Syperdrol NG cycle

  1. Syperdrol NG cycle

    Just wanted to post a usage cycle to help me track my results and share info with others. Started SNG yesterday. Both today and yesterday four caps in two separate doses. I'm mostly interested in clean weight gain but I will also note if their are any clear strength gains. Weight as of today is 240lbs. Hoping to be over 250 by end of this cycle. Felt a little jittery yesterday but I was a little sleep deprived didn't notice any jitters today. I do feel a little hotter than normal but its summer in AZ. Maybe coincidental but had the runs yesterday and today sounds weird just putting it out there. I'll post pretty often depending on any noted results. Please ask any questions or provide info on ways to improve SNG use.

  2. 4 caps....thats a pretty hefty dose of DHEA...

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