Testing Cordygen VO2

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    This has been a awesome log bro looking real good

  2. Dosage:
    4 caps

    Took today cause of hw

  3. Dosage:
    4 caps 60 mins before workout

    The Test: Shoulders/Traps

    DB Shoulder Press

    DB Side Raises

    Cable Front Raises

    DB Shrugs

    Grade: B-

    Not to great of a shoulder/trap workout. Decent though IMO. Didn't have much of anything to eat today, so my energy was low. This 3hr class stinks without having food!!! And we only get a couple mins for break so it's hard to eat and i dont have any bars to bring along. Shoulder Presses felt real heavy today. I have one more day of VO2 and i'm debating on if i should do a cardio day which i haven't been motivated OR just use it for an off day this weekend. Still debating.

  4. Dosage:
    4 caps

    Ok well, i didn't do the last day of VO2 with cardio or a workout, have been doing homework and studyin for a quiz on monday so i'll try an have a final review up ASAP, hopefully i won't get swamped with homework next week!!

  5. i hope to have the final review this weekend because i'll have a long weekend and will be off for memorial day. Homework has been takin about 4 hours a night!

  6. ok here comes the final review.....finally!!

  7. Final Review

    Enhanced Recovery (Anaerobic/Aerobic)
    While taking Cordygen VO2, my recovery was unbelievable!! The workouts seemed to be a breeze and wasn't tired at all. My rest time inbetween sets were at a max 30 sec. and this product really helped out. I really didn't need 30 seconds because after my set a few seconds later i was ready to hit the weights again. It worked awesome on leg day. Only thing i wished was that i could of used it on cardio, but i wasn't up for cardio.

    Increased Strength
    I don't believe i set any PR's only after, but my strength definitely increased with reps with weight that i usually do low reps on, with this product i was able to push out more reps, while also increasing weight.

    Focus/Stim Free Energy
    I noticed some good focus/energy from Cordygen VO2. Nothing you can get wired on, but a good sense of well being. The energy i would describe is that you're excited to do a workout, either running or weight training and not get all dreaded about it.

    Like i mentioned in my midterm, the biggest thing about my health was i got nauseaded and light headed from the product when i took 6 caps at a time. Stomach must be too sensitive However, gradually increasing the dosage and building a tolerance, would be the best way to go.

    Increased Libido
    At first, i really didn't notice anything in the increased libido area. Start of my second bottle i started to get some random woods throughout the day and was ready to get it on . Too bad i couldn't get the P

    Grade: A-

    I would like to thank Millennium Sport Technologies for selecting me as a tester for Cordygen VO2. This review is unbiased and hopefully is useful to any customers in the future buying this product. And finally a thanks to the people who followed me throughout this log


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