PCT question that could easily become an epi/ai log

  1. PCT question that could easily become an epi/ai log

    Hi hows it going guys. I recently ordered a bottle of epistane along with ai's cycle support. Im expecting the package sometime this week. I'm 26 years old and in good health, I eat a healthy diet (it does include "real food" but no crap) and workout 4-5 days a week consistently for the last 6 months. I've been preloading on milk thistle and will probably keeping taking it along with cycle support throughout the cycle.

    Im not going to pulse (atleast not in the conventional way outlined by dr. d) i was thinking more like 30mgs on workout days and 10mgs on off days for 3-4 weeks. Ive read a lot of contradictory reviews regarding pct for an epistane cycle and i dont wanna get an illegal substance (serms) for pct for a legal one (epi) because that just seems a$s backwards to me. If I had to deal with black market steroid dealers for pct supps I would just shoot test in my butt and be done with it (obviously trying to avoid this route). I have a cool doctor and if i told him the situation im sure he would help me get back on track, but that requires a wait and see attitude which i feel is a little reckless going into a cycle. So along with post cycle support by ai is there a LEGAL pct supplement that will get the job done, and if not what the hell is the point of a legal substance that requires illegal pct?

    well if theres any interest in my progression on epi along with the ai products post a response and show me and ill throw up some pics and outline my workout and diet in a little more detail...thanks in advance guys i've never posted here but been reading and following you guys for a while now.

  2. Most Importantly!

    No Excuses & No ***** ***: A Stupid People's Guide to PCT

    SERM + P.C.T Guide

    Now please, anyone is free to discuss this and tell me I've totally got it wrong or need to add something. Now with that said:

    Bloodwork! I cannot / we cannot say this enough that it is highly recommended to get bloodwork so you know how to run your PCT and WHAT you need to run on your PCT.

    1. SERM - Torem, Ralox, Nolvadex etc

    Example Torem Dosing: - As per Interlocutor
    Day 1-5 = 120mg Torm
    Day 6-21 = 60mg Torm
    Day 22-28 = 30mg Torm

    Alternative Torm Dosing:
    Week1: Days 1-3: 120mg Torm, Days 4-7: 90 mg Torm
    Week2: 60mg Torm
    Week3: 60mg Torm
    Week4: 30mg Torm

    You should monitor this carefully and will most likely bounce back rather quickly with this SERM as per reports given by experienced users on the board.

    Example Nolva Dosing:
    Wk1: 40,40,40,20,20,20,20
    Wk2: 20mg everyday
    Wk3: 10mg everyday
    Wk4: 10mg everyday

    I am not sure why anyone would go above these dosages, as per Dinoii, as the large body of studies / material backs up dosages no more than 40mg and mainly focuses on 20mg / 10mg dosage schemes. More is not better

    2. Cycle Support - Cycle Support(Highly Recommended), Liver Longer, Perfect Cycle, Liv52, NAC, SAMe.

    3. AI - Formestane(Highly Recommended), 6-OXO / Androstenetrione.

    4. Anti-Cort - X-Lean, Retain 2, Lean Xtreme, 11-OxO, Abliderate (8oz), B-Androstenetriol

    5. Test Booster - Good reviews or I have used: Sustain Alpha(Recommended), Drive, T-Force, Activate(original).

    NON-Rx SERM + P.C.T Guide

    1. Non Rx SERM - Post Cycle Support(Recommended), Sustain Alpha(Recommended)

    2. Cycle Support - Cycle Support(Highly Recommended), Liver Longer, Perfect Cycle, Liv52, NAC, SAMe, Advanced PCT.

    3. AI - Formestane(Recommended), Sustain Alpha(Recommended), 6-OXO / Androstenetrione.

    4. Anti-Cort - X-Lean, Retain 2, Lean Xtreme, 11-OxO, Abliderate (8oz), B-Androstenetriol

    5. Test Booster - Good reviews or have used the following: Sustain Alpha(Recommended), Drive, T-Force, Activate(original).

    All of the products and protocols above are open to discussion. This is not a hard and fast list but a guide to help.

    With that said Epistane style products on a non extreme usage style cycle are going to use a less extreme PCT. Better not to have huge hormonal swinging in either direction. Calm, steady and relative therapy is recommended.

    Things To Note

    1. You will most likely want to run your AI (Formestane) for a month or so after finishing your PCT therapy to make sure you experience no estrogen rebound / flooding. If you run your PCT for four weeks, as you ramp down on your SERM etc ramp up on your Formestane / AI so, to as keep your estrogen under control. There has been talk of SERMs actually exacerbating this problem due to kicking test up too high then *boom!* man boobs!

    2. Once done your PCT, and AI time ramp it down slowly until about one month after PCT

    3. Gynomastia - >>>Read This!<<< and >>>This!<<<

    4. Real Gynomastia Before & After's:

    5. Love your Liver!

  3. I would say you are interested in the Non RX Serm section above.

  4. Thanks so much neo, you're the man. So from what I understand gyno is more of an issue after you stop with an epi cycle as a result of rebound estrogen so an AI would be useful starting on like week 2-3 of pct?

    oh...if you could indulge me a little further, what serm would you take following a low dose cycle of epi? and will running ai's cycle support alongside epi interfere with my body's ability to absorb epi efficiently?

  5. I was also considering grabbing some 3-ad or 11 oxo while i still can would it be worth stacking with epi or waiting until after the cycle?

  6. heres a quick list of other stuff i take daily

    omega 3 fish oil
    alpha lipoic acid
    acetyl l carnitine
    multi vit.


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