Would like to share my experiences with a "nucleotide" supplement called "NuBound." It's a recovery formula, unique in nature (at least from what I've ever taken), and I have had astounding success with it.

I initially heard of the product at RunnersWorld.com, a site that I trust. They did a small article on endurance supplementation; one of the reviews discussed EnduroxR4(if anyone is interested by that). I believe the testers were employees/athletes on the site, and the individual who tested NuBound was a seasoned road racer. He noted that he was able to run more 5K races, as the expected "stiffness" post-race never came.

I gave it a shot, and I'm about a month and a half in. Very impressed with the results. The typical training day for me is running in the morning, and a Crossfit WOD in the evening. Recovery has been higher for myself than ever, and I'm real pumped about that. I write that in terms of both my legs bouncing back from running and from the demand of my weight routine. Rarely have I been sore (am I right now though, ironically... unrelated though). I have enjoyed the same results as the tester - I feel good to go every day.

Highly recommend this supplement to an endurance trainee looking to bring their recovery speed to the next level. I've been training harder, and I've been recovery faster and enjoying a stronger immune system. Cost wise, it's about $1 a day for the recommended dosage.

nuBOUND ~ Recover Rebuild Rebound
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