Red Dog's Velocity Diet w/ Levi-R, TTA, Salvia Miltiorrhiza and Reset-AD Log

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  1. Day 5: April 29th

    Morning Weight: 182.5
    Night Weight: 183.5
    Total Weight Loss: ~9 lbs

    Sorry for the delay!


    More of the same!

    Replaced Meal 5 w/ lean chicken breast.


    No HIIT today.

    60 minute heavy training session around 8:00pm of full body (except shoulders).

    Lifts were maintained but I was physically drained..


    Here's the story -- so I keep the majority of the protein I use in an older Real Gains bucket (holds ~5 lbs) in a box thing in my home gym/tv room downstairs. Well, tuesday night I'm re-arranging some sh!t around after class ended last week and I asked my brother to help take the crap in the front half of the room out to the garage so I can bring some other stuff in.. Naturally, he grabs the lightest thing he sees (my supp box) and carries it out, but DROPS IT HALFWAY THERE, and for whatever outrageous reason, the mother ****in bucket somehow landed perfectly and popped open and spilt all over my dirty, dirty garage floor.. SOO the only useable protein I had left was the small 1lb thing I keep in my car.. long story short, I have to order more to keep this up..

    BUT, it may have been a good thing, cause after doing some reading and conversing a bit to a local gym owner in my area (not a professional but an amateur BBr), we concluded that my metabolism (among other things) could really benefit from some refeeds as opposed to just days on end with only ~1400-1600 calories along with workouts.

    The combination of the two made me decide to do a heavy refeed on April 30th (which, I won't lie, was soooo ready to do) a reduced transition day on May 1st, and then back to low-carb quasi-V-Diet starting May 2nd. After gathering several other opinions, I think this is the best way to go at this point..

    VERY sorry to those who were planning on seeing me run the V-Diet straight (although I had only planned for about 2 weeks).. But I will do my best to keep you updated on every change I make..

    and I don't think many of you are willing to go that long without refeeds anyways!

    I WILL continue all my supp usage just like I planned and note any changes I make..

    *General Note*:

    Feeling more tired than usual and workouts are getting quite strenuous.. My glycogen is probably at baseline haha and I need some carbs god dammit.

  2. Day 6: April 30th

    Morning Weight: 182
    Night Weight: 185
    Total Weight Loss: ~7 lbs



    Today was pretty much all about starches..

    6-7 meals which were primarily pastas and various kinds of breads with an ample amount of fruits and veggies.

    ~1.5 gallons of water and 1 diet soda.

    Tried to keep the bad kind of fat out my life for the most part and just focused on getting some energy stores back.

    Reduced flax seeds from 3 servings to 2 servings.

    No supp changes EXCEPT only went half dose on Leviathan.

    Roughly 25-30g fat, 200g protein, and ~600 carbs.


    My dog ran off in the woods into the creek so I had to do about 20 minutes of jogging around trying to find and corral his punk ass.


    *General Note*: Trying to let my body recover from the bullsh!t I put it through the past week.

    *General Note*: The gain in weight is almost certainly glycogen and water retention and should be at a similar level tomorrow morning! Lots of water, lots of carbs, lots of nutrients, and lots of r&r.

  3. As of May 1st I am getting ridiculously sick (sinus/head/throat) and am gonna ease up on the training and strict diet here for a bit..

    But I will be back once I feel like what I'm doing is actually worth logging!

  4. Sorry to hear that RD, hang in there and get better soon so you can get back in the gym to kick some more ass!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Norwegian View Post
    Haha, of course I mean Lyle McDonald ! I don't know what world I was in when I said Michael .. I've been preaching the U.D 2.0 in every log I've ran on this board, as the results were great every time I ran it !
    Hey, I'm Sporto. UD2 is awesome and always yields awesome results. If you are familiar with Lyle, he just recently came out with a new book (that's me on the cover lol) about his new stubborn fat protocol. A couple of the methods he descirbes would work wonders with the cardio days of UD2.

    IFPA Professional Bodybuilder
    NASM Certified Personal Trainer
    Scivation Sponsored Athlete

  6. Great log.

    How did things end up for you buddy?
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  7. I'm thinking about trying did it end up?


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