YRD from Pure, mini review

  1. YRD from Pure, mini review

    An interesting situation has come up. I recently won 3 bottles of USP product, and so I asked for 1 AP and 2 Recreate. However, I'm assuming the high demand of Recreate prevented me from getting that. Instead I got an AP, A Pslin and a YRD.

    I have never seen YRD before. It's from Pure Supplements. For those of you who don't know, Pure is a sister company to USPlabs. I figured I would give it a try for my workout today.

    Here's it's profile;

    YRD-complex 990mg

    Glucoronolactone, Caffeine, Geranium.

    I've wanted to try Geranium, as I've heard it's a very good energy supplement, so I took 2, 30 minutes before my workout. At the time of my workout, I didn't really notice a huge spike in energy, but I will say I scored my best time in my crossfit workout (I did a "Fran" in under 5 minutes), so perhaps it helped there. I had no extra energy to do anything else after my workout, however.

    BUt it wasn't until I went to work after my workout that I really noticed it. It is a very similar feeling to ephedrine. An aweness of the body and breathing. I don't think it was quite as much energy as ephedrine (although my body is tired from my workout), but the feeling was almost exactly the same. It was good, but also kind of uncomfortable. I'm not jittery per se, but my teeth are grinding a bit.

    This may be a good dance supplement for me. I look forward to trying it under those circumstances. I also will report back tommorow if I am congested or not, which is something that happens to me the day after I take ephedrine. If this is something that will give me the effect of ephedrine without the ****ty next day, we may have a winner. I would not take it however on a daily basis, as it is too much for me all the time.


  2. I'm happy to say I don't feel congested today. So, it wasn't as strong as ephedrine, but it seems to not ruin me the next day. I'm looking forward to trying it out on a night of dancing.

  3. I reneg. I am congested. Yesterday was particularly bad. I'm suceptable to this with strong stimulants, so I'm not saying it would happen to someone else who used it, but it relegates this supplement to being not as useful to me since it seems not quite as strong as ephedrine, but causes the same problems.

  4. ah thats the same as adrenaline from Genera.

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