PH Cycle - suggestions and help

  1. PH Cycle - suggestions and help

    :good:I have got these 3 products in my shelf but do not know how to use them, need help: Super Flex , Super Halo, Super Tren (Black China Labs).

    Pls answer these questions, considering I have never used any PHs:
    Which one to use first, second and third?
    Which supps as support?
    Do they all require PCT?
    Which ones are more liver toxic?

    Which supps to use along (e.g. creatine, ZMA, lipo 6, NO2 are in my shelf too)?
    Any other advice?

    Pls consider I am 39, 6'4, 210 pounds, 12% BF, athletic since puberty but in a plateau for years.

    Thank you guys.

  2. i would first start off with super halo since it is the most mild.The only supps i take for support is cycle support.YES they all require PCT.super flex is the most liver toxic and all around harsh but has amazing far as the other supps that you have they are all fine to take exept for the ZMA which i would wait to take with your PCT.since you have plateaued i think a ph cycle would be a good choice

  3. Thanks for your post, really helpful.

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