Fast Action Md1t Final Review

  1. Fast Action Md1t Final Review

    Final Review

    Start - 206
    Final - 214
    Total Gains - 8 pounds - Not bad at all.

    Start - 15%
    Final - 16%
    1% increase in bodyfat out of 8 pounds gained so about 6 pounds of solid weight

    Strength Gains

    Almost all my lifts increased by 20 pounds on my big three, Squats, Deads, and Bench Press and this is on my 5 rep max, not on a 1 rep max. I find gains in 5 rep maxes to be more indicative of overall strength gained on a cycle.

    Side Effects:
    Very few to really mention. Lethargy became pronounced at the very end of my cycle but was absent for the majority of time I was using MD1T. Libido was somewhat inconsistent some days I was like a hormone crazed teen and other days I was like a 90 year old man. Overall very tolerable. Appetite was the same way, some days I was voraciously hungry and my stomach was the size of Texas and other days I was eating like an anorexic teenage girl. Blood pressure was pretty stable which is rare with DMT but I have never had trouble with this compound. Shutdown has been pretty minimal as the boys are still decently sized and I was only starting to feel the dull aching in my testicles the last couple of days so I am thinking PCT is going to be a breeze and I may just stick to an AI, ATD rather than use a SERM at this time and save my supply for a big cycle I have planned in abut 8 weeks. (I have some 1-t, 4-ad transdermal I have been saving for a rainy day and I think it is about time to use up the last of my pre-ban stash)

    Overall thoughts
    - a pretty decent cycle with very few side effects with some good strength gains and respectable size gains. I will be honest and I think I might just prefer Pheraplex run solo as it tends to have a better effect on my mood, but the inclusion of the Finiginex did reduce the some of the water retention that one gets while on phera so it might be worth the trade off. I was pleased with my results while using this product and will undoubtedly be purchasing more products from Fast Action again in the future. Thanks for allowing me the chance to try out this product. I think anyone who uses it will be completely satisfied with their purchase and have a smooth cycle and add some quality size on their frame and a person can not really hope for more in a supplement than that.

  2. Nice review!!!
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!


  3. How many caps did you take per day?
    How long was your cycle?

    Many thanks

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