I'll be starting a an M-drol cycle starting tommarow. I plan on running it for 3-4 weeks depending on sides after week 3 (this is my second run of m-drol) Prob. gunna look like this
Week 1: first four days 10mg, rest of week 20mg
Week 2: 20 mg
Week 3: 20 mg
week 4: pending

week 1:nolva @ 40
week 2: nolva @ 40
week 3 nolva @ 20
week 4 nolva @ 20

support supplments:
8 life support caps a day, spread throughout the day (also have some cycle support, but i wanna knock through this life support first)
100 mg of ALA spread throughout the day
10 grams of fish oils a day

Other supplements: taurine for the pumps, caffeine when necessary, multi, green + caps

Calories will be above maintaince, im gunna taper up with the calories, starting at around 3100 calories for the first four days, than move up to 3500 calories @ week 2, depending on where i am with weight at week 3 i may adjust the calories up or down.

Goal: I want to maximize lean mass gains, while reducing fat gains, realistically gains of 5 to 7 pounds (lean) would be nice.

Meal Template:
Meal 1: 1/2 cup of oats, 50 grams of whey, large banana, fish oils, spoonful of almonds

Meal 2: chicken, olive oil, chickpeas, spinach

Meal 3: pre workout: 10 grams of BCAA, scoop of Optimum 2:1:1
post workout: 10 grams of BCAA, scoop of Optimum 2:1:1

Meal 4: hour later: 2 cups of cheerios, skim milk, 40 grams of whey

Meal 5: 10 ounces of lean ham, mixed in with brocolli

Meal 6: chicken, brown rice, sweet potato

Meal 7: cottage cheese, walnuts