Stuck between Plasmajet and Hemodraulix

  1. Stuck between Plasmajet and Hemodraulix

    Not sure which one to use, and before i blow my $$$ duckies, just wondering if anyone has got any feedback on either of these?


  2. Here's a link to my log man, hope this helps:

  3. Craigs log is a great example of what most have said about Hemo. It's a simple straight forward log to follow, check it out.
  4. thanks guys

    will do...............!

  5. well plasmajet will yield the greatest results when stacked with superpump 250, size on, novedex xt, halodrol liquigels, and any other products made by gaspari. so id say do it man.

  6. novadex with halodrol?

    im not sure about that one..........i do love the superpump 250 though, only thing better but you can't ever find it is methyl efx. Thanks bro

  7. I got a pack to try I will let y'all know


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