tight extreme

  1. tight extreme

    [nomedia="http://youtube.com/watch?v=s41zhNzXJ-4"]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]

  2. Supposedly you can't log that here? ... I'm running mine on another site...

    Tough love here - post some pics to back up the bf%
    From the vid you have up when your arm goes up it doesnt look to be in the single digits...

    But hey, we're in this journey at the same time so please don't take it the wrong way

    P.S. - I am goonstopher on the other board

  3. Im logging on both sites.

  4. [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0A5wDu6ntE"]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]

  5. This morning I took 1 cap. I had french toast at 400 calories. I also brought a shake to work 190 calories. 12 grams of protein from my eggo french toast and 16 grams from my shake with lecine. I will list time to time what I did daily. Most of my log will be just my body fat and things of that nature.

  6. Took it in the morning and felt very hungry by lunch. I will jot down tomorrow my lifts. I did triceps today. I weighted in at 140 today and I did not have time for the bf test so tomorrow I will do it.

  7. vid log tight. i need to do me one of these

  8. I took my cap this morning and I still ate like a pig. I was so hungry. I did cardio today maxed out the machine 16 minutes got in 1.5 miles. My goal next time is possibly 1.6 miles in 16 minutes using the same machine. Highest setting.

  9. [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oR2qOmVoTUI"]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]

  10. Last night I squatted 65x2+ bar and I went deep. 2 sets 6 reps.
    Leg presed 12 45x plates. I did calves as well but did not have time to do other exercises for my legs like leg extension and leg curls.
    I am hungry and its only 11. I took my cap at 9 oclock.

  11. Yesterday was bench. Incline 55 on each side 2 sets 6 reps
    regular bench 80 on each side + bar. 2 sets 6 reps.
    decline same 80 on each side + bar tired from the 1st 2 sets. 2 sets 6 reps.
    I felt exhausted in the morning taking the tight extreme. Hungry felt like I had the munches.

  12. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    Today I am doing not so good. I am hungry I feel dizzy as if I did not eat. I took my cap at 8 with my break feast. I will keep the board updated. Tell me what you think of my videos. Especially my last one.

  13. Yesterday was biceps and triceps. I curled 100 6 reps 2 sets. dumbell curled 25lbs 6 reps 1 set
    did 6 pullups with 10lbs.
    Tricep push down 77lbs. 6 reps 2 sets.
    60lb dips. 2 sets 6 reps.
    I felt great last night.

    This morning I took my breakfast and my cap. Not so sick. I will keep you updated. It is only 11. I took it at 8.

  14. Today was bicepts and forarms.

    I felt great today.

    100lbs 2 sets 6 reps.
    30lbs dumbell 2 sets 6 reps.
    1 cable curl each arm at 45lbs 1 set 6 reps.

    100lb formarm curl 12 reps 2 sets

    back curl 35x2+bar 12 reps 1 rep.

    Today I felt very hungry at around 10 oclock I feel as though I get hungry when taking it.

  15. That was friday night.

  16. Today was chest. Did not feel as bad today.

    I did dumbell press incline and decline instead of barbells today.

    Incline barbell I did 50 on each side + bar. 1 set.

    50lbs and 60lbs for incline and regular. 1 rep each

    Decline barbell i did 45x2+35x2+bar. 2 sets 6 reps.

  17. Today was back. Last night was tricep.

    Cable pull down 132lbs 2 sets 6 reps.
    cable row 2 sets at 168lbs. 6 reps.
    Dead lift 45x4+50+10+bar 2 sets 6 reps
    Pull ups 20lbs 6 reps wide grip 1 set.
    shurgs 110 2 sets 12 reps.
    barbell shurgs 45x4+50+20+bar 12reps.

    Today was not bad. Next week I will check my bf again.

  18. Yesterday was bicep and forarms.

    Bicep curls 100lbs 2 sets 6 reps.
    dumbell curl 2 sets 6 reps 30 lbs.
    Hammer curl 36lbs. 1 set 6 reps.

    Today was bench.

    I started with regular bench so I benched 195 2 sets 6 reps.
    Inclined 95+bar 2 sets 6 reps.
    Decline 95+50+bar. 2 sets 6 reps.

    I was very tired from a long day yesterday at work.

  19. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPqbIMxeQWM"]YouTube - SATORI ARTS- WARRIOR TRAINING[/ame] This was friday 2 hours of training for my cardio session.

  20. So does the **** work or not? I registered via this forum just for that answer.. through-out your Youtube escapades I was not able to understand what the hell this product did! I need a damn appetite suppressant yet at the same time energy..

    Since understanding a supplement could do this for me I've since stopped abusing Adderalls and its new improved version Vyvanse.. even though within 2 days I lost actual weight using... and within a week obtained a six pack.. I need something close ... a supplement... does the supplement Tight Extreme do any thing?

    Because god damn Hydroxycut does nothing for me, not even an extra heart beat.. hydroxycut hardcore.. and that pissed my wallet off so wtf is up?

    I got a letter detailing this new product with my protein bars.. just want to make sure I'm not bamboozled again into catchy advertising!

  21. For some time now I've abused Vyvanse, the better version new improved of Adderall. The appetite suppressant is wonderful, focus even an extra perk...

    Yet I know I can't keep up with demand and supply.. so I need a supplement that will give me the AMP I need and fat burning qualites. Hydroxycut hardcore did ****.. not even a jump in energy and if so prolly from me thinking it was but no. No anything from that product and just today with my protien bars I got a paper saying something about Tight Extreme, you reviewed it so what is it like and will I be let down? Everyone's body is different but come on!


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