Supercissus RX (Unsponsored)

  1. Supercissus RX (Unsponsored)

    " SuperCissus Rx
    World's Strongest Joint Formula
    Discover Cissus Quadrangularis - Ancient Indian Joint Miracle - That Completely 'Bullet-Proofs' Your Body - Eliminating Your Joint Pain - Even Old, Nagging Injuries - And Forging Your Tendons And Ligaments Stronger Than Steel Rods!"

    I have been impressed with USP Lab's products, and having taking a different brand of cissus personally, I decided to give this extract a try for my dad. Here's some background info.

    Age: 57
    Exercise: Jogs 3-4/week, Doesn't do weights
    Previous Activities: Competitive Swimmer in University
    Current Lifestyle: Seated Job (Dentist)

    Other Supplements: Fish Oil, Vitamin C, Multi, Calcium, Glcusamine + Chondroitin, Baby Aspirin
    Supercissus RX Dosing: 3 caps/day. 2 In the morning and 1 pre-bed (He is too busy to take one mid-day he claims, so this is the best I can do)

    Symptoms: Has sore lateral ligaments on either side of his left knee, has back stiffness (Can't sit in a car for too long) and also complains of stiffness in his hip.

    I've heard alot of previous positive reports about Supercissus RX use by older men to help with their joint pain, so I'm hoping to find a panacea for him, because glucosamine and fish oil just doesn't cut it. If anybody wants to chime in regarding personal experiences (i.e. how long until you felt a difference), comments, suggestions, I'm all ears! I've tried talking him into switching to the elliptical from the treadmill, and he switches it up now, but with the weather turning nice outside I have a feeling he's going to start running more outside.

    Start: Mar 21st 2008
    End: TBD (Results depending, it might become a staple for him)

  2. I'd definitely throw some MSM in there as well, it is great for the joints and tendons, but from what i've heard cissus is amazing.

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  3. Very cool, Steve. I'm subbed.

  4. 2 Week Update:

    I had a chance to talk with my dad briefly about the Supercissus, and after 2 weeks he said his back isn't bothering him as much , but the kneee really still is. I tried convincing him that the cissus was helping his back, but he keeps saying he doesn't think it was the real problem. So I guess his knees and hips will be the true tests! He also said that some days he was only taking 2, so I stressed he should be taking 3 because he does weight 190ish.

    The next update I'll get via email so I can copy and paste it for you guys

  5. If his knees are in perticularly bad shape, maybe he should try 4 a day, atleast for the first while.

  6. 1 Month Update

    As far as dosing goes, I try and get him to take 3-4 a day, but more often than not he only takes 2 upon waking. Progress wise, his knees are still quite sore. He says he hasn't noticed any improvement, but I do feel that 2 caps/day is not enough to receive the benefits so I'm not blaming Supercissus for the lack of results. I'm home now, so I'm going to make sure he takes 4 caps/day and will see if he notices any better improvements.


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