Phera-vol/furazadrol Cycle

  1. Phera-vol/furazadrol Cycle

    I am currently taking phera-vol which i have not found many reviews on so I have decided to log my journey. Also I have furazadrol on the way because June 6 I will be on the way to cancun so a nice ripped body sounds pretty good to me.

    I am currently on my 6th day of phera-vol 2 tabs a day and I am starting to see strength gains with nice pumps in the gym.

    Ill have my next post in a few hours when i get back from the gym.

  2. Just got out the gym. I saw a slight increase in strength nothing special. No physical gains that i can see just yet except maybe my forearms seem a little bigger. I ready for the furazadrol to come in so i can hopefully drop a little bf. Please feel free to criticize (constructive criticism) or help in any way you can. This is my first log and i know its ****ty i just need to get it rolling.

  3. You should have posted this in the steroids section/ or cycle section, a lot more people would have followed it.

    If fact i'm sure you can just start a new thread and summarize your current progress since it is early. Steroids/cycle info.

  4. what dose are you going to run furazadrol at. it is kind of weak so its got to be high. i used it and i was going up to 300mg a day

  5. Is your PCT even gpoing to be finished in time by the time you go? Im guessing you'l be boozing on over there, might be a struggle to hold onto your gains....

  6. i have nolvadex for my pct and i plan on dosing the furazadrol around 300 mg. I want to finish before june so i will dose it high.

    I went to cancun last year and i still worked out so i know i will be able to work out, but yes there will be some heavy drinking. Every morning i will wake up around 10 hit the sauna for about 15 mins or so and then hit up the gym. If i start my pct a couple weeks before i go do you think there will be a problem keeping my gains?

  7. And about my workout today i seemed to get a little worn out earlier than usual. I did BIs and that is my favorite workout so i can really tell a difference. There seemed to be no real difference from last bi workout besides getting tired sooner. I was taking 1 Phera in the morning and 1 before my workout, but i changed to just 2 straight up before my workout. Any suggestions?

  8. Yeh im good with staying hydrated while im drinking, and i am definately going to bring my liver support and nolva. I don't think it will be a prob last year i brought some supps no problem with customs so i think it will be ok. Sorry to here about your friend.

  9. no i haven't i was hoping for a good lean mass gain but the reviews were very limited. Any idea of what i can expect?


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