I've been using Designer Supplements Adrenalean for almost two weeks now. I honestly can't give much feedback at this point on overall fatloss, however tha euphoric effects are quite pleasing. In fact, it feels more like a nootropic formula than anything else with consistant focus and smooth energy that lasts on average 4.5 hours. Because it's not very stim heavy IMHO, I find little to NO crash with this product.

Adrenalean + Primaforce Durablast when taken together is an even greater combo with which I've also stumbled upon over tha last few days. Recommended dose of each almost doubles tha life of Adrenalean and is very reminiscent of old Stim X samples I've tried without that uber-cracked feeling.

If you are in tha market for a cognitive fat burner, you'll want to give this one a spin.