Tat's adding the XFactor to Drive at high RPMs

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    Tat's adding the XFactor to Drive at high RPMs

    I was picked by JJohn (much thanks) as a tester for XFactor, Drive, and RPM. I would also like to thank all of the people at App Nut. as well.

    I am still trying to figure out how exactly I am going to run this, but I have 2 100 count bottles of XFactor so running 4 caps a day would yield 50 days which is what I plan on doing. The RPM I will be running at 4 caps per day, 2 110 count bottles will last 55 days, and then Drive 2 110 count bottles at 7 caps per day will last 31 days. I do plan on working my way up dosing wise on the Drive, as I do tend to get GI issues, so for the first week I am going to ramp up slowly.

    As far as timing goes, the XFactor will be taken with 4 meals taken as even as possible apart. RPM will be 1 hour pre workout as directed and then on non workout days I will take it in the afternoon. Drive will be 4 caps with breakfast, and 3 caps 1 hour pre workout. Starting out I will do 1 cap with breakfast and 2 caps pre workout and work my way up from there.

    I weighed in today at 208lbs, still a bit shy from where I was before. My training is as follows:
    Monday: Legs (usually consists of Squats, incline leg presses, leg extensions, leg curls, and various calf raises)
    Tuesday: Biceps, Triceps, Delts (tomorrow will be my first day with a new program for this that I am getting from WNBF Mr. Universe Jim Cordova who is a good friend of mine and has been helping me out with training)
    Wed: Off
    Thursday: Chest (I do various DB presses at different angles each time, 3 exercises, 3 sets each, then I finish with various angle chest fly's, where I will do 6-7 sets)
    Friday: Back (again, I will be working with Jim on a new routine for my back)

    I will weigh in weekly, usually on Monday's and report any changes. I will also be keeping a close eye on the mirror and how my clothes fit. At this time, I wear a 36x36 pant, and depending on the cut of the shirt and shoulders, either XL or XXL. If I had to guess my bodyfat % now, I would say I am in between 10-12% based off my avatar (please let me know if I am off on this). I am very vascular so any changes in BF I should be able to tell pretty easy.

    Other supps taken will be the normal for me, daily multi vitamin, glucosomine, and PSlin before workouts. Other than that, nothing will be added or changed with my daily supplements for the duration of this log.

    I am overhauling my diet a bit, but the basis is staying the same.

    Upon waking I drink 2 scoops of whey protein in skim milk. Shortly thereafter I eat a MetRX MRP bar. 2 hours after that, I have 2 more scoops of whey protein and a carb source either oatmeal or a bagel. Lunch always consists of a Sam's club sized helping of chicken fried rice. Pre workout is 2 scoops of whey protein, skim milk, and a sweet potato or cheerios. Post workout consists of 70g powdered gatorade with 5g creatine mono, and 2 scoops of whey protein. Dinner differs each night, but I stay with either a chicken breast or steak for protein source, and hash browns or pasta for my carb source.

    As stated, I will start this as of tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled. If anyone has any questions or thoughts on why I should change something, please let me know and I will look into it. I am pretty in tune with my body and know what works for me and what doesnt. I am an ectomorph and can get away eating alot of stuff without putting on fat (as seen in my signature and under the Pics section of the forum).

    Off to the races gentlemen (and ladies)!

  2. I liked taking 2 of the x-factor caps with the pre-workout meal and the other 2 separately, but thats just me

  3. tattoopierced1
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    I may end up just taking it in 2 doses like you suggested to keep it simple for me. In fact, that is what I will do. Thanks Easy.
  4. tattoopierced1
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    Did biceps with Jim on Tuesday and my arms are still sore. We did a bunch of unorthodox exercises, but they seem to work so I'm going to stick with whatever he has me do. As of tomorrow, I'll be on the 7 caps of Drive. Been working my way up throughout the week to help with my tolerance to the fors. I'll be dosing 6 caps today and really havent had any major GI problems as of yet. Will update again weight wise on Monday. Today is chest and triceps, tomorrow will be back/shoulders as I could not do anymore after Tuesday's workout.

  5. its kind of interesting, I think I had a similar experience with forskolin. the very first time I used it, it caused bathroom issues and they were hard to get them to stop, eventually it did tho. I took 2 months off of forskolin related compounds, forgot entirely about the whole forskolin fudge thing and jumped back in at full dose and it never bothered me at all.

    what sort of unorthodox stuff?

  6. tattoopierced1
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    we did alot of pulling exercises with various cable machines that one would associate with back exercises, but we pulled with bi's. I literally had a hard time putting a phone to my ear for 3 hours afterwards my arms were so pumped.. they are still extremely sore 2 days later. I loved it.
  7. tattoopierced1
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    Just some notes from yesterday;
    I did notice a bit of appetite suppression, but didnt think much of it until I read another log and noticed they had the same thing with appetite. I am going to see if it continues today, hopefully it was just a fluke.

    On a side note, I know I usually stay away from it, but I hopped on the scale yesterday and am up +1lb on the scale.
  8. tattoopierced1
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    Update from yesterday:
    Worked quads and had a great workout. Fantastic energy throughout. Mentally I was so hyped up to go in and destroy my legs. I have noticed that I am staying a bit more sore than normal after a workout, this is a good feeling. Might take an extra day to recover. I am still up +1lb on the scale, but my muscles feel fuller throughout the day.

    Appetite seems to be back on track as well. There for a couple of days I almost felt like I had a bit of appetite suppression but that seems to have passed.

    Other than that, nothing to report, feeling great and ready for the XFactor to kick in. Hopefully in the next week or so, but in the meantime, I'm loving me some RPM and Drive.
  9. tattoopierced1
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    Today is my off day. Just thought I'd update a bit on how I feel today. I ate a decent sized lunch, but I feel bloated for some reason. I'm not eating as much as I do on days I lift, but I feel very bloated for some reason. I can also tell a big difference with taking the RPM daily instead of just on days I lift like I had in the past. I am much more easily agitated but in a good way, I want to go in and kill the weights when I go to the gym. I'm also having a very full, dense feeling to my muscles, which I would attribute to the Drive. The first time I took it, I only took 4 caps per day and didnt notice much, now at 7 caps a day, I can tell a difference. Xfactor still hasnt kicked in yet as far as I can tell, but as read, it may take a few weeks.. hoping that next week I will start seeing a positive gain on the scale.

    That is all for today, had a great bicep workout yesterday and am looking forward to chest day tomorrow.

    Went for a walk down by the river yesterday with my doberman and it was warm enough to go without a shirt, got some nice reactions from the ladies, honking from their cars or consistently running past me and catching them look out the corner of their eye.. ahh i'm glad its finally getting close to summer...
  10. tattoopierced1
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    Up to 210lbs, so I'm up +2lbs total. We filmed squats today at the gym for my friend Jim's website, so that is all I did for an hour and a half was squats, legs still got a great workout. Still waiting for the XFactor to kick in, hoping this will be the week... Still loving the RPM and Drive. Glad I'm not having the GI issues like before with Drive, even at a higher dose.
  11. tattoopierced1
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    nothing special to report (sorry). Diet has been on point as well as training, just really havent noticed anything spectacular yet. I figured by now I'd be feeling the XFactor, but really havent yet besides some a tad bit more DOMS than normal.
  12. tattoopierced1
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    Had a really good bi/tri workout last night. Great pumps and energy throughout the workout. Peeked at the scale again and still at 210.5lbs.

    Anyone else that has taken XFactor notice taking this long to kick in?

  13. its a bit long, is the first bottle done yet? i notice it at the last day or two of the first bottle
  14. tattoopierced1
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    Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    its a bit long, is the first bottle done yet? i notice it at the last day or two of the first bottle
    not sure.. i keep a bottle here at work, and a bottle at home, I'd say I'm through a bottle, if not, its close.

  15. yeah, normally a bottle is 25 days so I think you are right about at that. should be any time now. Its not exactly a huge difference but heavier doms, and a thru the day "thick + heavy" feeling in the muscle groups worked
  16. tattoopierced1
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    I've just been experiencing very mild doms.. just a little more than normal.. hopefully though things will start up soon.
  17. tattoopierced1
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    215lbs, weight surprised me extremely. +4.5lbs. Up +7lbs from the start weight of 208lbs.

    During squats today, I actually felt like I got stronger after each set. It seems the 3rd set was easier than the 1st set, weird. The same did not apply to the rest of the workout though, leg presses were rough, and leg extensions were painful during my last set. Other than that, things are really starting to take off.
  18. tattoopierced1
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    Posting up a change in my diet:
    Breakfast: 2 scoops protein, 1 cup oats
    Snack: 1 wholegrain bagel, 2 scoops protein
    Lunch: 7-10oz pasta, chicken or steak
    PreWorkout: 1 wholegrain bagel, or 1 sweet potato, 2 scoops protein
    Post Workout: 70g powdered gatorade, 2 scoops protein
    Dinner: varies, either Steak or Chicken, pasta or potatoes

  19. I noticed the same a couple of times while on x-factor, like my normal warmup didn't really fully warm me up. So i'd hit 7 reps to failure on first set, but then manage 10 at failure second set. interesting
  20. tattoopierced1
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    took a sneak at the scale today, 218lbs, thats +3lbs since Monday, and +10lbs since the start of this log. This is insane crazy to be getting gains like this. I do notice I feel a little bloated in the mid section area and feel like I might have put on just a smidge of fat, but other than that, I feel very full and huge (in a good way)
  21. tattoopierced1
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    220lbs, +2lbs since 4 days ago. +12lbs overall. No more bloated feeling, upped my calorie intake to 4800 calories so hoping to keep the gains coming while keeping the fat to zero/minimal as possible. Havent really noticed anything in the strength department that is outside of normal strength coming with weight gain. Had my last dose of Drive on Sunday, so I am on the tail end of things, still have about another 5-7 days of RPM left. I'd love to see another 5-10lbs increase which as of lately, I dont see that as being odd seeing how much weight I've gained in a short period of time, before going into a cut for summer.

    People are starting to make comments on how thick I'm looking which is a good feeling seeing as I'm still very lean.

  22. I'd say your run is a very successful one. Have you taken your body composition at any point during the log?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  23. tattoopierced1
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    I'd say your run is a very successful one. Have you taken your body composition at any point during the log?
    no, but I am always looking in the mirror constantly to check progress and I've only put very minimal fat gain, mainly around my lower back, again, just enough for me to notice a slight increase, but everywhere else I am still very very lean.

  24. that really is some sweet progress. nice to be able to put those lbs on without something monkeying with your hormonal systems
  25. tattoopierced1
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    weight is holding steady now. I am going to add in more good fats to my diet, as I am lacking I feel, in good fat intake. This should kick the gains back into overdrive hopefully. Other than that, I havent been sleeping well, and am very very tired today. I'm ready for a long weekend so I can hopefully get re-centered and catch up on some much needed rest.


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