up)
    incline press 10/10/7+1 forced rep
    Hammer strength press 10/10/10
    fully upright cable crossovers 10/10/10 drop set 8
    upper chest cable crossovers 10
    1 arm db con curls 12 (warm up)
    e-z bar two arm con curls 10/10/7
    alt db curls 10/10/10
    e-z bar reverse curls 8/10/10
    db wrist curls 10/10/10

    Great wo today! breathing was fantastic as well as my pump! the pump i had today was abnormally better than usuall...hmm. maybe 6 VO2 caps had something to do with it? but i hit my right pec very hard today, which is good bc it is small er and weaker then my left . overall great wo with a lil room for improvement. also i did 10min stairclimber at level 10 with a bad burn in my quads with picture perfect breathing...good stuff here.

    6 caps VO2 today!

  11. lol how'd those barbell wrist curls treat ya??? LMFAO....

  12. wrist curls...i use a sweet home made device for that. take a 5-10 lbs weight tie it on to about 3-4 feet on string then tie that around a cylinder peice of wood. hold your arms out straight elbows locked simply roll it up and down about 5 times and your arms will be toast. and I LOVE cable cross overs. haha

  13. great start and first couple of workouts! i'm in.
    iForce INTIMIDATE Log/Review

  14. Wow 6 caps did you grow a third lung
    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by pembroke3355 View Post
    Wow 6 caps did you grow a third lung
    Ha I laughed when I saw that. It really is a good way to describe the ease of breathing though. I was describing the effects to my gf and used a similar phrase.

  16. Looking good - subbed.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by pembroke3355 View Post
    Wow 6 caps did you grow a third lung
    lol, with 6 a day this will be a 7 day log! im feeling great and breathing is completly under control.

  18. 5/1/08

    Stairclimber 5min level 6 (warm-up)
    Leg Ex-15 reps (warm-up)
    Hack Squats 10/10/9 super-set with
    Standing Calf raises-20/18/15
    Leg Ex-Failure with warm-up weight
    Leg Curls-15/12/10
    Stiff-Legged Deadlifts-10/10/9
    Seated Calf Raises-20/20/15

    Epic workout today! me and my training partner are killing these wos right now! this one was a perfect 60min with all effort. A$$ to grass on ALL sets of squats felt great! my breathing was out of this world, usually on squats i will breath really hard after a set but today it was still normal! My legs by the end of this were DEAD, i could hardly stand to walk to the bathroom.

    6 caps VO2 today!

    thx all adn this should be a good week!

  19. try out that forearm thign i told you about lemme know what you think bro! ass to grass baby all day everyday

  20. looking good speed!

  21. hey matt did you get my PM?

  22. Quote Originally Posted by TexasLifter89 View Post
    hey matt did you get my PM?

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Millennium 1 View Post
    sweet deal man.

  24. Great log so far brotha..i'm in!
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete
  25. update!!!

    ok guys im srry about not posting in here like i should be doing. ive been really sick and had to finish exams. all in all i was straped for time and tired all the time. so lets put the last 3 days fo my cordy trail in here.

    45min cardio
    great run with awsome breathing!

    Overhead press 12/10/8/6
    front alt raises 10/10/9
    side raises 10/12/11
    rear machine flys 10/10/10
    db shrugs 12/12/10
    15 min cardio (cool down)
    once again great breathing! not letting me down at all!

    35min cardio
    Same thing but breathing is improving even at a heavy and quick pace!

    Final review:
    this product does exactly what it says it will, and that is to increase ur breathing. every wo with this stuff was flawless in my breathing being perfect! by far the best on the market! puts cit mal in the dust.

    thx MST for my chance to log such a great product! i will be buying a bottle of this for my next cut to really maximize cardio preformance.


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