Background Information:

I'm at about ten years lifting experience, and while I wish I could say I've been 100% dedicated during that time, it has been on and off.
As far as prior supplement use experience, probably just about everything under the sun and then some,
hell it'd take an hour to list everything, so i'll just be leaving it at that.

Current Stats:

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 208 lbs.

BF: 14% range


Sub 10% BF

Quite simply I want visible abs again, it's been awhile since they've shown, so mainly that'll be my objective. However, I will have significant focus on maintaining my current strength level throughout, I work a very physically demanding job and need my strength.


Any days involving weights will be circuit training.

Monday: Chest

Tuesday: Abs/HIIT

Wensday: Shoulders

Thursday: Abs/HIIT

Friday: Back

Saturday: Legs

Sunday: Either off or Abs/HIIT based upon how I feel.

**Routine might vary slightly and possibly tweaked during the log.


I'd say I was going to use the dietracker to keep my macros in check, but frankly every time I start doing that I end up getting lazy/forgetting to do so.

The diet will mainly be based upon carb cycling and will obliviously be very clean.
I doubt i'll post every detail unless requested; quite simply the main point of this log is to put recreate through the ringer and see what it can do.


Diesel Test Hardcore
AP/Pslin (Only on high carb days, so about once a week)
Lipoderm Ultra

*Supplements are always subject to change

Additional Information:

Only other thing I'd like to add is I just finished a bulking cycle, and currently am still in PCT, so theres a few unlisted things also at work. I don't really consider the PCT something thats going to really effect this log at all though. I've always had very high success with my PCTs and gain retention.

Feedback and questions are welcome and appreciated. Though most of my plans i'm pretty decided on because quite simply I know what works for me.

Disclaimer: Any references in this thread may or may not be factual and are for educational purposes only. I take no responsibility for your actions if you in anyway decide to attempt to mimic or copy my routine/setup.

Pics will be added