My Experience With IGF-2 & Drive

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  1. My Experience With IGF-2 & Drive (Log Completed!)

    ________The Results and Review!________
    First off I would again like to thank Lanbane and Applied Nutriceuticals for this opportunity. It was a great experience with great results.

    DRIVE: This is a solid product. It does what it says it will and is almost guaranteed to put you in a good mood all day long. While it was difficult to differentiate between the effects of Drive and IGF-2, I can safely say that this product worked it's magic. I experienced increased endurance first and noticed it on about day 8, I believe. After that, the strength, vascularity and muscle separation all steadily increased. I think my pictures will show that it also proved to be a muscle builder, also!

    From the Nutraplanet page along with my rating out of 10:
    Increase muscle strength & speed
    Increase endurance
    Promote lean muscle growth
    Speed recovery time
    Enhance sexual performance
    Improve mood

    The only effect that I didn't really notice was improved sexual performance. I guess since I usually have a full head of steam in the bedroom that it would be hard to improve upon.

    41 of 60
    D+ (Don't let this fool you, it's still a very solid and powerful product. But the s are just the way the cookie crumbles)

    IGF-2: I love this ****! In my mind, and it may just be in my mind, this product delivered a huge punch and offered up everything it said it would. Sleep was incredible, strength was huge, vascularity, seperation, pumps and a 'full' feel were all there and very noticeable. Once I get more disposable income, this will be a staple in my pantry until the end of time.

    My rating out of 10:
    Increased Test
    Increased GH

    54 of 60

    Ending Stats:
    I went from 182-5 to about 190 give or take. Weird thing is I was on a cutting diet for the first 3 weeks of this log. Most representative description for this log would by my wide grip pull ups. Before I started, I could barely, if at all, do 3x8. Yesteday I did 4x12 and could have done more. Kick ass.

    ________The Muscle Cometh!________
    Dose:Normal, 5 pills left in the bottle for today!
    Effects: Similar, awesome, cool, wicked, tubular etc.
    Sides: None
    Thoughts/notes: Had a nice and ugly 6am chest workout today. Felt like total ass when I got there but by the time I was done warming up I was ready to go. I'm still amazed at the weights I'm able to put up compared to 30 days ago. I'm cutting this day's summary short for the final review.

    Day: 29
    Effects: Jacked
    Sides: None
    Thoughts/notes: Killer back workout today. I actually got a pump going in my back which is usually difficult for me to do. It's weird, but seems as though my muscle pumps have gotten stronger since I came off of Drive. I donno what that's about. Anyways, strength is still going up. I did 4x12 of wide grip pull ups to start today and it was cake. Before this stack I could barely do 3x8. Pumps in my forearms were also insane. I couldn't pinch any skin at all they muscles were so tight. I've decided that once I can afford it, igf-2 will be a year round supplement for me. It makes waking up at 630 for an 8am class sooooooo much easier.
    Only 1 day left! Holla

    Day: 28
    Weight: 188
    Dose: Normal
    Effects: Continuing, great pumps
    Sides: None
    Thoughts/notes: Did shoulders and traps today. Weights were lighter than ever. Entire workout felt great. Pumps in my shoulders were pretty intense. Not sure what's specifically causing them, since I'm not on drive anymore. Strength is still steadily increasing which is amazing. I figured after the initial boost in strength that it would subside as the ingredients settled into my system. Fortunately for me I was wrong. 2 days remaining!

    Day: 27
    Weight: Not taken
    Dose:Normal, no Drive
    Effects: N/a
    Thoughts/notes: Had 2 matches today and then went fishing. A good workout followed by a nice relaxing time on the water. Slept on a very hard mattress last night but the IGF-2 helped me sleep like a baby. Shoulders tomorrow.

    Day: 26
    Weight: 186.7
    Dose: Normal, no Drive
    Effects: Normal
    Thoughts/notes: Had a good chest workout today. Started poorly but finished strong. Did incline DB with 90#ers. Haven't been able to do that in a while. Felt good! Pumps were insane, I thought my triceps were going to explode out of my arm. Strength has definitely been coming on more here recently.

    Day: 25
    Weight: 188
    Dose: Normal, no Drive
    Effects: Similar!
    Sides: None!
    Thoughts/notes: Good back workout today. Definitely got some pumps going, my biceps almost hurt today because the pump was so strong. Apparently I broke out in stretch marks in my pits where my lats insert. The biggest improvement in strength from this stack has been my wide grip pull ups so the stretch marks are fitting, I suppose. I'm now definitely getting bigger, more than a few people in the last few days have noticed. Sleep is still ballin outta control. Only got in 5 hours last night, woke up and went straight to the gym. No problems with being tired at all. Gettin down to the wire here, gotta start thinking about what I'm gonna write in the final review!

    Day: 24
    Weight: 187
    Dose: Normal
    Effects: Continuing
    Sides: None
    Thoughts/notes: Had a productive shoulder workout today. Put up 90# DBs on the shoulder press. It's been a long time since I've been able to do that. Today was another day without Drive, but I didn't really notice anything different. I actually had a better sense of well being today than I have had in recent days. Diet is going smoothly, although it seems like I've added a bit of fat on my belly. Maybe .5inch. Weird, because my diet hasn't changed. Maybe I've been pushing it too hard and we're going into starvation mode. Oh well. Nearing the end of this log I'm starting to wonder whether or not I should move forward with my planned Havoc cycle or move on to a cut stack(recreate/dcp/eca/anabolic pump)? I've seemingly added some size and definitely some strength with these two products so I guess I'm not feeling as rushed to start an epi cycle. We'll see. It's not like I'm short on time or anything.

    Day: 23
    Weight: Not taken
    Dose: Normal. Finished with DRIVE.
    Effects: Didn't notice anything today.
    Sides: Nothin
    Thoughts/notes: Was an off day today. Partly for rest and partly for GTA 4. Pretty much just laid around all day and played the game, which kicks ass might I add. I actually forgot that I had run out of DRIVE, so yesterday was my final dosing of it. I did the math and it was all screwed up, so somewhere I screwed up dosing lol. Anyways, the drive run was great, but I won't add a final review until the IGF-2 is out or 30 days is up. Until tomorrow...

    Day: 22
    Weight: 217! Okay 187.5
    Dose: Normal
    Effects: Gettin bigger!
    Sides: Night sweats
    Thoughts/notes: Had a nice back workout today. Powered through my opening sets of pull ups. Waking up refreshed after a long weekend and only 6 hours of sleep is really, really nice. The sleep is probably my favorite effect from this combo. Strength is going up, weights are feeling lighter every time. Most noticeably in pull ups, though. Night sweats are continuing and they really suck. I now know it's not just a warm room because I slept with both of my windows open which allowed 30 degree air to freely flow in and out all night. Meh, 30 days of night sweats is bearable considering the strength, hardness and vascularity I'm getting. Will be taking tomorrow off, partly because I need a day off but mostly because of GTA 4. Lol

    Day: 21
    Weight: 190!
    Dose: Missed afternoon dose. Added rpm again, at about 9am.
    Effects: Continuing
    Sides: Night sweats, waking up a couple times during the night.
    Thoughts/notes: Well we lost one and won one today, meaning we ended up in third place. Fine by me, I guess. We beat some good teams and turned some heads so I can't complain too much. Weather was much nicer today. I'm guessing the 2 pound weight increase was from a massive carb intake last night (think entire pizza, 37'ish beers and whatever else I could get my hands on). Anyways, surprisingly I wasn't hungover, just tired. Got home this afternoon and ate, then went to the gym and had a solid workout. Vascularity and hardness are definitely there. I'm probably the 'hardest' I've ever looked. Definitely loving it. Only 1 week left!

    * Days 1-20 moved to post 2

    ______________________________ ___

  2. Day: 20
    Dose: Normal, added RPM from sample at mid day before a match
    Effects: Normal
    Sides: Sleep issues again
    Thoughts/notes: Today was a sweet day! Got up at 6am ate a huge breakfast and headed out the door for a tournament. Weather was ****in ****ty. Rain, snow, winds, 35 degrees, the works. Before our first game (about 12pm) I took my afternoon dose along with 6 RPM to get myself psyched up. Holy fcuk! I was so incredibly jacked up I was scaring myself and people around me. I definitely ****ed some kids up and ruined some afternoons. We went 2-0, both shutouts and won our pool. Have 2 more games tomorrow and hopefully the second one will be the championship game. Personally I am pretty ****ed up. The inside of my mouth is all shredded up, my nose is bloody and crooked and my hands are all ****ed up. I can't really feel the left side of my face, either. I'm still so jacked up and my muscles are so pumped I've got to go do something so I'm going to go to the gym in a few minutes and do some shoulders. I'm definitely looking much leaner and much fuller than pre-log. Holla!

    Day: 19
    Weight: 188
    Dose: Normal
    Effects: Continuing
    Sides: See notes
    Thoughts/notes: Noticed a side effect last night. I generally knew about it, but hadn't experienced it. It's similar to an effect of ZMA. It happens when you take the prebed dosing too early and don't go to sleep right away. Last night I took my last igf2 dose around 11pm but didn't get to bed until about 1am. By that time the igf2 was active within my system and I had a really difficult time falling asleep. Not sure what causes it specifically, but I will be sure not to do it again. Other than that, today was an off day. Big tournament this weekend, so we'll see how it goes. Later

    Day: 18
    Weight: 186.5
    Dose: As commanded
    Effects: notes
    Sides: None
    Thoughts/notes: Had a great back workout this morning which is unusual because I usually hate early morning workouts. Was able to do more widegrip pullups than ever before. Friggin sweet. Definitely feeling the good pumps and muscle fullness that these products advertise. Not seeing to much size though. I suppose that's expected as I'm eating below maintenance. I might throw up a big bulking diet here next week; see if I can get some size going before this thing is over and also to prep for a havoc cycle. Holla.

    Day: 17
    Weight: 187
    Dose: Normal
    Effects: see notes
    Thoughts/notes: Have a decent chest workout today. Felt kind of sick again. Not sure what that's from. But it's been happening a lot recently. Oh well. Numbers are still going up, although my chest doesn't seem to be getting any actual size. Triceps are getting there, though! Side note, I was taking a dose and as I was trying to swallow I sort of coughed and one of the pills went up into my nasal area. That **** is uncomfortable.

    Day: 16
    Weight: 186
    Dose: Normal, 1 dosing left for the day
    Effects: Continuing
    Sides: Nunca
    Thoughts/notes: Haven't made it to the gym yet today, I'm gonna go in about 2 hours and work on some shoulders. Hopefully I'll be putting up bigger DBs. First class was cancelled today so I got to sleep a while longer. Sleep in + igf-2= the tits.
    Along with continuing effects of these two, over the last couple of days I've experienced some increased aggression. I'm unsure whether or not this can be attributed to causes stemming from igf2 and drive, but I am thinking not. Probably just a random occurrence. Also, I have noticed that my muscles are feeling 'pumped' or much fuller than normal all day long now. My biceps and triceps feel like I've just come back from the gym, with my skin wanting to tear open. I'm almost starting to worry about stretch marks. Oh well. Pay to play.

    Day: 15
    Effects: Continuing
    Sides: None
    Thoughts/notes: Today was very bad, no good, terrible day. I woke up this morning feeling like total *******. Literally had to force myself to eat breakfast while at the same time trying not to vomit or ****cake my pants. I went to class and spent half of it walking outside around the building trying not to vom. Skipped the second class and came home and watched seasons four and five of south park (nambla!). Sickness forced me to take a day off, which turns out to be a good thing since I haven't taken a day off in 5-6 days. I did, however, have to go to practice tonight; that sucked. Lost my lunch at least twice. Anyways, can't wait blast some shoulders and legs tomorrow. On a side note, room mates asked me last night if I was using AAS . I said nope, just AN.

    Day: 14
    Weight: 186
    Dose: Normal
    Effects: Continuing
    Sides: None
    Thoughts/notes: Another hellish workout, still feeling queesy. Not sure why, although it may be because I'm working out an hour after I wake up and I usually work out later in the day. Strength is still going up, though. Muscles are continuing to look harder every day. I think the biggest thing I've noticed so far is recovery. While my muscles still get sore, the recovery is much quicker. I don't really feel the need to take days off anymore. I'm kinda wanting to go back tonight, but I don't think I will.

    Day: 13
    Weight: 184.6
    Dose: Normal
    Sides: None
    Thoughts/notes: Had a bad work out this morning. Not sure what the cause was. Felt weezy the entire time. I'm pretty sure it was from lactic acid build up. I haven't had a problem with that in several weeks so who knows. Strength was up in some exercises and down in others this morning. Although, I was focusing mostly on not blowing chunks. One other note is that recovery time is definitely shortening. Two weeks ago I would have been sore from the chest workout 2 days ago and I would have taken today off. But, I wasn't sort and felt fully recovered so I went back at it. I'm finally starting to see what this combo can really do and I'm diggin it. Vascularity that comes with it is cool, too

    Day: 12
    Weight: 186
    Dose: Normal
    Effects: Still seeing strength increases. See notes
    Sides: None
    Thoughts/notes: Strength is still going up. Did db shrugs with bigger dumbbells than ever today. Also, I'm think I've gained some muscle, or at least it appears that way. Definitely getting that 'hard' look that these two products describe. like McDonalds, I'm lovin it.

    Day: 11
    Weight: 185
    Dose: Normal, still 1 dosing to go
    Blood Pressure: Normal
    Effects: Strength is going up, so is endurance. Sleep is still awesome
    Sides: None
    Thoughts/notes: Another great back workout today. Chins were easier than they have been, actually everything was. Weights went up in all lifts. Bent dumbell rows used a 90# DB, before this log I was using 65s or 70s. W00t. On a side note, after today I will not be posting my BP. I haven't seen any adverse effects on my blood pressure from these products so I will no longer report them unless something changes. Holla

    Day: 10
    Weight: 182.5!!!!!!1
    Dose: normal
    Blood Pressure: acceptable
    Effects: See notes
    Sides: None
    Thoughts/notes: Man, it feels great to step on the scale and be surprised. I went out last night to watch playoff hockey and since I was going to be missing 2 meals I figured I might as well do a mini carb-up since it had been about 8 days since my last. I had pizza pasta which is basically a pizza without the dough and noodles instead. I also had a bowl of chili, 3 big hunks of bread and a big basket of loaded chili cheese fries. GOD DAMN IT WAS GOOD! Anyways I was expecting to be up a pound or two on the scale today but came in lighter. It was midday also so I had a good amount of water and food in me. Definitely getting leaner. Veins are finally starting to really come out. This combo of drive and igf-2 is definitely silent but deadly.

    Day: 9
    Weight: Not taken
    Dose: Normal
    Blood Pressure: Normal
    Effects: Definitely better cardio endurance. Looking "harder" in the arms, oto
    Sides: None
    Thoughts/notes: Didn't workout today, muscles needed a break. Ran 4 miles, 2 miles at a time at about a 7min/mile pace. Felt good, It was definitely easier than I thought it would be. Looking forward to more results!

    Day: 8
    Weight: 185.3 (midday, 1/2 gallon water down)
    Dose: As directed
    Blood Pressure: 120/50
    Effects: See notes
    Sides: None!
    Thoughts/notes: Workout felt great today. Did shoulders which I usually struggle with. Powered through the workout and wanted more but had to stop myself. All weights went up also. I think this ****'s starting to work! Can I get a boo-yah? Felt great today with the doubled fat intake (had some wicked gas, though)

    Day: 7
    Dose: As ordered
    Blood Pressure: 120/50
    Effects: Good sleep last night, strength and endurance may be up a little, may be placebo, though.
    Sides: None
    Thoughts/notes: No night sweats last night. Slept very well, actually. That can definitely be attributed to the igf-2. I'm ****ing pissed though. Fat loss has seemingly stopped all together. Even added ephedrine and caffeine to help a few days ago. Nothing. **** you fat.

    Day: 6
    Weight: 184.4
    Dose: As ordered
    Blood Pressure: Normal
    Effects: Strength may be creeping up.
    Sides: Night sweats
    Thoughts/notes: Super crazy night sweats last night. My sheets were literally wet. Weights are seeming a little lighter.

    Day: 5
    Dose: As Ordered
    Blood Pressure:
    Night: 130/65
    Effects: None yes
    Sides: None
    Thoughts/notes: I'm getting sick Cold, sore throat, stuffy head. Hopefully I'll be able to make to the gym tomorrow. No match because of ****ty weather.

    Day: 4
    Dose:As Ordered
    Blood Pressure:
    Night: 130/60
    Effects: None
    Thoughts/notes: Haven't noticed anything yet.

    Day: 3
    Weight: 184.4 (mid-day)
    Dose:As ordered
    Blood Pressure: 130/60 approximately
    Effects: None noticed
    Sides: None noticed. Did not have night sweats last night.
    Thoughts/notes: Meh workout. Just didn't feel like running hard during cardio like I normally do. Weights were okay, though. I am still getting leaner, not sure if the supps had anything to do with it. I am starting to be able to see the bottom 'line' of the second row down on my abs while just watching myself breathe in a mirror.

    Day: 2
    Weight: 183.5
    Dose: as ordered
    Blood Pressure:
    Wake: N/a
    Night: 120/70 approximately
    Effects: See notes
    Sides: Didn't sleep well last night, although I did have the dreams. Night sweats as well. Not sure if they were caused by the supplements or it being warmer in my room or something like that. It sucks waking up smelling like *******. Second half of the day I have been experiencing some fiery flatulence. Gotta be the supps because I haven't strayed from my diet.
    Thoughts/notes: I worked out this morning. Took my morning doses at 5am then went back to sleep until 540 got up and went to the gym. Normally morning workouts for me are TERRIBLE, but this one was decent. 183.5lbs this morning from 187 yesterday. This mornings weight was pretty dry, though. Yesterdays was taken midday. Probably lost a bit from glycogen coming off a huge carb day friday eve to saturday eve aswell. Will update again tonight if something else interesting happens.

    Day: 1
    Weight: 187
    Dose: as ordered
    Thoughts/notes: I don't expect anything until day 7ish. Sleep might improve earlier.

  3. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    To start I need to thank Lanbane and Applied Nutriceuticals for making this happen.

    Basic Information:
    Age: 21
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 185.5
    Body Fat: Best guess is 12%, guess for yourself from following pictures.

    Short-term Goal: 7-9% body fat and increase strength.
    Long-term Goal: 200# at 10% body fat.

    Brief History:
    I've been into athletics since I was young but have only been in the weight room since I was 17. Even then, only for the last 12 months have I been seriously working. To give an you an idea of my work in the last year, I started deadlifting in January of 07 with a 315 max and this past January was hitting five plates regularly. Progress with squatting was pretty comparable.

    Rugby is my only competitive sport now and I play year round. Up until recently I played a position known as flanker. Several weeks ago I herniated a disc in my back and had to switch to a position called outside center. The switch was comparable to moving from linebacker to running back. Because of my injury and position change my goals changed. I needed to slim down in order to be as fast and as quick as I could be. Since the first/second week in February I've gone from 205-210 to 185. I haven't lost much muscle, but I've lost strength.

    ______________________________ ___

    I use a three day split, and do leg work when I can fit it in(it’s not easy working legs while in season). My workouts focus on time under tension rather than weight ( 1 second contract : 4 second release). I’d rather get a good pump and really work the muscle than use a bigger dumbbell and have to speed through sets and not do as many reps. My workouts will vary on when they take place for a number of reasons; school work most commonly being the reason. I try and usually get to the gym 5-6 times a week, though. I generally will try and do all three days in a row followed by an off day, then repeat the cycle. This can obviously change under some circumstances, like school or rugby matches. If and when I do add in leg work, it’s usually on a Saturday night after a match, or that following Sunday. If the leg work falls on one of the days that I’m supposed to being doing a regular workout, I’ll go twice in the same day.

    1) Chest and Triceps
    Cardio: Treadmill running at mild pace and incline. 34 minutes including 1 minute warm up and 3 minute cool down.

    2) Shoulders and Traps
    Cardio: Same as above

    3) Back and Biceps
    Cardio: Same as above.

    Bring ups: As for what I’m looking to bring up, I’d have to say biceps and chest. I’ve always been tricep dominant. Pair that with long arms and you get poor chest development. As for the biceps, it’s not that they’re weak; it’s that my triceps just seem to overshadow them. Bigger biceps are always nice, too.

    Additional Activities:
    Rugby practices can be pretty grueling as you can imagine. Not much standing around. It’s usually 2-2.5 hours of constant movement paired with tackling, hitting, sprinting, you get the idea. I try to eat before and after practices, but it gets difficult to juggle cooking, school, gym time, and practice.

    ______________________________ ___


    Drive: From what I hear, this product was created with sports and athletic training in mind; I'm hoping that this holds true as I am eager to use it. Specifically I expect it to help me:
    ~Increase my endurance during practice and matches. Increased endurance during workouts would be a bonus also, obviously.
    ~Help me retain muscle mass or even help gain some LBM during this cutting phase.
    ~Increase or regain some muscle strength that I've lost during my cut.
    ~Make me crazy horny?

    IGF-2: I don't really know a whole ton about this product even though i've read all that I can. I know that it's a natural test booster that features some GH release. I'm excited to say the least. I'm expecting it to help me:
    ~Increase test
    ~Help recovery time and deepen sleep. I'm a short sleeper, typically 5-6 hours a night, so I'm banking on this effect.
    ~Help me shed some more fat poundage
    ~Regain lost strength and possibly gain more than pre-cut/injury
    ~Increase muscle density, separation and vascularity.
    ~Make me look like Serge.
    ~Make me crazy horny and my girlfriend happy.

    IGF-2:3 caps first thing in the AM (6am). 2nd dose will be 2 caps mid-day or 30-60 minutes pre-workout. 3rd dose will be 3 caps right before bed. Total 8 caps/day.
    Drive: 3 caps first thing in the AM (6am), and 3 caps 30-60 minutes pre-workout. After day eight, same timing but 2 caps each dose instead of 3.

    Additional supplements: Currently, the only additional supplements that I am taking are protein powder and a multi. I am considering creatine, but am unsure. I like looking lean and don't really want the full or bloat look. We'll see. Also, if my fat loss doesn't continue (I'm on a plateau right now) I'm going to add some green tea caps and probably an ECA stack minus the A.

    ______________________________ ___

    What I'll be posting:
    1)Weekly Weight
    2)Bi-weekly picture updates
    3)Responses to products (mood, horny, pumps, sides, sleep, energy etc.)
    4)Changes in strength and endurance
    5)General thoughts
    6)General bull****.

    ______________________________ ___

    Questions and comments are always appreciated but not necessary. If there is something you would like me to add or some additional info that you're curious about, feel free to PM me or post it up here. I will be making it a priority to update this thread and respond to questions.

  4. New link for your log. My Experience With IGF-2 & Drive

    It's late and i'm going to bed lol. If this split is cool with you then i can just delte/lock this thread and you can continue. if you don't like it i can move it back sometime tomorrow. sorry I couldn't get done exactly what ya asked. Close as I could get.

  5. dude those pics had me freakin dying Deployed blogging

  6. I do what I can.

    Updates will take place on post #2 and I'll just bump the thread up each time seeing as post edits don't do that already.
  7. Thumbs up Great detail!

    Great detail you got going Rugger. This log should turn out to be pretty solid. BTW...I second OB's comments....those pics had me lmao.

    "Never trust a b*tch because b*tches be crazy, now get out there and go crush some P***Y!" - Jerry Stiller.

  8. Thanks sam

  9. updates in #2

  10. day 4, nothing has changed

  11. day 5 in post 2, nothing new.

    Haiku is fun but
    Sometimes it doesn't make sense

  12. Day 6 in the bag (post 2). Not much new, if anything.

    Haiku is real gay
    but sometimes girls like that ****
    plus massive boners

  13. day 7 (post #2) almost in the bag. One more dose of igf-2 to go. Fat loss has stopped seemingly. ****ing pissed off.

    You go to hell fat
    You go to hell and you die
    titties are awesome

  14. diet has been changed. Dropped carbs lower and doubled fats in hopes of restimulating fat loss.

  15. Forgot to add that I'm switching to 4 drive a day instead of 6 from day 8 on so that I have a 30 days supply.

  16. day 8 in the bag. Finally starting to feel some effects! Looking forward to the next week or so to see what this stuff can really do.
  17. Thumbs up Its only going to get better!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rugger1 View Post
    day 8 in the bag. Finally starting to feel some effects! Looking forward to the next week or so to see what this stuff can really do.
    Now your rounding the corner bud...only good times are ahead! . BTW...have you noticed a good increase in the libido?...this is something I particularly enjoy about IGF-2, especially when you use it with bioperine. In other words...Getting down to business is always on my mind and frequent erections come at will...:chick:. LOL.
    "Never trust a b*tch because b*tches be crazy, now get out there and go crush some P***Y!" - Jerry Stiller.
  18. Thumbs up Smart Move!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rugger1 View Post
    Forgot to add that I'm switching to 4 drive a day instead of 6 from day 8 on so that I have a 30 days supply.
    At your size, 4 a day will do just fine for you. Honestly, you should still get great effects. I'm a pretty big guy and while I probably should take 8 caps a day I never go over 6 a day on training days, and 4 a day on off days...I get the desired effects I want so mess with something if its not broken right?
    "Never trust a b*tch because b*tches be crazy, now get out there and go crush some P***Y!" - Jerry Stiller.

  19. I haven't really noticed a libido effect steadily. There have been times when I've been like an .....28....times.

    Seems like those times are mostly in the mornings right when I wake up, though.

  20. Another sweet ass night of sleep, btw

  21. day 9 is up

  22. Day 10 is up biotches

  23. Day 11 is up kids

  24. day 12 is up clowns


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